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  1. When he got his radio show I listened a few times but not anymore. All I heard was a know-it-all, whiner who blamed everyone else for what is happening. He had advice for everyone, no matter who they were, "what he should so is....a blowhard
  2. HOW can he claim defeat on this subject when it is what he promised and it is what the majority wants.
  3. John Tory: The only thing Conservative about him is last name!
  4. McGuinty is surely Ontario's "white elephant."
  5. I guess that most of you didn't read the lines in that report that stated, "There is no evidence that Harper's campaign or any other candidates were involved in the calls."
  6. So, Ontarians pay five (5) times more in vehicle insurance that anybody in Canada. thanks Mcguinty ya loser It has been known for the last few years about the crime involving insurance and the payoffs but nothing has been done about it. Oh sorry that's a lie, they do do something they keep raising our car insurance every year. And all of the idiots keep voting him in. The stop the bullying one day campaign came out to cover up the insurance scams.
  7. They never did say what their "protest" was about. I guess that they have all read about the hippies and wanted to copy.Even tho they were at The financial district in Toronto complaining, they used laptops, blackberries, were going to expensive university (some of them) One lived in Rosedale that we know of, etc. Then they squatted in a store that was for rent in Toronto and decided that they were going to set up meals for the homeless. They got kicked out the first day this time. what a bunch of losers.
  8. The whole point was that the star continually gloats with their articles making fun of Rob Ford every time he did something, including LAYING UNION MEMBERS OFF. Now it's happening to them. That's called what goes around comes around. :rolleyes:
  9. I know of a lot of people that quit the star for the ugly exagerated, fear mongering things that they kept printing in the paper before during and after the Toronto election. Who wants to pay good money to keep reading that garbage every day. What goes around comes around star!
  10. OH, did they bring some issues to the limelight, they'll be surprised also as none of them knew what they were protesting. And it isn't a few thousand dollars. Now just imagine if mayor Ford wasted $75- $100,000 that's all you would hear every minute of the day. They are bums, squatters, no matter how you look at it.
  11. It was cancelled because all of the kids today are wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them from everything.
  12. It's going to cost the taxpayers $25,000 to replace the grass that has been ruined in the park, and if the city can't get at the sprinkler system in the park it will cost the taxpayers $50,000. All of this and the fact that the people can't use the park that they pay taxes for because there is lazy wanna be hippies squatting there.
  13. Check your math! the cards were not 7x the cost of the city's cards. The city's cards cost 3.5 cts ea. and where ford got them they were 7 cts, each It is so typical of left wing to either exaggerate or just lie all of the time.
  14. If they aren't all lazy bums why aren't they at work or university or trade school?? They have been asked several times "what are protesting" and nobody knows.
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