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  1. Refugees who were all perfectly safe in Turkey, and who Canadians did not want. More than 70 per cent of Canadians don’t support the federal government taking in more than 25,000 Syrian refugees, according to a new poll from the Angus Reid Institute. Two in five respondents think Canada should stop taking in Syrian refugees immediately. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/majority-of-canadians-dont-want-to-take-in-more-than-25000-syrian-refugees-new-poll
  2. It isn't just anti-vaxxers. A lot of conservatives believe in vaccines but feel that people shouldn't be forced by government to take them. It's about government overreach to them.
  3. If the European migrant crisis demonstrated anything it was that the great majority were NOT fleeing persecution and terrorism but simply pursuing a better, richer life.
  4. I'm confused. What are these 'fringe right wingers' policies on which you feel the Conservatives are bound? I realize the Trudeau government policy was to make it seem as if O'Toole was anti-vax, despite the fact his policy was 100% identical to that of the Liberals up until the election. But you surely realize the Liberals only changed their policy in order to try and cause trouble for the Conservatives, right? If there hadn't been an election their policy would have stayed the same. Trudeau said making vaccines mandatory would be too divisive. So would you still say the Liberals were bound by 'fringe right wingers'? For years I've been hearing hard core Liberal supporters complain that the Tories are too far right. Oh if only the progressive conservatives would return, they lament. Well, the last two elections the so-called Conservative party had pretty much zero conservative policies. And yet, the lament has not changed an iota. Oh, if only the conservatives weren't so fringe right, so far, far out there on the far fringes of society, practically Nazis who worship Hitler, for sure I'd vote for them! No, you wouldn't.
  5. Muslim terrorist murders British MP. 


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      In a church, even. 

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      They’re too worried about white supremacy to care.


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  7. The CBC of all groups shows just how utterly stupid, brainless and trusting the Trudeau government was in its vaccine deal with China. That deal delayed us having homegrown production for years, and it wasn't until fall that they finally realized they had been screwed. The federal government's failed collaboration with a vaccine manufacturing company in China early in the pandemic has led to a delay of nearly two years in efforts to create a made-in-Canada COVID-19 vaccine. Government documents obtained by The Fifth Estate show that Canadian officials wasted months waiting for a proposed vaccine to arrive from China for further testing and spent millions upgrading a production facility that never made a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/cansino-deal-canada-nrc-fifth-estate-1.6208241
  8. Why we embrace Capitalism.
  9. On the coast. I don't care where as long as tankers can load there.
  10. Who said that? I pointed out the economic FACT that doubling the workforce lowers the value of labour. I said nothing about what should or should not have happened. You simply read things into other people's words born out of your own ideological fervour. Maybe because their educational choices sucked? Or maybe because of such high immigration! Do you know that two thirds of Canadian software engineering grads leave the country because of low ages here - low wages caused by the floods of immigrants and temporary workers the government brings in. There are taxation rules which could be implemented around such things but the government has never tried. It's a lot of them. You yourself brought up the topic of immigrants in fast food places. why are they there? Why would we bring in immigrants to do shit jobs? Because Canadians won't do them because the wages are low because companies don't have to pay more because YOU and people like you insist on flooding the country with immigrants! Don't blame the corporations for low wages. You're the one at fault. You and others who support mass immigration. When I was younger I was a security guard. We signed up with a union to improve wages. You know what the company did? It locked us all out and brought in a bunch of immigrants to do the work. Your immigration views are enthusiastically shared by the big corporations which want to pay low ages. Grats on having such great morality. Name? Was it by any chance the immigration lawyer whose job and profits depend on high immigration? Or was it merely someone who agreed with you and thus instantly became a 'poster who knows more'. I've been tired of you since you arrived. Eager to see you and your whiny ignorance depart.
  11. They were getting more under CERB than they were making on their jobs.
  12. They people who scream at low level workers because of this need to be arrested, dragged out to rural farms and made to pick apples or something for a few weeks or months until they learn there are more important things than their bullshit conspiracy theories.
  13. A proper conservative would have had multiple pipelines built to the coast by now. Not to mention LNG terminals. Australia has multiple LNG terminals. They're sure enjoying the huge increase in international natural gas prices! Making a fortune! Meanwhile, Canada can't even get one built.
  14. Nope. When people are reasonable and polite so am I. You are rarely either. Is it? Or are they failing? Capitalism always has winners and losers. Just because you get an education it doesn't mean it's the right education. Choices you make freely impact how successful you will be in life. Of course. The rarer your skillset the more income you can command. That's how Capitalism works. The way it works is most of the people in those jobs are young. I had the same crap jobs when I was young. You're supposed to learn from them and progress upward. As you do, more younger people move in behind to take those jobs you left behind. And I couldn't care less if there are fewer fast food places. I'm okay with the government taking my money for necessary expenditures. Not enthusiastic, but okay. What i resent is the government taking my money and wasting it, which it does all too much of. And that includes inserting too much socialism into the system because the losers in the game of Capitalism don't have as nice a house as I do. Not many of them started out poor, were poor for decades, and now send off 25k to the government every quarter. And I don't resent social programs when used to keep people from starving or freezing. I don't resent health care - only its incompetence. I resent the idea people deserve my money because they don't have a nice house and good cable and nice clothes and a cell phone otherwise. Yeah, yeah, of course you do. The problem with that is the higher the taxes are on corporations and businesses the less profits they make the fewer people they hire. Your way only leads to higher unemployment and more misery, not less. People need to help themselves, not get handouts. Right. They can improve their skills and find better jobs. So they can hire more public servants, and meanwhile business is driven away, foreign investment dries up because there are more profitable countries to invest in, and unemployment rises. Nice job! Nice try. I'm just as much opposed to corporate welfare, except in certain, limited cases due to foreign subsidies. though even there I'd rather see tariffs on imports. Your typical leftist disdain for business and their profits results in more poverty, not less. I don't denigrate immigrants. I denigrate those who bring them here when they don't have the necessary skills to support themselves. Why would I support bringing in people who will never have good enough jobs to pay taxes? They'll just add to the leaches whose health care I have to pay for. We have too many of those already. And by the way, if we weren't bringing in all those immigrants to take low paying jobs guess what would happen? They'd have to raise wages! This is the insanity of the Left. Fighting desperately to achieve the results they say they're fighting against. You claim you're opposed to poverty level wages but zealously support polices which keep those wages low!
  15. Not surprising given who appointed him. Trudeau and his party are very big fans of China.
  16. Don't ascribe your emotionalism to me. I'm merely stating a logical and economic fact. Capitalism works on the incentives people have to improve themselves by gaining more skills and looking for better jobs. It was certainly motive for me to not settle for the crap jobs I had when I was young and to keep plugging away, keep trying to improve myself, keep looking for better paying jobs. I love how you're so 'compassionate' with other people's money. The Left always does this. It pretends its own views are the moral ones and the ones made by the right are cruel and immoral. Bullshit. You want to give people enough money so they 'settle' for that, robbing them of the motivation to improve themselves, robbing society of a labour force which is continually improving itself and increasing its production, putting a heavy burden on wage earners and companies. Lower wage jobs might not pay enough for a good living but you're not going to starve on them unless you're a moron or have too many expensive vices. Take the bus and share an apartment like I did. I'm merely stating an economic fact, you old crone. Though I understand how facts outage the Left.
  17. The greediest whores in any country are its politicians. Wonder how much she was paid.
  18. Primed to believe the world owes you a living. Primed to believe other people should be forced to give their money to you so you can have more. I'm not in favour of allowing people to freeze or starve to death in the dark. But I don't owe you a good living. If you don't have any skills, education, drive or initiative you SHOULD be barely getting by. As for exporting our manufacturing base, I'm not a historian but I don't recall life before we started doing that was so much greater or that there was a generally higher standard of living. The biggest influence on wages over the past fifty years has been women essentially doubling the workforce without any real rise in demand for goods and services.
  19. Dude, that's dumb. Just because some of them, esp more recent immigrants from the mainland are stooges for China doesn't mean they all are.
  20. Doesn't mean you pay anything. Lots of people earn low wages and get everything that's taken off their cheque back at tax time. Others pay a little but get far more back, esp those getting untaxable child benefit cheques.
  21. So now we have a group calling itself the Chinese-Canadian Conservative Association calling on the party to change its views on China, who they clearly regard as a fine, upstanding world citizen to be admired not criticized. I had fairly soft thoughts on the loyalty of a lot of Chinese Canadians even prior to the newest bullying of Canada Choina has engaged in. But their actions obeying China in who to vote for, and the number of Chinese-so-called-Canadians coming out in support of China are rapidly hardening my views into saying outright that we should accept no further immigrants from China and should be investigating a lot of these public spokespeople to see just how close their contacts are with the Chinese Communist Party. At a surprising news conference for local press recently, spokesman Joe Li — a regional councillor north of Toronto and three-time former Tory candidate — said the two Michaels were detained after “Canada started the war,” that China had a right to fly its planes into Taiwan’s air-defence zone and Canada should not publicly criticize Beijing’s human-rights abuses. https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/chinese-canadian-tories-urge-otoole-to-resign-saying-tough-on-china-platform-alienated-voters
  22. I doubt that. It sounds like you're among the 40% or more of Canadians who is a net drain on the treasury - who wind up paying no income tax.
  23. To boldly go where no 90 year old man has gone before...

  24. My concern is primarily with children whose oh-so-fashionable idiot parents seize on momentary thoughts by the child that they might be the other gender and rather than dismiss it start encouraging it. The great majority of boys who act more feminine and girls who act masculine turn out to be gay, not transgender. Gender dysphoria is a rare thing. My concern is also with women who see their private places intruded upon by perverts and wackos who are either pretending to be women or are just mentally ill. I'm willing to bet that 99.8% of people who are legitimately experiencing gender dysphoria wouldn't dream of going into a shower or locker room of the opposite sex and taking their clothes off. Not unless they've been surgically altered. This kind of thing is being pushed by frenzied progressive activists who see it as a political/ideological struggle and are basically sociopaths with no human empathy. Idiotic liberal/left governments eager to demonstrate how progressive they are have gone along with the activists with no thought whatever to consequences.
  25. How frustrating is it to hear about natural gas prices skyrocketing, shortages in Europe, other countries like Australia and the US and Russia making a fortune, and us still without any ability to export. The only LNG export terminal we even have under construction is years away from completion. This is bad planning by both government and industry.
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