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  1. Modern North Americans haven't been slouches in that arena either, especially our southern cousins. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, various Central American nations, Iraq, Afghanistan just to name a few places and people who have felt our kinder gentler touch. Untold millions have paid the ultimate price for defying or attempting to defy their Imperial Lords and Masters. Have we become more civilized, I for one don't see it myself. However, we have become a lot more proficient at whole sale slaughter on the cheap. As much as I hate to say it, but I seriously think that mankind as a whole really gets their collected rocks off playing the barbarian warrior thing. So, blood sports on the telly complete with death and dismemberment? It's time has probably has come and I am sure the bookies, advertisers, and drooling masses will lap it up and demand even more.
  2. I figure the original Roller Ball movie, not the cheesy remake, pretty much showed us the future. If there is a dollar to be made while distracting the great unwashed masses, then blood sports will be coming to a TV screen near you soon. As for the Romans and the Barbarians of the day, the only difference between them and us is illusion of civilization, scratch beneath that thin veneer..........
  3. I've flown ultralights in the past, and all I can say is "what a stupid dumb-assed fucking moron". Pity his chute didn't get ripped to shreds.
  4. Bullshit, he hit the nail square on the head and drove it home in one blow.
  5. That's a three year old article........so what has happened since then? Has Japan committed to actually buying this lame duck or has the deal been allowed to quietly die?
  6. The Bush/Cheney's of the world do so on a daily basis, upon the alter of Greed and Profit Above All Else.
  7. Do they still play "Broom the Coon" in Halifax? just wondering.
  8. I tried, but Haida Gwaii is a bitch to learn. Funny how we now demand that new immigrants to Canada or the US learn our language, but when we first came here we didn't make much of an effort to learn the languages of the First Nations People who were already here. Indeed, we rather kidnap their kids and place them in Residence Schools run by various "good Christian" orders and forced them to learn ours along with the joys of rape and buggery. To be honest, I am more then a little surprised that there are those here, usually on the radical right conservative Christian wing, haven't openly advocated we do the same to the kids of immigrants from Asia and other "brown" nations.
  9. And I believe you need to learn how to do a little research and fact checking before piping up.
  10. so tell us, how hard is it to get smoke and soot stains out of your white robes after a cross burning? Racist prat.
  11. And you are full of white man's anger aren't ya? Which really is just another way of saying your are full of........ Here's a Link to the CBC News page with the story. And here is the link where you can view these three "brave defenders of the white race" in action. The term cowardly chicken shit's come readily to mind watching these assholes in action, it's enough to make me and any decent white guy ashamed to be associated with these yobs.As for hate crimes, the term is not an oxymoron then sex crime is. It's but an apt description of a crime who's sole motivator is based on hatred of another race, gender, religion or sexuality. And the law applies equally to all, I know a couple of Asians who were rightfully brought up on such charges and convicted. So get over yourselves you self-righteous bitches and suck it up.
  12. Can't help but wonder which is causing the most gnashing of teeth among the morally outraged sect, that funding was used to support a cultural/social event, or that it was used to support a gay event. Somehow I doubt we would be hearing such outrage or anti-funding posts had an equal amount or even double the amount of money was donated to support a Conservative Christian Pride Week. Plus I noticed, that no one has yet spoken up against the C$2 Million donated to support the Calgary Stampede.....funny how that works.
  13. Most I've seen at the Vancouver Gay Pride Parade was some top-less Dykes On Bikes, mind you they do put pasties over their nipples.
  14. pssst........don't let the Yanks know, but they are actually specially trained kamikaze attack units deployed in secret by the Canadian World Domination League.....but keep it to yourself ok?
  15. Ever try goose? Its bloody greasy, make even the greasiest chicken look like over dried jerky.
  16. Yup, goose guts and fighter jet parts scattered all over the landscape. Wonder if it is possible to get a missile lock on a goose????
  17. They could always put them on the no-fly list. That'll stop 'em.
  18. Biting and hissing? That the least of your problems re: Canadian Geese. Those mean bastards can break bones with their wings and absolutely fear nothing not even dogs. Years ago, a fellow Naval Reservist and I were basically baby sitting some Navy League Cadets during their sports day when a couple of the little ankle biters got too close to Momma & Poppa Canada and their gosling's. The Geese went after the kids, buddy and I scooped them up and ran for it, buddy wasn't so lucky and got clipped on the lower leg by a wing swat, suffering a hair line fracture of his fibula. Lucky others from the unit arrived and chased the geese off before any major damage was done. Come to think about it, all geese are nasty beasts. My old man once got stuck a tree for a couple of hours after being attack by a farm goose. Every time he tried to get down, the bloody goose would charge him. Mean bastards the lot of them.
  19. Rumours have it that she is about to be indicted for taking bribes to influence contracts beginning in her days as mayor of Wassilla, among other thing. If so, then it explains her rather disjointed speech announcing she is stepping down. Could well be the US dodged a bullet when McCain lost.
  20. What a load of revisionist uber-patriotic ultra right wing bullshit. America ultimately won Vietnam because Vietnamese made bras are being sold in Walmart? The stupidity of such basing victory after the fact on such claims is second only to the OP's complete and utter blindness to history. If anything, Vietnam is a victory for the Chinese model that combines Communism with Capitalism. In the end, Japan, China and Vietnam will end up owning the US......nice victory boys, when you are waving Old Glory this Fourth, best check to see where it was made.
  21. Sure I want more power, however the vast majority of people are barely qualified to exercise the power they currently hold. Giving them more power is equally as scary as giving the Government more power. The old saw about bread, circuses and votes is just as apt today as when it was coined 2000 years ago.
  22. All voting systems have an inherent risk of fraud and the more complicated the system, the greater that risk becomes. While the idea of electronic and internet based voting seems appealing at first blush, I am against the idea simply because I have no control of what is happening behind the screen. As far as I know, my vote for candidate A could be switch electronically through the power of black programming to be a vote for candidate B. During both Bush Jr.'s electoral wins, there were many reported cases of votes being switched to him even though the voters in question claimed to have voted for the other candidate. And with no paper trail to follow, such claims are had to either prove or disprove. Then there is the privacy issue. Sure "they" will tell us that our privacy will be protected and no record of who voted for whom will be kept, can we be sure of that? While this issue may not be all that important in the current free democracy we live in today, who is to say that it will be that way in the future? As it is, we are track more ways then we can imagine. Our spending and buying habits are tracked every time we use a debit card, credit card or one of those many so-called "loyalty" cards. And that information which we think is private has been sold off to other marketers in the past. In my book, the simple marking an X on a paper ballot and stuffing it into a ballot box is the best method, it's quick, it's simple, it's pretty much fool-proof, and it leaves behind a verifiable paper trail. And it has work for us for many centuries now.
  23. Escaping it was easy, simply switched the channel or popped in a tape of real music. The 80's are general known as the sucking decade for music....Wacko was a big reason for that.
  24. Call me cold and callous, but I couldn't give a rats ass about Wacko Jacko moonwalking off this mortal coil. The guy was a freak in so many ways, IMHO it a greater pity that he didn't pop off sooner.. As for his music.....it sucked.....god I still have nightmares of Thiller being played over and over again on the radio. At least Farrah Fawcett attempted to do some good with her fame and fortune, especially about the spousal abuse issue. Whereas Wacko was just a narcissistic freak with a strange taste for young boys that bordered on pedophilia. Wacko Jacko's passing is no loss to the world or humanity, indeed it probably is a blessing to both. Tasteless Joke 2: Micheal Jackson is proof that the American dream works. I mean, where else could a poor black boy grow to become a rich white woman......
  25. Kiss always was a caricature of a rock band, then somehow they actually transformed into becoming caricatures of themselves. Sad gits. About the only Kiss song that I will admit to vaguely liking was Beth.
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