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  1. Natural gas prices are skyrocketing around the world. Good thing Canada has all those LNG export terminals so we can take ad.... oh... Right. Oh well. We can just... borrow more money.

  2. Skynet is on its way. Here comes the first robot death machine.



  3. The government has no money. Whatever it gives you it has to take from people who worked for it.
  4. An interesting piece on the trans issue. Though it focuses on Dave Chapelle's new show it contains some startling information I didn't know about. For example: Across the West, people are being fired, targeted, prosecuted, even jailed, for stating biological facts. Children are being medicated with off-label drugs — “puberty blockers” — that can permanently sterilize them, arrest their neurological and mental development, and deprive them of the ability as adults to experience an orgasm. I didn’t know the latter until I read the account by two leading transgender surgeons in medical treatment of children with gender dysphoria on Bari Weiss’s substack. These doctors are not marginal to the field. They are: “Dr. Marci Bowers, a world-renowned vaginoplasty specialist who operated on reality-television star Jazz Jennings; and Erica Anderson, a clinical psychologist at the University of California San Francisco’s Child and Adolescent Gender Clinic.” They explain that when you halt puberty in a natal boy with a penis, and then switch the kid to female hormones, the genitals remain like a child’s, never develop the sensitivity of adolescence and there is therefore not enough penile material to invert into a created vagina. Surgeons sometimes have to take parts of the colon to patch it together. https://andrewsullivan.substack.com/p/dave-chappelle-is-right-isnt-he-b23
  5. Who will ship us money in return so we can pay for your health care.
  6. Well, if we had news media and people would watch it they could see what has happened in Europe. They got rid of their coal fired power plants, and nuke plants, and then bowed for the cheering masses of left wing activists and went home. Now they're out of power and desperately begging the Russians to sell them more natural gas at three times the price it was last year. And don't think for a second Trudeau wouldn't do the same here in a second, if he could.
  7. After much discussion with the PMO and minster the public service understood the recommendation they were required to make.
  8. Nonsense. It just has a lot of weirdos, freaks and loonies who want to subvert democracy and put a that deceased diaper-wearing scumbag Trump in the White House permanently. Losers, and grifters, it makes them feel good to have a president so crass, dumb and unable to understand how to behave in public, much like them.
  9. And some didn't like that but it was legal, just like all the party money going for Trudeau's wardrobe and hair stylist. The article detailed a theft? I didn't read that. Are you at all interested in all that Chinese money that found it's way into Trudeau's foundation? I'm guessing probably not. The Liberals are the party you vote for to get that. That's a pretty persistent trait of the party at all levels, in fact.
  10. I'm not sure that the centre - as accepted by the mainstream media, academia and politicians is all that close to where ordinary Canadians think the centre ought to be. The CAQ wins a lot of votes with its nationalism. The federal parties are ashamed at the very idea of nationalism. Certainly I've seen no hint from the Liberals or NDP, and O'Toole seems too timid, too afraid of causing offense to do more than halfheartedly suggest that the flags might be raised up again. If inflation rises as some are calling for it's going to end quite badly indeed.
  11. Then why are you even here? Because if you don't want to hear what anyone says nobody cares what you say either. If the Indians want the land back let them fight for it. We'll see who comes out on top - again.
  12. What a laugh. As if the Liberals haven't dragged people off the centre! LOL. But enough of this high-minded stuff about voters. What voters care about is who will pay the most in borrowed cash for their votes. Everything else pales into insignificance. The one thing Trudeau has going for him is he realized this. Doesn't matter whether you're honest, have any integrity, are smart, ethical or have good ideas. Canadians sell their votes to the highest bidder. If China's president ran an admitted proxy here and paid Canadians enough for their votes he'd get elected.
  13. The scum fighting against vaccine confidence are genuinely trying to kill people.

  14. Freedom isn't free. - R. Reagan

    But wearing a mask is too high a price?  J Stewart

  15. Who would they replace him with? They don't have many bilingual people to begin with, and after two leadership contests in two years they don't have many left. People say Polievre but it's far from certain he wants it, or would do a better job.
  16. I'm telling you moral standards were different back then, and nobody considered the tribes here as 'nations' or worried overmuch about setting up shop on empty land. According to anyone who knows even the slightest bit about history. I know how it distresses you whenever anyone tries to introduce reality into your bizarroworld views.
  17. A large study in Canada has found that the Delta variant now basically taken over in Canada is not only more contagious it's also a lot more dangerous. Those who catch it are twice as likely to end up in hospital and more than three times as likely to end up in ICU. The death rate is 133% higher than the original version. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-covid-19-variants-substantially-more-dangerous-than-native-strain/
  18. How is anything I said less than 100% factual? Those laws didn't govern other lands beyond their scope. Canadian courts care almost as little about the law as they do about history. Same as you. They're wrapped in self-righteous moralism and exempt from reality.
  19. And the point is so what? All of human history in every part of the world is of groups, tribes, nations, peoples moving around, coming into conflict, fighting over territory and resources. Thousands of nations rose and fell over thousands of years, conquered, mixed in with others, whatever. That includes the UK and France, the ones who came here. Why do you imagine the natives would be immune from that happening? They certainly did it to each other before the white man showed up. Half the reason we can't settle land claims is multiple claims from multiple 'nations' who owned the same territory at different points in time before another native group threw them off. So quit whining and thinking we should be any different.
  20. There were other religious groups involved. And conversion was certainly part of why they did it. But the government of that time didn't operate social services itself - for anyone. It used religious organizations for that.
  21. There are precisely ZERO scientists, archeologists or historians who believe human life arose here as opposed to tribes of hunter gatherers crossing the Beringia land bridge.
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