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In Honor of Stuart Maclean


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I have followed this man since I first discovered him on a radio in a hangar in northern BC I was hanging around waiting for the weather to improve. I had just moved into a new place and didn't have my own radio yet. Next day I was out buying one and have been enriched ever since by the likes of Stuart. He will be missed.

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A very sad day indeed. I discovered Stuart MacLean many years ago when I spent a lot of time in the car, such a welcome change from what you usually find on the radio. After chancing upon his show several times, I took to downloading old podcasts just to get some more. I can't help but think that was what radio must have been like back in its heydays of the 1930's. I can just picture entire families crowding around the warmth of an old tube radio listening to the adventures of Dave & Morley after supper. Christmas Turkey has never been the same since.

While I don't keep a bucket list, if I did then unfortunately I wouldn't be able to check off what would surely be an item. I have long wanted to go to one of his roadshows, but whenever I heard the schedule it would have already passed through my part of the country. I don't own, nor have I read any of his books, but I can't imaging reading one of his stories without that unmistakable voice.

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One of the reasons I appreciate CBC radio so much is I could travel,(and did) from Inuvik to St. Johns and many a place in between and tune in and get a laugh from Stuart. Maybe since I am of Scottish descent and maybe if I happen to meet a Chinese man named Wong, I will try and strike up a deli somewhere named 'Wong's' Scottish Meat pies" and see how we do. And of course sell/trade a bit of vinyl as well.  

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68? When someone dies at such an age - I frankly have my own opinion: We are promised Three Score and Ten. Anything more is "gravy".

Stuart McLean slightly fell short; I reserve my empathy for younger, smart people who die needlessly in Syria.


It is noteworthy that, like the Soviet Union, only Death will change the English CBC. 

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It was extraordinary achievement to sustain the program and keep it fresh year after year. He fought the good fight against the dying or our rural community light. I loved his early interviews with Gzowski as well: a dairy farmer just outside Toronto surrounded by suburbs and still refusing to sell up; an escort and how she invested her money with PWC and Harbourfront apartments; an exquisitely polite bank robber, just out of prison and waiting to use a public phone, describing the excitement of crime ('I can't deny it's a rush - everything seems so clear') and the bewildering colours on Yonge St. after the endless shades of grey inside.

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