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Found 13 results

  1. The MAGA man from New York just finished another episode speaking to a Hungarian TV Channel. “We are fighting against barbarians who want to demolish our liberty and our traditions and everything we hold dear,” Trump said. Poll: Do you agree with Donald Trump that "Conservatives are engaged in a historic battle with the Marxists, globalists, and communists all over the world?" 😯 Options: 1. Yes 2. No 3. Other answer
  2. Yesterday Trudeau participated in a convention. When one has their people there with you, some just get over-excited, it seems. Do you agree with Trudeau's statement about Poilievre being angry and unserious? I will answer No, Trudeau should first look in his house in my view, if he were not angry during the trucker convoy, then that movement would not have had the exposure that it did, an unnecessary emergency act to clear up a street of party goers, scandals with charity, CSIS leaking documents to show that the government is not paying attention. Like, seriously, why does he not allow someone else? Why? Politicians being in power where the sugar is, they need it, is my opinion.
  3. Walt Disney Co. is suing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) over what it calls a “relentless campaign to weaponize government power” — a major escalation of the year-long clash between the entertainment giant and conservative governor. via Google Also, there are some rumours that "Florida Gov. DeSantis said he may put a prison next to Disney parks amid dispute" , however those rumours are only trending in the <-- left wing media. Will check for confirmation on who said that, later on, unless someone knows. --- Poll: Disney or Ron Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida? Who do you support?
  4. ⬆️ Trending Democratic-backed Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Janet Protasiewicz has won a crucial seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, defeating Republican-backed former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly. The Associated Press called the race. The elections in Wisconsin were supposed to be non-partisan, however seeing this campaign, just speaks volumes to the ideological battle amongst Judges too.
  5. This poll is based on the ⬆️ trending article from The Toronto Sun: Conservatives want Twitter to label CBC accounts as 'government-funded' media CBC said in a statement that that is 'clearly not the case'. Do you agree with labelling CBC accounts as ‘government-funded’ media?
  6. ⬆️ Trending Voters in Prince Edward Island were projected to deliver a majority win to the incumbent Progressive Conservatives after an election campaign dominated by debate over heath care and housing. With all polls reporting, Premier Dennis King's Tories were elected in 22 of the province's 27 ridings, the Liberals won three seats and the Greens two. The Conservatives captured 55.9 per cent of the popular vote, and King was easily re-elected in his riding of Brackley-Hunter River. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-progressive-conservatives-look-to-keep-majority-as-voters-go-to-the/ ---> Not a surprise for me, this result, is my commentary. News is trending and confirmed by various sources.
  7. You know, I am not a "REAL" conservative. That is a big boys title. I am a conservative when is needed. 😄 I think this country needs a change towards the Conservative Party, so having said that, will not focus on stories such as a 80 year old man, now US President mixing up a name. I think with the VP that he has (no work) and the inability of the Democratic Party to put forward someone younger, he is doing an OK job considering the monsters that are patrolling this Earth: Like Xi or Putin, old communists now pretending to be Presidents in China and Russia. So, will leave the superficial stories and focus on what Poilievre said, "Allow unvaccinated Canadians to cross U.S. border, Poilievre asks President Joe Biden." That is a point which is complex but of what a Conservative needs to do and a PM needs to do, really. Representing even fringes. Not all unvaccinated Canadians are what we see on Internet Boards (people with no purpose harassing medical staff via lies). There are a lot of unvaccinated Canadians that are reasonable and chose their own road and don't need to resort to garbage tactics such as manipulation to push their own personal agenda by harassing medical authorities. For me, Poilievre looks like a sane choice this country needs, even though I do not agree with everything he says. Compromise is what politics should be about about though.
  8. More from within the academic world in the United States. <--- Just imagine, Bernie Sanders has his way and opens the gates for colleges. More voters for him, what a deal that will be for old Bernie. 😄 Here are his supporters, that can't wait to get in, embracing Bernie as some sort of guru: 😄 The cultism is scary, it reminds me of MAGA world. ---> 😄 but back to the academic world: From Reason.com / Libertarian Platform 40 % of Liberal Professors Are Afraid They'll Lose Their Jobs Over a Misunderstanding As the academy gets younger it grows more authoritarian, according to a new survey of over 1,400 faculty members conducted by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE). The free speech group's findings portend a dark future for higher education if this course isn't reversed—and if faculty minds don't become more open to dissenting viewpoints. Over the past decade or so, many academic departments embraced ideological views in their teaching and research, promoting social justice–laden scholarship as a way of correcting the wrongs of the past. Unsurprisingly, many departments developed left-of-center academic monocultures, becoming unfriendly to differing opinions. Young faculty entering the profession are only adding to this academic echo chamber. As a professor, I'm on the younger side for faculty members. My cohort is much more illiberal than their older colleagues. Two-thirds of faculty over 55 years old said students shouting down a speaker is never acceptable. That number plummets to 37 percent for faculty 35 and under. Shockingly, younger faculty report more acceptance of violence to combat speech. While 97 percent of older faculty say it's never acceptable for students to use violence to stop a campus speech, only 79 percent of younger faculty agree. That one in five younger professors show any level of acceptance for violence to stop speech should alarm all of us. Mixing age with ideology reveals even more pronounced support for illiberal attitudes. Among liberal faculty 35 and under, only 23 percent indicated that students shouting down a speaker is never acceptable, compared with 88 percent of conservative faculty. Moderate faculty in this age group were also much more likely than their conservative colleagues to endorse the acceptability of these tactics. Perhaps most alarming of all, only 64 percent of young and liberal faculty say it's never acceptable for students to use violence to stop a campus speech. Illiberalism runs deep among young liberal faculty members, and their views regrettably resemble those of their students rather than their more senior peers. As newer and far less tolerant numbers of professors replace older faculty, colleges and universities may be in a true crisis if the higher education enterprise destroys its core values. The research also finds that faculty members are self-censoring at higher rates. In 1955, at the end of the second Red Scare after World War II during the age of McCarthy and deep anti-communist fear, 9 percent of social scientists said they toned down their writing for fear of causing controversy. Today, 25 percent say they're very or extremely likely to self-censor their writing in academic publications. More than half of faculty—52 percent—say they're afraid they'll lose their job or reputation over a misunderstanding of something they said or did, or because someone posted something from their past online. While almost three-quarters of conservative faculty expressed this year, 40 percent of even liberal faculty agree. That's staggering: two in five professors who are a part of the prevailing orthodoxy on campus are fearful of losing their jobs over a misunderstanding. As the report says, this "speaks volumes about the climate of fear, intimidation, and censorship on campus." This cannot be the environment of the future. Our society cannot thrive when opposing voices are met with fists rather than facts. And as a professor, I know that what starts on campus rarely stays there. This fear will continue to grow and infect our neighborhoods, our workplaces, and our communities. There is still time to course correct. But students, trustees, donors, alumni, and the public must demand better from the faculty today before these young authoritarians run higher education tomorrow. https://reason.com/2023/02/28/40-percent-of-liberal-professors-are-afraid-theyll-lose-their-jobs-over-a-misunderstanding/?itm_source=parsely-api
  9. Trending via Warren Kinsella, lawyer, Twitter Page: ---> Pierre Poilievre denounces Conservative MPs' meeting with far-right German politician. Poilievre condemns 'vile' views of German politicians seen lunching with Conservative MPs. He understands, in my view, what will happen if Conservatives here start getting confused with populists and fringes. My opinion is good for Poilievre coming in front of this. This is a golden rule in politics, one to just come in front of the scandal right away, and don't waste time. Not like Joe Biden, hesitating.
  10. Can you ever imagine a country like Canada not having clean drinking water? In the 1970s the Canadain government promised to bring clean drinking water to all of Canada. Now in 2020 100% of cities of clean drinking water and 99% of rural areas have clean drinking water. the 1% which is missing is the Indigenous reserves. People living on the reserves don't have access to clean drinking water. They are poorly funded. Now the question of what would the Canadian government do if Toronto had no cleaning drinking water? BTW if you guys want to know more about me and my youtube channel check it out. I interview high profile politicians including Former PMs and MPs and Senators.
  11. If it came to having a ruling party with a ruling Prime Minister, who would you pick?
  12. For the past 20 years I have given my unequivocal support to the Liberal party, but with time I have started to struggle to reconcile my political beliefs with the party’s ideals, and that has nothing to do with Trudeau’s mess-ups. In general, people have liberal and progressive views when they are younger, but slowly turn to conservatism later in life. I am growing older, and I am leaving some of my liberal aspirations behind, but I still cannot jump on the conservative bandwagon. I cannot be liberal anymore because: 1. I am 100% against abortion (it is murder) 2. I cannot support third and fourth wave feminism in the western world (they are irrelevant) 3. I am a tired of political correctness 4. I am against equality of outcome and quotas based on gender and race (while being with equality of opportunity) I cannot become a conservative because: 1. I do not support the right to bear arms 2. I cannot understand climate change doubters and I feel sorry for them 3. I am opposed to chauvinistic views against immigration 4. I am with the government taxing the rich to provide more services to the less fortunate Let us discuss this. I am all for free speech.
  13. Dear Swan, I appreciate your email. However, both my partner and I have waited over five years for the vaguely termed "security background checks" process to end so that we can have some sort of finality in our lives. As far as Immigration Canada is concerned, I would like to point out the following: They have exhibited a carelessness, lack of empathy and incompetence during this whole process. In part, this has can be illustrated with the following examples: a) They called me to tell me that a letter asking me to pick up my permanent resident card was a "mistake" and not to show up for the assigned time. b>They told me in 2011 that my PR card was in the local office and would be in the mail "within a week," only to renege and not even have the common courtesy to explain why. c) A CIC representative told me over the phone that he has no idea what is going on and that there are two filing systems that are overlapping and not synchronized. d) The F.B.I., the California Department of Justice, the Texas Department of Public Safety have all sent letters to CIC vouching for the fact that I do not have any kind of a criminal record. e) I have been a citizen of the United States since 1999, and a resident since 1994. I have NEVER gotten into any kind of legal troubles, neither criminal nor civil. Given all the above, my question is: What possible reason is there for my application being held in limbo, with no information forthcoming, for over five years? As far as Wai Young's local office in her constituency of South Vancouver and your personal conduct is concerned, I would like to point out the following: a) I was severely disappointed that you did not warrant my personal pain and grievance at being treated in such a manner by CIC worthy of any kind of personal attention by Miss Young. b>Miss Young apparently does not think that my wife (a Canadian citizen), or her father (a Canadian citizen) warrant any special attention. We will be sure to tell of our experience with your office to others. My father in law is very well known and influential in the local Sikh community, and he will be sure to give voice to our feelings about Miss Young and her attitude far and wide. c) Your question of whether I had considered giving up a five year old application process to return to the United States was extremely insensitive and callous. d) I understand that Miss Young is an MP for the Conservative party, led by Stephen Harper no less, and that she is not expected to be particularly concerned about immigrant issues. However, given the fact that you are either the child of immigrants as is Miss Young, I found both your attitudes shameful at best and inhumane at worse. e) Next time you ask someone why they don't just drop an application for immigration and return to where they came from, I would ask you to consider the following: 1) It takes a lot of logistical, psychological, financial and personal investment to move from one country to another and wait five years for an immigration application that should normally take no more than two years. 2) It is very hurtful that someone who is supposed to help my family would suggest such a thing, albeit in a polite tone. 3) Immigration policies that are based on and take advantage of the fear and prejudice engendered against one particular ethnicity or religious group set a dangerous precedent that could affect you in the future. One can only imagine what would happen in case of a major conflagration between the United States and China (a very possible scenario in the not too distant future) given Canada standing as a member of NATO. You or your children could very well face the kind of hurtful discrimination that my family has faced under such a scenario. Your smug assumption that you are 'Canadian' enough to treat me in such a manner will come crashing down under such circumstances. Please don't forget that you are the child of an immigrants, and however, 'Canadian' you may perceive yourself, you are only one international incident away from being treated with suspicion for no fault of your own. Sincerely,
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