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Bricking It For Canada

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The U.K. comedy show 'The Last Leg' have a good idea to start a campaign where folks can donate a brick so Canada can build a wall to keep those Americans from crossing the border after the election. They estimated that 1,545,454,550 bricks are required. So far, approximately 52,000,000 have been donated. When you visit the site and click for a brick, you get to hear a moose call coming out of Trump's mouth.

Some reasons they think we need a wall:

"Speaking on his show The Last Leg, Hills explained: “If I was Canada I’d be worried, because they’re going to face an influx of refugees - and they are harder to look after than any other refugees because they need way more food.

“Plus Americans don’t speak basic English, they carry more guns and they refuse to assimilate with other cultures.

“That’s why we here at The Last Leg have decided to help Canada build a wall.

“We would like everyone in the world to pledge a brick to help keep Americans in America.

“And to do it, we’ve set up a website.”"


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Uh, if we build a wall keeping out America, the reduction in commerce will bankrupt us. Keep sending them your money though, I'm sure they'll find a good place for it.

The process is a joke. No one is sending any money to anyone. You may make a digital "donation" and find out how a moose says "Thanks!"

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As expected, the UK web site BRICKINGITFORCANADA.COM is actually hosted in the United States....Scottsdale, Arizona (GoDaddy.com).

The irony is delicious.


That sounds like it should be grounds for sending someone down there to Leavenworth for treason, shouldn't it?

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