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  1. In regards to Canada's parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page saying that it appears the Conservative government kept two sets of books when it came to the costs of replacing Canada's ageing fleet of CF-18s with 65 F-35 stealth fighter jets. Page told the host the CBC's “The House” radio programme Evan Solomon what bothered his office was that one set of books was available inside DND, while another "for communication purposes" was presented publicly, in which he said the government was "low-balling" the numbers. Now, I am neither a professional accountant nor a professional purchaser. I am however a professional logistician specializing in transportation and distribution and have more then a passing knowledge of both the aforementioned fields. I understand both the G.A.A.P. rules that govern the accounting professional along with the procurement process, that if push comes to shove I can cost out a major capital investment or acquisition with a fair degree of confidence and certainty. I can also communicate with members of those two professions in a professional and knowledgeable manner. I can even balance a cheque book. From what I have been reading and hearing about this issue in regards to its costing and procurement practises, I can only come to the conclusion that our so-called Government has taken the basic accounting and procurement rules and regulations and thrown them out onto a bonfire and expects us the taxpayer to meekly and quietly accept it, even though it is our hard-earned tax dollars they are playing with. There is only one logical reason to keep and present two sets of books, and that is to deceive and to defraud. If I or anyone in my industry, or the accounting and procurement professions got caught trying to pull what the Harper Government is trying pull off, we would be crucified. At best, we would be stripped of our professional designations in disgrace and fired, at worse we would be facing major jail time for fraud. There can be no excuse for this and there is absolutely no possible defence for it. Saying that we haven't spent a dime does not mitigate the crime, for the crime was committed once you started planning for it, its called a conspiracy. The Government is by the look of it, is guilty at least of committing the crime of conspiracy of fraud against both the people of Canada and Parliament, and as such no longer has any legitimate authority to govern. It is now long past time for Canadians of all political stripes, including Conservatives such as myself to stand up and tell the Harper Government enough is enough. We have had enough of the lies, we have had enough of the endless weekly scandals, we have had enough of the corruption, we have had enough of the secrecy, we have had enough of vilification and character assassination of honest Government employees such as Mr. Kevin Page, we have had enough of the gutting of various watchdog agencies tasked with keeping the Government honest, and we have had enough of them playing fast and loose with the public purse. One last thought, as for the car buying analogies that various Government talking heads and their supporters have used to whitewash and excuse this issue, I can only say that only a fool would purchase a car without first considering how much it will cost them to operate it throughout its life cycle.
  2. I am now convinced, god does exist and his name is Buddha. Proof you ask? Simple, waratheist99 was reincarnated right here before our very eyes. Break out your pray mats and start spinning those Tibetan prayer wheels. Ommmmmmm, Ommmmmmm.
  3. atheistwar is one weird assed fucked up dude. Surprised he hasn't be been banned yet.
  4. As always Morris, you are a fool. No, that is what the Russian called it from the get-go. My grandfather served on an RN VW class destroyer during WWII protecting the convoys running up to Archangel to supply the Russians. Things he told me that he saw during that time and of the determination of the average Russian man, woman and child to get at the German invaders and exact pay back which made the British peoples efforts and determination pale in comparison. My Grandfather passed on a few years back and he left me his campaign medals. The one he was most proud off was the one issued to him by the Soviet Government years after the war ended, in recognition of the service and aid he and his fellow sailors provided to the Russian people during that very bleak part of their history.
  5. Actually, I think you will find that asking a potential employee about the sexual orientation is illegal in Canada.
  6. this will probably get me banned or at least a warning.....but could you be anymore of an ignorant asshole? sheesh......
  7. That maybe so in Quebec and possibly Ontario and the Maritimes, but here in BC, the Catholic Church doesn't have all that much political pull.
  8. Bullocks. Optical sensors such as the Mark 1 Eyeball that all US soldiers are suppose to be equipped with are passive in nature. They do not emit any signal that can be detected or traced, other then perhaps a light reflecting off a glass lens. Active tracking sensors such as lasers, radar and inferred do emit a signal and can be detected. IIRC, the standard RPG is a very simple weapon, basically a hollow tube with an iron sight, and not very high tech in its aiming. It has no electronic sighting or guidance, you point, you shoot, you hope it hits the target. A mistake was made by the crews of the helicopters, and yeah judging from the video voice over, they were a bunch of gungho trigger happy cowboys, but an honest mistake was made. The biggest outrage came not from the incident itself, but that the US Army attempted to cover it up. It makes you wonder how many other incidents there are out there waiting to be leaked.
  9. Yeah, lets go back to the good old days, where mill owner was lord and the worker knowing his place tugged his forelock when the lord passed by. Come on, you really want to go back to the days, which in all honestly aren't that long ago, where labour was treated as disgusting but required "asset unit" which could easily be disposed off at no expense to mill owner and replaced when it got sick or injured? May as well do away with the child labour laws while you are at it. After all if peak oil is a reality, wood furnaces and stove will be making a come back and we will need chimney sweeps right? And anyone who has seen the musically Oliver know that urchins love nothing better then to scurry up and down the insides of sooty chimneys, hell they are so happy, they sing and dance about it all day long. The fact of the matter is, it is small to mid-sized business's and business people who really drive our economy and they seem to be doing fairly well. They may not become Rockefeller's, but they for the most part are not hurting.
  10. I live in BC and believe me when I say that the so-called Liberals under Mr. DUI Campbell are more politically and philosophically aligned with the Harperite Conservatives then with Iggy's Federal Liberals. Hell, the BC Liberal Party has zero ties with the Federal Liberals and can be fairly considered to be LINO's, Liberals In Name Only. Campbell's mantra is sell it all, line our (his and his cronies) pockets, and screw the people of BC even if it means lying through his teeth and breaking fairly negotiated, legal binding contacts. How these turds keep getting re-elect baffles me, I guess the people in BC just like taking one up the old poop-chute over and over again.
  11. How could the Fort Hood murders be considered in anyway, shape or form either a terrorist attack or a failure on the part of Obama? It was simply a case of a person going off the deep end and going postal. Had the person been white, or Christian or Jewish, no one here would even utter the word "Terrorism", but because the murder is a Muslim, righteous indignation and naked racism rear their equally ugly heads. Shame on you. A man simply snapped and in a time honoured American tradition, went postal....Postal, yet another wonderful term and concept brought to us by our Southern Cousins.
  12. There is one other option....just say the hell with TV all together. I have gone thru, Western Cable, Delta Cable, Shaw Cable, Roger Cable, Star Choice Satellite and finally Telus till I finally said enough was enough and allowed my service to lapse. Apart from missing the odd bit of breaking news, I have not missed it at all. The old Telly now sits there gathering dust and if I do want to watch a programme, it can usually be found on the web somewhere. Come to think about, I did the same thing with my Crackberry mobile, let it lapse and went with a simple pay as I go mobile.
  13. It's not just CEO's who are well over-paid, you can toss in upper management as well. In my company, we have so-called "Directors" who are paid six figure salaries and have stock options. To be honest, we have no idea what these "Directors" actually do to earn their wages and bonus's, other then to arbitrarily cut the working rank and file wages by 10%, close down offices and write bizarre touchy feely memo's about how much they "value" our dedication and sacrifice during the current economic crisis. The company I work for is fairly large with offices all over North America, including Mexico. At the this point in time I am not at liberty to name it or what we do, but watching the actions of upper Management these past few years makes me wonder how in the hell these people ever got their positions and how the hell can they justify their wages to the shareholders. As for the welfare issue, I once had the pleasure or should I say displeasure of actually having to swallow my pride and self-respect and accept welfare assistance. Believe me, what I received was not enough to cover my rent, basic utilities and food, let alone leave me enough to pay for gas or bus fare to go to job interviews. I would not wish being placed on welfare on my worse enemy.
  14. Given that the 1918 - 1920 outbreak of N1H1 killed between 50 to 100 Million people worldwide, declaring a national state of emergency would seem to be a prudent move, especially if it meant mobilizing the resources required to fight the epidemic. The 1918 - 1920 outbreak spread around the world leaving few places untouched, and this was at a time when international travel was not so wide spread and could take weeks to get from point A to point B. Today, you can get to damn near any point in the world in less then a day and there are literally 100's of thousands of flights daily around the world, not to mention fast and further ranging commercial sea travel. You could easily pick up the virus at point A, and bring it home to point B in under a day as well as infect everyone on your flight, thus adding in its spread. This possible pandemic has the potential to spread around the world in a number of successive waves and could cause massive casualties. The only up side is our medical knowledge and infrastructure are light years ahead of those back in 1918. So instead of using the declaration of a national state of emergency in the US as a means to bash Obama, how about doing something to help with the problem?
  15. Firstly, how is this Obama's Katrina? After all the first outbreak of H1N1 happened last year prior to the POTUS Election when Jr. was still in charge. Secondly, how did this become race related????????
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