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Captain Obvious Strikes Again, Or, The Whole World's Goin' Crazy and Here's Why.

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I thought about where to place this and decided this would be appropriate.

Lets recap semi-recent history a bit, shall we? We'll start in 1963 and the Kennedy murder.

So Jack Kennedy gets gunned down in November of 1963. The world is treated to a story about a lone gunman with dubious Russian connections. The public chokes the story down but...doubt the official story.

Lyndon Johnson is instilled. Two things of major consequence happen The Vietnam war swings into action...under very dubious circumstances. Johnson enacts "The Great Society". A massive expansion of welfare.


If America's soul becomes totally poisoned, part of the autopsy must read "Vietnam."

Richard Nixon become POTUS. Welfare is expanded further. Ghetto poverty grows. Race relations are becoming a problem. The Gold Standard is dropped in order to justify deficit spending. Riots over the Vietnam war happen regularly in the USA. America gets basically chased out of Vietnam.

Nixon gets caught cheating in an election and resigns. Ford pardons him. The national debt begins to balloon.

Carter become POTUS and...gets old...OK he did have a peace treaty kind of arranged between Israel and Egypt.

Reagan becomes POTUS and his administration gets caught selling arms to Iran to fund a Nicaraguan war. He also is POTUS while the Soviet Union fails.

Bush Senior becomes POTUS. He attacks Iraq over a rather dubious story about a little girl.

Clinton then gets caught fcking interns in the Whitehouse and is actually elected to two terms. He brings China into the WTO. Manufacturing scrambles to leave the USA and go to China. Millions of Americans lose their jobs and homes.

Bush Jr. comes along, 9/11 happens...somehow...and he declares war on..."Terrorism". He also attacks Afghanistan and then decides to go after Iraq...again... The premise is sold to a "Coalition of the Willing" that Iraq had WMD...which as it turned out...they didn't. The USA and their coalition go on to level Babylon. No Iraqis were involved in 9/11. The US economy tanks. Millions lose their jobs and homes.

Obama...the first "coloured" POTUS. A mulatto from Hawaii and Chicago. America pats itself on the back. America pulls out of Iraq which creates a power vacuum which results in the creation of ISIS. US manufacturing continues to flood to China. Millions more lose their jobs and homes. The USA is now roughly $30,000,000,000,000 in debt...mostly to China.

Trump hits the scene. He removes regulations on mining and for the first time since the late 90's, the economy takes off. He begins to pull back on trade with China, renegotiates NAFTA, begins building a wall along the border with Mexico and imposes a "Stay in Mexico" policy. He also pulls the USA out of the climate accords and the WHO. The Democrats try to impeach Trump twice and fail both times. It becomes obvious that the Democrats have fabricated "evidense" and warped the justice system in order to attack Trump both as POTUS and his personal life. The "Culture War" formally begins. "The Summer of Love" happens. Covid hits the world. Trump makes it possible for a vaccine to be released.

Biden becomes POTUS from his basement. The election is hotly contested by the Trump and his political base. He shuts down the USA almost completely, as do most other nations. He declares war on fossil fuels. The global economy is propped up by printing money and racking up unthinkable deficits and debt...globally. Covid fades and it become obvious that the vaccine and most of the measures taken to "combat" Covid were...either not effective or destructive. Biden himself is obviously not in good condition and is often either absent or has "brain farts" repeatedly in public.

This has been a brief and incomplete summary of the last 50 years.

Question: Is anyone really surprised that the public is all goin' batsh1t crazy?

Our "leadership" sold us down the river a long time ago. We are nothing but statistics to them. Everyone knows this and as the BS gets deeper and deeper, the public gets more and more angry. At what point do we pop? I've read folks on this site say they invite WWIII. Are we, as humans, so freaked out that we're ready to annihilate ourselves?

And while we bicker and fight among ourselves...Does anyone care who did this to us and how we should deal with them?

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If I may add... Britain pulled out the common market (EU). Now farmers can grow Cox's Pippins again.

As per the question, we need to find a glove with 6 infinity stones. Then with a snap of the fingers, problem solved.

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12 hours ago, Nationalist said:

And while we bicker and fight among ourselves...Does anyone care who did this to us and how we should deal with them?

Sure. But first of all the initial point of America's infection was in 1953 with Operation Ajax. It spread around the world from there.  MLK couldn't have known about it when he blamed Vietnam. It was still a big secret. Nobody knew.

Which brings up the question how we deal with that. Cameras and microphones scattered everywhere of course.

I figure it'll be up to a quirky wealthy technical-wizard / ethical-hacker dude or dudette to unleash self-replicating nanobots that infiltrate everything everywhere and broadcast everything they see and hear on the internet. No one will give a flying hoot what you're up to except maybe your wife but she'll just see you're checking up on Justin and probably go, 'borrrring' and go back to her Scrabble game.

In theory anyone who trys to go dark should stand out like a sore thumb.

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