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  1. No childish insults there at all lol. You go fill yer boots sparky it appears you enjoy the smell.
  2. Really? You really believe that? Multi culturalism is destroying Canada? And that Pierre Trudeau was the architect?
  3. Edited for posterity only of course. No integrity at all. Its kewl and all I knew what I was in for going in.
  4. Jeebus if money is what it's all about then by your own admission you got it all figured out sparky lol. How about the Canadian flag? Has that crimped your lifestyle?
  5. The swastika is not the German flag. The Canadian flag represents Canada around the world. Go show a German a Canadian Flag and swastika see if they feel they are the same.
  6. So let's unpack this shall we. Stating the cdn flag is just like the swastika seems totally sane to you? Stating the liberal party is building a reich seems perfectly lucid to you? Mind you the definition of reich is readily available. Shall we continue?
  7. Yes and then turn around and expect people to take you seriously lol. You folks slay me.
  8. Sure thing man cause we all know. millionaires Love telling people they are millionaires lol. When did money start paying for integrity and credability?
  9. When was the last time any average Canadian ever sang god save the queen? It was about 1973 I think and I heard my slow uncle sang it after some event or another.
  10. Whaaaaaaaa. Snowflake. I've already told you I don't like the man personally. He's an arrogant asshat. What he isn't is the rest of the horse shit you maniacs assign to him. Every childish isnsult ever handed by me to any member on this forum is a direct response to a childish insult from said member. If you can't take the heat stay out of the furnace room. You only want me banned because I represent a threat to the status quo on this forum. Furthermore I believe some honest reflection might be in order for those seeking to ban a fellow Canadian. Guess that's just might be the differance between myself and " others" I don't give a rats arsehole what you say about me just as long as you are prepared to recieve the same back.
  11. Is it wrong to look for validation of ones own sanity in the insanity of others?
  12. I'm not defending anyone or anything. Mereley pointing out that your cray cray theories are bunk. Sure ok in your world hoping someone doesn't have kids and pass on the crazy is the same as mass sterilization. Somewhere in between terminals in your head, is a missing connector or wire. You may want to address that.
  13. You sir may just be certifiable. Nothing you wrote is even based in reality. We can all only hope you haven't procreated and are passing on this drivel to unsuspecting children.
  14. Surely that will help win the day. Start attacking ones sexuality as if it measures ones worth. It's both pathetic and embarassing that pandering idiots like you still exist. The experts all say the only ones who attack sexuality in that way are lacking security in their own sexuality. Is that what this is? You surpressing some homosexual fantasies soldier boy? Oh the confliction that must exist in your life must be excruciating.
  15. What are you new? Who said it dismisses it? Stop looking at your own hood ornament and you might see a bit better. Jeebus h christmas you folks have no vision, no imigination. Pigeon holed panderers stroking each others feathers lol. It's pathetic and embarassing to Canadians ffs.
  16. Your mentality is far better matched with sports in my esitmation.
  17. You go ahead and find a firm that large that isn't involved in some shennaigans. Come on man you guys live in reality certainly you can set aside the hatred for just a few minutes and engage in some critical thought. Or is that just impossible?
  18. Oh the big bad trudeaus spoke at some events and got paid. News flash you doltish clown anyone with a name gets paid to speak. Just ask sheer and harps and any other connected individual. You clowns let your emotions skip right over the critical parts of every one of these mole hills.
  19. Well surprise away muffin. Are you dissapointed now?
  20. Why on earth would I want to run this place? Are you ok? Like mentally speaking? You need me to call someone?
  21. Pierre polievre rotflmao you guys are just the best
  22. Yes I did in fact. You were wrong about the Trudeau goverment doing nothing on the vet file. You admitted it. I think if you look back at our little tryst that is what I set out to do. Having also been able to hightlight a few more of your unsavoury traits has been a bonus of sorts. Seems to have ruffled your feathers. Which if I am to be honest is entertaining so thanks for that at least.
  23. You stated that informing you was " my job" thus the "you can't afford me" line. Do try and keep up sparky. Oh and btw " irony" and "iron" aren't the same thing. What an astounding display of intellectual prowess. Congratulations you may now enter the 4th grade this fall. Don't forget your helmet.
  24. If a clue came right up and bit you on the ass you still wouldn't have one. Trying to debate with you is like playing chess with seagulls. They shit all over the board and strut around claiming victory. Your ignorance of the facts and the players in this whole story is simply astounding. No doubt a product of a whole host of garbage inputs you subcribe too and ingest on the regular. The standards don't change from comissioner to comissioner that's just more incorrect info you are spreading. Which btw speaks to my issues with your credability. Just as an aside do you think $1/2 million is alot of money to a family like the trudeau's?
  25. Go ahead and read the 1st sentence. Shouldn't be too difficult you wrote it lol.
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