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  1. “I was born in Russia; my family moved here as refugees to escape antisemitism. This is not the Toronto that I grew up in.”


    Same here lady. This is not the Toronto any of us grew up in.

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    2. OftenWrong


      No one said he 'invented racism'. I have no idea where that comment came from. You seem to be having reading comprehension issues.

      Trudeau is a blatant racist and if you don't see that, no amount of education can save you. 

      Besides, I don't recall getting taught about the holocaust in high school, and yet this generation of Canadians are not ignorant of it or overtly antisemitic. 

      The antisemitism we see now isn't from Canadians who went to our school system. This is mainly people who were not even brought up here. 

      You twit...


    3. Aristides


      Education is a provincial responsibility but I agree that depending on the province, teaching the Holocaust has not been the priority is should. In BC teaching the Holocaust has been optional up until last month, now it will be compulsory. I knew survivors in my youth, my grade 9 French teacher was a concentration camp survivor with the tattoo and a wonky eye from a guard hitting him with a club. I would love to pick his brain now but then I was too young and dumb. 

      I see Trudeau as a smug dilettante prone to poor judgement,  but not a racist. 

    4. Aristides


      All the racists and anti semites coming out of the woodwork weren't Trudeau's making, they were always there.

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