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  1. United North America IMHO, the creator of this site put alot of thought and work into making it..........And he is a Canadian. I find his stats on how the "new states" would rank with the "orginal 50" quite intresting: Future State Profiles Here's my future 'home state' of British Columbia: As for the mighty Ontario.......Remeber August always harping about Ontario being nothing more than another Michigan if it didn't have ROC.......
  2. That would back up David Kay's claim also: Iraqi Chemical Weapons
  3. I tend to agree with August in principle, I think everybody should be allowed to have their say, even the annoying and trolling posters. With that being said, I think Greg is in a tight spot when it comes to total assine posts and how they could reflect on the University of Lethbridge (The owners of the site). Even if we had a, bright, flashing, neon "wavier" stating the views and opinions spoken on this site are not necessarily shared by the U of L, it would not mater. The U of L pays for the site, thus is responasble for it's content. Does anybody think that such highlights as the Anti-American threads, Anti-western, Anti-Quebec, Anti-Religion, Anti-Homosexual and any other assine topic reflect good on the University of Lethbridge? I'm all for different points of view, if not we might as well go to Rabble or Free Dominion and slap ourseleves on the backs. I find debate educational, intresting and a good killer for boredom.....almost a work-out for the brain if you will. I'm finding Mapleleafweb to be less enjoyable over the last little while.....and to be honest, I don't know what needs to be done to rectify it.
  4. You know for a quarter of the cost of the long gun registry, we could have purchased the most state of the art Kevlar bullet proof vests for every memeber in the RCMP............I wonder if we would still have four dead Mounties on our hands...... Come on.......it's a joke.......500 million this year! 600 million next year......it won't be until the third year that DND will see anything above a billion dollars........Do you not think that there will be an election within the next year or two? Will a Liberal majority maintian these comitments? Will the Quebec wing allow them to? This "12 billion dollars" is nothing more then pandering to the media and the CPC. Even Liberal Senator Kenny (head of the Senate defence review) has stated that at least an additional 1.5-2 billion are needed annually, right away......not in three years.
  5. I normally try and stay away from the tabloid garbage, tin-foil hat wearing, consipracy theories. I find them annoying, insulting to my intelligence and quite frankly cheap! But based on the success the Canadian left has had with using them in demonizing the Canadian right, I truely feel it is time that the right start throwing some mud around......and not stupid stuff like the Kim Campbell Conservatives did when they called Jean a retard.......(He was far from a retard, I say modern Machiavellian)....Let's get into the nitty gritty...... Bring on the "stories" about Bill Graham and his male hookers, bring the Anne Mcallen sexual harassment alligations, bring on the ties with organized crime with the Gordon Campbell government and for christ sakes, get a hold on Power Corp and don't let go!!! It doesn't mater if they disprove our claims Argus........did it mater when we disproved their? I'd bet Halliburton is one of the most googled words ever.......soon, if you look into a thesaurus, halliburton will be another term for evil
  6. CBC does local tv broadcasts? I honestly don't think they have one for BC.......5 pm is normaly the Simpsons and 6pm is national news........daytime maybe? I don't mind Politics on Newsworld, but I prefer Question Period on CTV...... Other then those two programs, I get all my local news from Global BC (Can remeber Tony Parsons from when I was young) national news from Global National with Kevin Newman (which I have to flick too during the commercials of the Factor) and International News with FOX. As for the CBC Liberal Bias itself, I find Robert Rabinovitch's ties with formor Chr├ętien campaign director and Power Corp stooge John Rae to be quite telling........ Hey if the left can play the old Halliburton/Bush/Cheney word association game, why can't the right?
  7. Here's another good one bbacon: The Power behind the thrones I wonder if we had of had Fox up here at the time if it would have made a difference? I wonder were the Fifth Esate and Micheal Moore are when you need them So thats why the state run media is not reporting the story..........
  8. Blah blah blah blah Put up or shut-up!!!
  9. Don't forget to add Saudi Arabia to that list.
  10. fleabag (long time no see) Canada doesn't need to be directly targeted by a rouge States ICBMs to feel the negative effects of such an attack, both physicaly and economically. As I pointed out earlier to Black Dog, a nuclear attack on the greater Seattle area, which houses three Naval bases (one base, Bangor is home to half the American SLBM fleet), an Army base and I beleive an Airforce base, a major port (second largest after longbeach) on the American West Coast and to say nothing of Seattle itself, would have devastating effects on the Lower Mainland and Southern Vancouver Island. I'm sure that will save us from nuclear fallout..........
  11. Thats a complete and utter strawman (as Black Dog would say) As I pointed out to Black Dog, all of the nuclear nations have been developing new nuclear weapons and new long range missile programs even after the end of the cold war........this "new arms race" is not new, it is still the original one.
  12. Thats a complete and utter strawman (as Black Dog would say) As I pointed out to Black Dog, all of the nuclear nations have been developing new nuclear weapons and new long range missile programs even after the end of the cold war........this "new arms race" is not new, it is still the original one.
  13. That seems to be your theme......I guess why change horses in mid-stream So you agree with him that our army is inept? Rules and Guidelines You bring up our military, then go onto a tanget about the Americans.....
  14. It looks like common trend with anticlimates eh? Perhaps we shouls just stop feeding the troll
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