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Internet Explorer browser broken on MLW?

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(*Please avoid the "why would anyone use IE anyways, it sucks!" type posts here, it's somewhat true but irrelevant.)

I know a few MLW posters have complained about IE recently. Wondering if anyone else has had problems using the IE browser on MLW? It seems to be unusable since about Dec. of last year when Microsoft rolled out an update for IE. The quote button and pasting ANYTHING into a reply doesn't work for me, as well as other things like the "link button".

I think this might be a problem with the "IP.Board" software this forum runs on, since another forum I frequent that uses the same software also has some issues like this.

Not sure if it's in Greg's power or not to fix this (other than going to a completely different forum software), but since about 20-25% of PC users use Internet Explorer, this is a significant issue that will drive away new (and old) MLW posters (since it's essentially impossible to debate here using IE). I personally had to switch to Firefox because of this issue (i used IE because Firefox was buggy when I visited Youtube), but i'm sure new posters wouldn't bother and just permanently leave MLW.

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I had those problems up until recently, using IE9. They seem to have been solved now. I can use the quote feature, and am able to past from my clipboard. I didn't change anything on my end.

I still can't get YouTube videos to show up, other than as a link.

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I'm having trouble with Firefox, I can't sign in on this site , I'm sure its something with computer not the website BUT I can with IE but I can't paste anything with it. I wondering if the latest virus has screwed up many computers unknowingly. I check Firefox with the tester of the virus and it was ok but the site wasn't sure about EI.

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