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  1. Trump signs order to put Americans at head of vaccine line, vows to work with world




    Bully or beg?  My money's on beg. 

    1. betsy


      Putting his own citizens at the head of the line for the vaccine these American citizens had payed for with their taxes - and these vaccines are American products - what's wrong with that?   Once all your citizens have had it, then you can help others without having to worry about your citizens and your economy!

      How would you like it if Canada produce vaccines that couldn't satisfy demand at the first round......AND  we Canadians had to wait at a very, very long line - because Trudeau had decided to include other countries in the line?

      "sorry folks, only 3 million Canadians will get the vaccines when they roll out because we also have to deliver to other countries.    But I promise, another 3 million will get it next time."

    2. betsy


      Right now.....BEG! 

      And.....we better not badmouth those we beg to. 

      It's like, "biting the hand that will feed you......with vaccines!" 

      "Sense of Entitlement," wears thin fast.  Especially so when Canada isn't exactly smelling like roses to other countries right now.

      Lol.  Think trade! India - with its huge population - might "punish" us for meddling in their domestic affairs.

    3. Shady


      America first!

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