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  1. The Constitution’s 22nd Amendment states that no person can be elected to the presidency for more than two terms. The Constitution is protected from Executive Order.
  2. Please explain Hillary Clinton's misunderstanding of the ruling. Thanks. I wonder if your remark is responsible for Shady's opinion about Hillary not grasping the ruling?
  3. As can be seen from the studies of two highly respected universities, NYU and Columbia, not known for their ignorance, 52% of US employees work for employers affected by this ruling. No one is suggesting that that all employers will uses this ruling for their benefit but it is theoretical possible. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2014/06/30/a-lot-of-people-could-be-affected-by-the-supreme-courts-birth-control-decision/
  4. Good, maybe then he will tell me how Hillary misunderstood the ruling.
  5. Which of her statements did you find nonsensical and for what reason?
  6. Why are you avoiding pointing out what she didn't grasp about the ruling? Why don't you read her statement and then get back to me so we can discuss.
  7. You may suggest it but there is no evidence to support your suggestion.
  8. I see nothing to suggest that Hillary Clinton, or any other Democrat, does not understand the ruling and the impact it will have on other companies who object to birth control.
  9. So you don't believe in the morality of other religions, Judaism for example? Which sect of Christian morality should we follow? Fundamentalist, Pentecostal, LDS, Seventh Day Adventist, Catholic, or more traditional sects, Methodist, Baptists, etc.
  10. Good response. I am sure if we drilled down into the two different systems we would find that the coverage differs in many other respects.
  11. This didn't take long. http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Ala-broadcaster-applauds-Supreme-Court-decision-5589738.php
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