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Bloody hell! Did they say exactly what had gone wrong?

Congrats on the recovery.

Yeah I had a really crazy year last year. My dad died and I left my 20 year marriage. I started eating really crappy food and drinking too much alcohol. I ramped that bad behavior up over the holidays and my pancreas got inflamed (your pancreas hates booze and fatty food). My stomach hurt so I thought I had the flu... tried to wait it out for a couple of days. But during that time my pancreas was not making the right amounts of lipaze and amylaze so I wasn't getting essential minerals and electrolytes from my food... things like potassium and magnesium. Liver and kidneys failed.

I was on so much drugs at first in the ICU that I tore a tap out of my neck that went down by my heart, and hosed the ICU down with blood (literally). So they induced me into a coma, gave me a laperotomy (abdominal cavity cut wide open), intubated me, and put me in a helicopter and flew me to Vic general. They tried to wake me up a week later and I had a heart attack (mild not serious). I also got pneumonia and a bladder infection during my time in la la land.

All my doctors are shocked that I'm even alive. My kidneys were supposed to be dead and I was on dialysis daily. One day my renal doctor came in and said "I have no fucking idea why but your kidneys are working again... and they are working really good. No more dialysis. I was on daily insulin injections as well and same thing... Doctor came in one day and said "you're blood sugar has been 4.X for ten tests in a row. No more insulin.

Its taken me a long time to get my strength back. Probably at about 70% now. But Iv made a full and complete recovery.

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Yeah I had a really crazy year last year.


Its taken me a long time to get my strength back. Probably at about 70% now. But Iv made a full and complete recovery.

dre, so happy you got through this. You must be one strong person physically and emotionally to survive all that has happened to you.

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I wouldn't have minded being comatose when I was in some days - the food was that awful.

eyeball you remind me of this story. My dear departed father (a WWII vet) found a unique way to complain about hospital food. One day he received a small bone-in pork chop for dinner. He ate the chop then proceeded to trace the bone onto a piece of paper to show us the dimensions of the bone on his plate in relation to the meat. What can I say? The man was HUNGRY, and the plates were not plentiful. :)


Fast forward to today. In 2012 I had a heart attack. Today, I had a nuclear heart scan to check on how well my heart is doing. The result is that all is good and normal. The secret for me (and I suspect millions more)? Take your meds and watch what you eat.

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