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NBA Legend Bill Walton proposes building a town for the homeless

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I'll just link this. You decide.


NBA Legend Bill Walton Proposes Building Town for Homeless

Former NBA star Bill Walton proposed building a town to house the homeless population in San Diego, California.

Walton and business owner George Mullen, San Diego natives, co-authored a Times of San Diego opinion column in which they promoted a grassroots effort to build a site called Sunbreak Ranch.

"Most of us can no longer walk or bicycle our downtown city streets, sidewalks, and parks without facing an obstacle course of tents, bodies, human excrement, needles, trash, and a slew of walking-zombies who are impossible to distinguish between those just down on their luck and others who are out-of-control substance abusers about to attack us," Walton and Mullen wrote in a column published Sunday.

"In San Diego, we have had enough. We are no longer going to follow other once-great American cities into the abyss of homelessness, lawlessness, and roadside shantytowns."

Walton and Mullen said that Sunbreak Ranch, with a "New Beginnings for Homeless People in Transition" motto, would help deal with a problem comprised of "more than 580,000 persons currently living and sleeping on the streets and canyons of the United States today.

"Sunbreak Ranch is designed to be a large-scale temporary ranch in the layout of the old California ranchos. It will be a creative, one-of-a-kind location featuring 35-plus amenities and benefits that strive to make the ranch the best possible temporary home for our homeless fellow citizens.

"Sunbreak Ranch will maintain a 'clean, healthy, safe and secure environment' for everyone at all times."

You people discuss this. I'll give you my views in a little while.


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54 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:

So what's the problem ?  People who can't compete in the labour market only have themselves to blame... if you're living in a free country (checks index cards) .... uh libertarian paradise ....

Homeless towns ?  That's big government right ?


I haven't given an opinion. I just linked the story and said "you decide." (KInda like FoxNews.)

Oh, and what does a street in Philadelphia have to do with a story about a homeless town being created on the OTHER side of the country?

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16 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

I am now at the point where I have to explain that California and Pennsylvania are in the same country.

I shouldn't have fed the trolls, my bad.  @Moonbox where is that swear jar ?  I owe it $0.25

In other words, you tried to change the subject and got caught. So you level an insult.

You really are pathetic.

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