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  1. Dead on to me. Different strokes, I guess. Did you know Mohammed would have poets killed who wrote negative poetry about him? One was a woman.
  2. And I'm with whoever mentioned it before but why are we talking about what may or may not be the idiotic decisions of State governors on a thread about President Trump?
  3. Not sure when you said this. Not even sure what it is you think you said or how it's supposed to matter. But yeah, if Covid cases spike they can take up more beds. As the case load grows it affects beds - not necessarily just ICU beds. We saw that in Michigan and New York. In Texas and Florida there has recently been a bit of a see-saw effect and a recent surge of cases. This has them worried there might not be enough beds soon. Hope they don't start with those dimwitted policies we saw previously in Progressive run states like Michigan and New York where they just start sluffing patients off to retirement homes and such.
  4. Not just New York. You conveniently forgot Michigan. You know? The state where the link was provided to show an actual case of a retirement home bed being used to house a 20 year old covid patient. The point is you don't know if it's just ICU beds that might be causing the worry there might not be enough beds soon in Texas and Florida. The 2 states where an actual recurrence of some restrictions is coming back. Oh and BTW this is lack of beds concern is a worry not an actual event. That's why we're talking the scare of a possible lack of beds after the July 4th long weekend.
  5. During the peak of the Chi-Com Pandemic states like New York and Michigan were returning covid patients to old age homes. Not just old people. Were you allowed to hear about this one in the Prog media? 20-year-old beating suspect was moved to nursing home because he has COVID-19, says father Tell me how ICU beds matter then unless you have some specific statistic showing me those are the specific beds affected.
  6. Are you saying, you're not. Like I said feel free to post the stats so we know specifically what you're talking about.
  7. Yes, hospitalization is spiking. As you were told previously that's not necessarily with covid cases. Would be interesting to see the stats. If you can't find them that would be because somebody doesn't want you to know.
  8. Semantics. Trump told you specifically what he meant by the term through his spokesperson. We're aware of your opinion. Now I'll give you mine. People only seem to be dying at a rate similar to the flu.
  9. Asked whether cases that don’t result in death are “harmless,” White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said: “The president was noting the fact that the vast majority of Americans who contract coronavirus will come out on the other side of this.”
  10. Speaking of MSM hypocrisy as they try to instigate fear in the rest of us, remember this one?
  11. This is more than a little bit hilarious.
  12. Here's a good one on why and how the Prog elite and their pet media want to convince you you're all gonna die as they open districts to activities they favor: The Anti-American Pattern Of Elites’ Coronavirus Restrictions
  13. Here's somebody below who isn't as frightened as she thinks you should be though. Love the caption in the title of the story on this pic. Attempted murder? AOC removes face mask, blows bubbles at defenseless child:
  14. Again...you say "lag indicator." Time magazine says "seesaw effect." Neither term impresses me much when I look at the graph that shows me death rate has plummeted. I imagine it is a little inconvenient that hospitals might get overcrowded in 2 states after the July 4th long weekend. I won't be pulling my hair out and peeing the bed as per the MSM's instructions though.
  15. The original was far superior. I understood what he was saying and it rang of truth:
  16. I heard about Texas and Florida: https://time.com/5863564/hospitals-capacity-coronavirus-surge/ Time magazine says "Seesaw effect". You say "Lag indicator." Meanwhile the death rate keeps plummeting. Sucks that the hospitals are approaching capacity in the 2 states. I heard a lot of that is due to people returning to hospitals to have elective surgeries done as covid restrictions relax. And apparently the MSM has you convinced that there's nothing to see there on the plummeting death rate. It's more "Lag indicator! Approaching capacity in Texas and Florida! OMG! All Americans are gonna die!!!" Cause, Trump, right?
  17. People need to stop and ask themselves what the graph below is telling them that the mainstream media is not. But jobs are returning to America. The economy is bouncing back. That's also something the MSM doesn't want to tell you. Ever ask yourself why? Here's a hint - November.
  18. I like the way the "think tanks" that do studies like that call themselves "Bipartisan" or moderate or independent or something like that. It always means the same thing. Progressives who might find a RINO or 2 to throw a few bucks at if he's ready to sell out.
  19. Lot of entertaining hyperbole in the one below but the basic facts they spin from are worth knowing: CNN Admits Hydroxychloroquine Works…After Countless Needless Deaths
  20. No sense in pretending this isn't partisan. It is and over on the right wing we hear this complaint all the time - "If this story had been happening the other way around it would be top of the news on all major media." There should be a place to archive these untold tales. What this phenomena says about the MSM being partisan to the left (I would say Marxists) should be made so clear it can't be denied. The story type that's being ignored lately (or at least that's what I'm noticing) are gun offences by the left (I would say Marxists.) Remember when there was a rally on the steps of Michigan's state building against Governor Half-Whitmer's excessive and hypocritical 'let them eat cake' covid controls? A collection of clowns from some gun group gathered with the protesters displaying their rifles. There was no violence. One got the feeling they did it just to show they could. Yet the MSM tore their hair out and peed their pants over that one. The story was everywhere. I'll wager you heard about it. Here's some you may not have heard about. Heavily Armed “Black Militia” Swarms Stone Mountain on Independence Day 8-year-old girl killed after shots fired into car, Atlanta police say Las Vegas officer shot at protest paralyzed from neck down Shootings in New York City up 205% since Socialist Bill de Blasio Took Over VIDEO: Rioter Shoots 60-Year-Old Motorist During Utah Anti-Police Protest Protesting Lawyer Shoots Innocent Motorist in Head During George Floyd Protest in Colorado There's more but that should be good enough for now. It's getting to be almost like the Marxists have declared a shooting war on the streets and we're not supposed to know about it. But that's just one category of the problem of stories the MSM won't let you know about. If the strange topic posting rules (unwritten but enforced) at this site allow it I'm going to archive more here.
  21. The biggest problem with pouring money into mitigation though is it's money better spent on adaptation. Do you know who Dr. Bjorn Lomborg is? He's the most well known champion of adaptation over mitigation. But he may be talking about something like what you're talking about when he talks about adapting to climate change by financing research over alternatives that at present seem ineffective.
  22. Show me an example of Mitigation working. I can show you all kinds of examples of Adaptation working. We can start with Holland if you like. With Mitigation - so far and most often - the cure seems worse than the disease. We can talk bat and rare bird choppers or friars and rare earth metal mining environmental disaster. wood fuel pollutants as alternative energy and so on...
  23. Not exactly. The real debate would be on the idea that humans are causing an eventual catastrophe of warming. Also, even if you want to suggest a precautionary principle of doing something about possible crises of warming as an insurance policy what would the best way be to handle it - Mitigation or Adaptation? Pretty much all skeptics agree some warming has happened since the end of little ice age. Almost all agree humans could have some affect on climate. They don't agree that anybody knows how much or that models can predict this proposed catastrophe of warming. There is no scientific consensus on that. Fear of Warmageddon and the proposition of global management of a proposed problem that has yet to been shown to exist is political not scientific. It's not the warming it's the imagined apocalypse of nice weather that's the debate.
  24. The borders of the CHOP area are lined with police, and protesters who refused to leave were arrested. Investigators say 31 people were taken into custody, including a 29-year-old man who had a large pipe and kitchen knife, https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/seattle-mayor-issues-emergency-order-clear-chop-zone/RBYYWMGLRRHKXOQM3GENBCVNBA/ The mob made the mistake of marching on their Marxist-friendly mayor's house so that was the end of that nonsense. That's the trick to getting the Marxists under control, I think. Entice BLM and Antifa to march on Democrat safe-zones.
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