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  1. Games on...

    Missiles are flying...in a perfect storm of pissed off (or is that on) demagogues and wagging dogs.  Just in the nick of time or what?

    Everyone got their popcorn?



    1. bush_cheney2004


      Same missiles...different president.

    2. GostHacked


      I guess it takes two presidents to take out a dictatorship.

  2. I trust I'm not the only one on the Island sitting in the dark hoping the power will be back on by morning.


    1. The_Squid


      You might be..... no issues here....

    2. overthere


      It is just practice time for the coming post-Industrial era.  

  3. The power is out, the road is closed,  there's storm force winds with 4.8 m seas and my latte is getting cold.


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    2. overthere


      blizzard underway now in central AB......

    3. BC_chick


      Just the other day I was talking to one of the moms about the media hype about this storm and now I see what the hoopla was about.  The roads are jammed in our quite suburb and our backyard is a disaster.  I just called my husband to come home and help me get everything tucked away.  Be safe southern BC'ers.  

  4. That's a nice little trap full of Metacarcinus magister.

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