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Colorado Shooting during the Dark Knight Rises


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Well the founding fathers never planned for the national government to have a large standing military. So maybe when the constitution was written citizens with small arms actually might have been some kind of firewall against government Tyranny. Obviously the idea seems rather silly now...

It was written to have a citizen army, the way Switzerland has now. But the first part of the amendment seems to just be ignored, with the second half, "right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" the focus. But that's not followed either, since there are so many exemptions to that right. The idea was to have a civilian infantry armed with the latest technology - that would be at the least full auto M16s should be legal for pretty well everybody, including the right to 'bear' them. Not really a good idea. Obviously the right to keep and bear arms needs to be infringed.

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Guest American Woman

Are you really expecting me to give you an answer to questions that I would like answered myself?

That's not a question you'd like answered yourself - it's a point you brought up. I pointed out that they didn't have security cameras, you said that they most likely would have them at least on the cash counter, and I asked you what good that would have done since they didn't have them on the exit doors. It's your point that they should have had cameras at least on the cash counter - so I ask you, again, what good does that do?

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