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Ryan-Wyden Medicare Reform


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I thought this might be a good idea to post, since so many in this forum are pushing so much disinformation regarding Medicare reform.

Now, in recent months, Wyden has joined with conservative Republican Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.) to come up with a Medicare reform proposal that reflects a similar mixture of liberal and conservative principles.

It combines the "Medicare Guarantee" -- ensuring all seniors access to Medicare as we know it -- with providing seniors an option to purchase private Medicare policies that would compete for their business.

In short: If you want to keep your Medicare, you do. If you want to shop and, with some federal subsidies, purchase private insurance, you can.


Facts about Ryan/Wyden:

1. Unlike a voucher program that would give seniors a fixed amount of money to purchase health plans -- the original Ryan plan -- Ryan-Wyden would adjust premium support payments each year to reflect the actual cost of health insurance premiums and still give seniors the option of being on Medicare.

2. All participating private plans will be required to offer benefits that are at least as comprehensive as traditional Medicare. Cherry-picking healthier seniors -- the key criticism by liberals of giving seniors a private alternative to Medicare -- will be made unprofitable by a robust risk-adjustment mechanism that would be policed by Medicare administrators.

3. Low-income seniors choosing private options will receive additional benefits to cover out-of-pocket costs -- ensuring that seniors will have the same choices regardless of income.

4. Seniors will have access to a catastrophic benefit that does not exist in traditional Medicare.

5. The Ryan-Wyden Medicare Exchange, where private insurance options will be listed and forced to compete in a transparent fashion, will operate under strict federal oversight to ensure a level playing field.

Huffington Post

As anyone can plainly see. It's hardly "doing away with Medicare." :rolleyes:

Now I'll post Barack Obama's Medicare reform...

Oops, sorry guys, there is none.

That's right. In 4 years since becoming President, Barack Obama hasn't offered a Medicare reform plan at all. Nothing. Zero. Nada. Even though, back in 2005, he was pretty annoyed with the past president for not offering any Medicare reform of his own, after asserting that Medicare was the real upcoming crisis. Watch and listen for yourselves.

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Seems like lying Shady is again lying. First Wyden never ever created a plan with Ryan he worry a policy paper with him. Next Wyden says his policy paper hinges on Obamacare beimf in place. Of it isn't then he says his ideas are useless. Check I'll just quote him.

He told The Oregonian's Charles Pope that a key is the Affordable Care Act, which both Romney and Ryan pledge to repeal. "If you repeal the Affordable Care Act, what Mr. Romney is saying is, he just wishes for the best," Wyden told Pope. "The point really," Wyden said, "is that the far right is not willing to accept the principles of the white paper" he wrote with Ryan. "I have seen no evidence Mr. Romney will commit to protecting the Medicare guarantee of providing healthcare to all seniors who qualify." 

So what say you Shady the liar?

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Facts about Ryan/Wyden:

this is very confusing Shady! Exactly how does Romney disavow any association/attachment to "the Ryan Medicare Plan" and yet, particularly this past weekend, make repeated references to your Ryan/Wyden? Which is Shady? Even though Republicans have adamantly drawn distinction between the (fictitious unknown) "Romney Medicare Plan" and the "Ryan Medicare Plan"... are you now, with Shady authority, advising that, in fact, the "Romney Medicare Plan" and the "Ryan Medicare Plan" are one and the same? Which is it, Shady? :lol:

so... apparently, U.S. citizens are being apprised that the "Romney Medicare Plan"... is not the "Ryan Medicare Plan" - a clear distancing attempt is being made. Of course, actual details of the "Romney Medicare Plan" are not available... the plan isn't out there - is there actually a "Romney Medicare Plan"? :lol:

which brings forward the most recent official Obama campaign response... where the "Romney Medicare Plan"... is the "Ryan Medicare Plan":

about that few days ago act where we saw Mitt the Professor with his whiteboard... here is the true and accurate whiteboard - not the shady one couched in falsehoods!

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Although Ryan's new plan is better than the previous one, it still changes Medicare as we know it. Seniors will pay more for less.


You know what else chagnes Medicare as we know it? Doing nothing. The program collapses in about 10 or 11 years if not reformed. It goes away for EVERYBODY, even those on it now. Btw, what's the president's plan for reform? Oh right, he has none, and has offered none. Wow, what a leader! :lol:

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Although Ryan's new plan is better than the previous one, it still changes Medicare as we know it. Seniors will pay more for less.

It's hard for me to feel much sympathy for seniors.

"Paying more for less" is what I think every time I look at the CPP deductions on my pay stub.


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