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Canadian weirdo-s and criminals. Are we not high on the scale of insanity?


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I like watching the forensic files , the Monster series, the Fifth Estate and after a while I am getting a sense that we in Canada can score extremely high on the insanity scale.

Those guys that acted up, or committed the heinous crimes must be the tip of the iceberg, but they really stand out on an international scale.   For many of them I can find no parallel in another country.

My uneducated guess is, there must be something in our environment, government, policies, culture, whatever you might call it, to allow these things to happen, or those minds to get twisted so much out of shape.

What do you think the reason could be?   Is it our government putting too much pressure on us, too little pressure, or it is the boring life, the constant life in debt for many, lack of opportunities, options, understanding or something else?  

OK, Lets start the list.


1.  Rob Ford - Mayor of Toronto.  How did he manage to become mayor out of all other viable options the largest Canadian city must have had?  How many screw ups and laughable apologies was he allowed to make?    Sorry, Rob has sadly passed away and I do not think he was a bad person in any way, but an embarrassment nonetheless.


2.  Russel Williams - a military commanding officer who flew Queen Elizabeth II  - a sicko stealing lingerie from neighboring houses for years and eventually killing two women.  How the heck did this happen?


3. Luka Magnotta - now this idiot does not deserve to be mentioned in third place in this topic, but , hey, I have no time to grade them in any way.  Crazy about his appearance and thirsty for attention, he started with killing small innocent kittens and finished with killing a person, dismembering his body and mailing the body parts to MP offices.


4. Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka - raping and killing innocent teenage girls - that is something many criminals have done, but letting your husband rape and kill your young sister while you are helping him with that, then murdering her and finally complaining your Dad is still grieving the loss of his daughter and cannot join your wedding celebration?  How messed up one must be!


5. Vincent Li - killing the person sitting next to him on the bus, decapitating him and trying to eat his heart?


6. Robert Pickton - the pig farm killer - He created his slaughter house for women - dismembering them and burying them on his property.  WTF?


7. Dellen Millard and Mark Smitch - Now this has to be the greatest pair of idiots who thought they could run around the country, kill whoever they want and then incinerate their bodies in their "Eliminator" incinerator!   Killing your former girlfriend and burning her body to ashes, killing your own Dad , shooting him in the eye?  Killing a random person, just to steal his pickup and burning his body to ashes?  Then being cocky enough to represent yourself in court and humiliate relatives of the victims?  And this after your dad has built a business for you, made a name for you and you are sitting on millions?  


8. Kam McLeod and Bryan Schmegelsky - two teenagers who thought they would go along the highway to shoot a few humans, just for fun, then flee to Manitoba, burn a couple of vehicles and end up dead in the swaps.  WTF ?


9. Jullie Payette - Governor General - humiliating her employees, bringing them to tears, then resigning (with a huge pension paid by us, of course) Again, WTF!  What type of a moron did we assign to this position, who can do that?  Wait, she was an astronaut - she must have been more suitable for space.


10. Who do we put here?    Harper?  Trudeau?   They may not have directly killed anyone, that we know of, but their actions might have been even more damaging to Canada and its environment than those of the serial killers.


Now considering Canada is a population of some 33-35 million, don't we really stand out with our "achievements" in the world?


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10.  Justin Bourque - hunting cops - Hey, if you have the right gun, why not, it is just a computer game.  Goes well with listening to Megadeth.


11. Gabriel Wortman - Portapique, NS.   - The guy had a business and properties , but decided to make himself a replica Police cruiser and go around the block to shoot some 22 people dead.  Hey, there is always another life after death..........I guess.........



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33 minutes ago, ExFlyer said:

Are both of you naive enough to think that out of 35 million people we do not have our share of wackos??

😂  "both of you"

If we have learned anything, it's that people are bad at basic math.  

So if you say somebody has 10,000 supporters it sounds like a whole lot but actually about the number who voted Communist and Marxist-Leninist.


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37 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:

😂  "both of you"


If we have learned anything, it's that people are bad at basic math.  

So if you say somebody has 10,000 supporters it sounds like a whole lot but actually about the number who voted Communist and Marxist-Leninist.


Sorry, just you then. LOL Makes it even more relevant.

So, diss me instead of answering my simple question??

Are you saying the supporters were "Communist and Marxist-Leninist."?

Bottom line is your accusations/examples are a pittance in an entire society.

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11 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

1. No, I wasn't dissing you though it came off that way I admit.
2. Yes, this was the point I was trying to make - agreed.

Are you and that ExFlyer guy on drugs ?

He is clearly trying to respond to my first two posts believing they were posted by two different members, but I see you have decided to answer him on my behalf.

Just as I thought, craziness is our country is prevalent.

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