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We all are racists


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8 hours ago, dialamah said:

Had no idea a "White History Month" had been proposed. 

Every month is "White History Month" as far as I can tell.  There are an awful lot of monuments, special days, museum exhibits, history books, school courses, TV shows, documentaries and movies describing and celebrating White European history and accomplishments already.  Having a whole special month for that would seem like overkill.  Taking a month off from our own narcissism to focus on someone else is good for us, reminds us that we aren't the only game in town.

A White History Month was proposed several decades ago by a minister in the New Brunswick provincial government but was shot down because of some Jewish organization in NB that was opposed to the idea and said that it would be like promoting "white supremacy". Really? This is probably why there is no White History Month in Canada thanks to those guys mentioned above. There appears to be such a hatred against white British/European people in this country and this hatred is being pushed forward every day. Maybe as part of a conspiracy? Hmmm. 

And all those that you mentioned above are slowly being erased from the history books. I never see any program on TV where there has been a program promoting any kind of British or European accomplishments or achievements that they have contributed to the founding and development of Canada. All I ever see here and on TV and the internet is what other non white cultures have and are doing to make Canada great. I see white people's monuments being taken down. We have now replaced the face of our first Prime Minister of Canada from the Canadian ten dollar bill and being replaced by a non-white one who truly does not deserve to have her face replacing the first PM of Canada. Funny though how the government did not remove the picture of Wilfred Laurier on the five dollar bill? Because he has a french name, perhaps?

Anyway, I see Canada promoting a whole Black History Month, an overkill, and a whole Aboriginal Month but not one day of White History Month. It is very strange as to why the original founders and builders of this country are being totally ignored and slowly being removed from Canadian history. Pretty soon the only game in town will be those who you think should be recognized, and that ain't white people, pardner. 

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