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Funding for cultural groups


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While I believe the federal government should play a role in more areas than defense, healthcare, and justice, I do not believe that government should fund special interest groups.

Any time that the federal government gives money to one such group, be they cultural groups, social groups, or others, they are showing a favouritism that should not be shown by a governing body, using money that they shouldn't have the right to spend in such a manner.

If the government gave money to a Jewish community, then an equal amount should be given to Palestinian groups in this country. If we're going to fund gay pride parades, there should be a corresponding "Rednecks Against Fagots" parade. (No, I'm not serious.) But you see the point.

Government should stay out of cultural issues and avoid spending tax dollars that favour one group over another. If a special interest group wants to raise funds, they can go door to door, or stand in a mall, and try to convince private citizens to donate money. It should not be automatically allocated by the government. If I believe in one thing, I don't want my tax money to be spent on an opposing group.

The only time that money for culture should be given, is for an equal, all-group event, like a Folkfest or Culture Fair type event. A place where everyone who wants to be represented can be, and no groups are barred.

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Would anybody have a problem if I asked and got money from the government to have a parade for White, Anglo Saxon, Protestants that were all straight and male and we wore Brown khakis, Sam Brown belts and Red Arm bands?

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander right?

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Think of it this way,and it might sound warped at first.

MacDonald's will support your town with one of their restaurants if your population is above 10,000.

Tim Horton's will grace your town if the population is 2500

or more.

The liberals will support you ,as long as you have a group

of 5 or more.So,if you want funding,get 5 of your group together and you will have funding.It would be the right thing to do.LOL

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Maybe the government should fund a wife-beater parade too.

I'm sure many posters on this board would be proud to take part.

By all means, please give us a list of names.........and how you know this? Is it under a person's board profile perhaps?

And on a different subject, didn't Tie Domi just file a law suit against the formor Ottawa Disk Jockey that called him a wife beater in "jest"?

So again, could my WASP parade recieve the same amount of funding as say the gay pride parade?

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I hardly believe that gay parades or wife beaters are considered Cultural groups; just what are you all ranting about.

I want government funding for my WASP cultural group............now where do I stand in line to get the cash?

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Cultural and/or social funding in the City of Toronto approaches, if not exceeds , fifty millions of dollars annually. I want to discover how many wacko organizations my tax dollars are funding ,and the number of organizations abusing this benevolence. I have made application for these figures under the freedom of information act provisions.

I'll keep you posted.

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Hey were is that list of wife beaters???

Maybe you should pull your head out of your ass, and try to grow a brain for once in your life. It's as stupid as your "Anybody that disagrees with my point of view is a nazi, and a holocaust denier". I don't even know were you get half that stuff, under your thinking what 30%-40% of Canadian's are holocaust deniers that beat their wives. Grow up!!!

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Since this is a one-sided discussion, I will play devil's advocate. Without federal government intervention, Canada would likely not have the social and cultural development we all enjoy today. With the leg up provided by our government, many of our artists have been able to access the world stage. In the early 80's, Canadians recording artists were very rare while they are now common. We have attracted private investment (recording and movie industries). Would the NHL be what it is today without gov't investment?

In terms of inappropriate spending, well, that is going to happen everywhere even in large corporations. Harper has also pointed out that large corporations also receive state $$ they should not.

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