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  1. I'm reading through this conversation 3 months later because it is a topic that interests me. I had to respond to you because your comment is so ignorant. I didn't miss any point. You are trying to discredit the US by saying that the Canadians burned the White House. Which is not true.
  2. There already are background checks. I don't know if you have ever purchased a firearm. There are already 1000s of laws on state a federal levels, what controls are you talking about that will make such a difference. A gun on site held by a responsible and trained teacher or security gaurd is a deterrent and a start. Not making the shooters famous would be a good benchmark as well. Lastly, we need to address the mental aspect and how to limit it's causes- that is that these shooters mostly come from broken homes and parents who create a toxic environment for their kids.
  3. Bit of control????? Really? That is ignorant. Do you know how many gun laws there already are. 1000s state and federal laws.
  4. Lol yeah except that the Brits did.
  5. Situational ethics and reality? There is what is true and what is not true. Taking the life from an innocent human being is wrong. That is a truth. You can argue that this statement is false and that you can take the life of an innocent human being or you can argue that it is not yet a life. Where did I ever say you should belch out babies from hs on? I believe in responsible sex and I 100% agree that children should be born into a family where the parents are married. We are more at risk of underpopulation. To sustain our current population, there need to be more births.
  6. Terms of employment?? These people do not work for the government. Many even own independent businesses. Terms of employment I agree with as that is a private business. They can do what they want. This is a government overstepping by mandating a vaccine or lose the livelihood that you have built. I do not need to answer and question that is as ignorant as yours. You clearly don't respect working people and their jobs. Any that do will understand what is meant by force in this context.
  7. Taking a human life is never justified as I am sure you would agree. I just want to know when they become a human life. Does making decisions qualify them as being a human life and then we cannot kill them? Because I would say that some handicapped adults cannot make decisions (coma). Is there something else that kicks off the human life?
  8. Eyeball, the phrases dispensable as any other worker, just get another job, and saying that is a choice just shows how out of touch you must be. To take away someone's job is to take away their and their family's livelihood. It doesn't seem like you have much respect for the working person and their job which means you really don't understand the economy. Your arguments are the real train wreck. You must really be the life the party wherever you go because you seem like such a pleasant fellow. You name call and insult in every other post, it is really the sign of a very educated and happy person.
  9. The economy boomed under Trump. The US was energy independent, US Manufacturing was given its biggest boost in decades as he started a movement of reshoring that is still going on, no wars were started, he negotiated a number of peace treaties abroad, inflation was slowed drastically, US personal savings accounts of the average person was the highest it had been. He may be the only president int he past 25 years who actually truly cared about the country. Why would a billionaire in his 70s run for president and go through all of what he went through. He was already financially secure and famous. If we all went down protecting the lives of millions, I would say that it would be an honorable way to go down. And I really don't think you realize how many people are still pro-life. To kill or not to kill is not a right that should be given.
  10. By saying sure, you agree that if it is their body then they should be able to chose whether they need to take the shot or not. Forcing them into a spot were they would have had to quit their jobs doesn't give them the right to chose. Many of those truckers own their own businesses and trucking is not an easy job, you can't just force them all to quit then replace them. It would be disastrous for the economy.
  11. I live in Florida. I can't stress how fortunate we have been with DeSantis and other FL leaders.
  12. He knows what he is doing with the economy, cares about our country, and is pro-life.
  13. That is definitely the way to go about debating issues. Call half the country bozos, dodos, and stupid. Makes you look very intelligent.
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