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  1. My suggestions: 1) Create a forum dedicated for random comments and trolling. Moderators can move off-topic talks/discussions to that forum. 2) Relaxed the rules in the forums. Moderation is the key whether it swearing (f-word, a-word), posting gifs, trolling (this will always exist in some degree from mild to extreme), insulting language (cons, libs, dips, greenies and so on). Of course some things will always be a firm no such as porn posting, advertising other forums, libel, racism, etc. @ Greg, the question is....are you focusing on what you want more of or what you want less of?
  2. A guy (acting like a thug) got shot for physically assaulting and ignoring a police officer. Thus sparked a nationwide protest against that police officer. .......... .......... .......... Yeah that makes perfect sense to me
  3. Amazing, the Conservatives lost $3.1 billion and have no idea where it went.

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    2. WWWTT


      Yes that makes sense except the conservatives did not find this out did they?And why now?Does it really take the AG over ten years to find out this much is missing?

    3. scribblet


      The Auditor General said that “we didn’t find anything that gave us cause for concern that money was used in any way it should not have been.”

      This matter relates to the categorization of expenses by Treasury Board between 2001 and 2009.

    4. Pliny


      Chretien had a habit of losing a billion here and a billion there.

      Soon it will add up to something.

  4. Oh come on, it not like the Liberals haven't done the same thing in the past.
  5. Ah capitalism, an economic theory in which unlimited growth can be accomplished in a limited resource sphere in which we called 'Earth'.

    1. Moonlight Graham

      Moonlight Graham

      Ya that's a big problem. Hopefully we soon start to extract resources from space, or else we had better check ourselves before we wreck ourselves, as the kiddos say

  6. In my opinion, a terrorist/terrorism is when an individual(s) used violence that can cause either irreparable harm or death to further one's own social-political agenda.
  7. "Is the internet safe anymore?" Since when was it ever safe? ----- Edit: missing a word.
  8. 21 above on Sunday! -3 right now.

  9. What mods? There's only you and Anthony.
  10. Which is irrelevant as to whether or not I know something about a topic.
  11. Yeah the problem is that the analysts are not taking couple things in consideration. 1) We're in a global recession. Were the Mac, previous windows and others introduced during such recession? 2) The selling of Mac, Linux, Windows and other operating system are either stagnating or in decline. 3) There is an increasing emphasize for tablet and phablet (or whatever the slang is) over PC in recent years. In any case when you introduce a new operating system, chances are the first round will be full of imperfection and complaints. That saying, this is why there are occasional major updates are assigned to the system over time
  12. Wouldn't the cop charge you with obstruction of justice for not following his orders?
  13. Can you provide proof that windows 8 hurt the entire PC industry? Or was that sarcasm?
  14. The charm bar is also the new start button. Honestly in windows 7 I hardly use the start-up button, maybe 3-5 times a month.
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