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  1. it's not so much who you vote for, its the why, when a governing party has a lot of funny business going on and the same voters keeping voting for that same party. If the liberals supporters kept voting for the liberal party, Harper wouldn't be seating where he is. It doesn't seems that the Conservative voters are more concern over having their guy in, rather than what's been happening within that government or the country. I really question voters who support corruption, no matter which party it is.
  2. You have to agreed that things have gotten a lot worse since since the first Desert Storm invasion.
  3. On Dr Oz show, they had the Psychic, from New Jersey, and she underwent an experiment on live TV, that show their brain waves and a scan of her brain before and after she channeled her prediction and the doctor who is a expert with the brain said, that her brain changed when she communicated with the dead. He also said that he's done experiments with woman from Canada , who had the same brain pattern as the one on the show. I do believe that SOME people can, but we just don't know why. Maybe instead of evil, it could be an angel.
  4. Okay, I think most Ontarians would agree with you about the debt , the problem is how to go about it without hurting people who are down and out now, so how do we do it?
  5. I'm totally against what these guys did, BUT I can understand why they did it . As one guy said, the Westerns never see the women and children killed in the Middle-East , more since the 9/11. This areas have lost more people than 2700-2900 that died in 9/11. It has only created more angry people towards the West, violence does work, it only creates more!
  6. I say, someone better clean this up, open it up, let the public in, and have the police involved, if the senate, especially the Tories, try to stop an open investigation or a senate committee , and question under oath all that involved, including the PM. IF not, election Oct 9, 2013, on the bases the people have no confidence in this government.
  7. Is it fake or not, can one tell if its is? The answer....http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2013/05/21/f-video-forensics-analysis.html .
  8. On the political talk show the former parliament clerk said, that IF there were lawyers involved then that means something legal went down and probably some kind of document and there fore, the lawyers could be in BIG trouble over this money. Today, Baird kept denying there was a document, and now we know why, the lawyers.
  9. I think if Harper doesn't handle this the best and right way, including bringing in the RCMP, then Canadians should demand an election THIS October and not NEXT October. Did Harper know about this? Well, he knew about the bribe for Cadman for his vote. He even said he told his guys, Cadman probably wouldn't take it. So I can see Harper telling people within the PMO, don't tell me I don't want to know. Wednesday, he suppose answer questions about this from Peru, I guess they need time to get their answer straight.
  10. Just when one thinks Duffy could be in any more trouble, out comes a report out says Duffy tried to influence the CRTC with SunTV. Duffy been a very busy bad boy! http://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/mike-duffy-tried-to-influence-crtc-decision-on-sun-media-source-1.1285555
  11. maybe someone should look and see if the fund for gas and oil advertising has additional 3 Billion.
  12. IF one really faces the facts, both, the Liberals and the Progressive Conservative , had spending problems but the new Conservatives are the worse yet. They don't know where 3 Billion is, they has 10 million missing for a while under Stockwell, but said they found, it, Mulroney never found his 10 million missing from the Treasury. They shouldn't be spending the money just in case that program doesn't get accepted.
  13. Harper has made many promises only to break them and then say I'm sorry but we had to..... Canadians don't trust them anymore. Of course , he wants the pipeline, he has to accomplished something before then end of his era. besides, he probably owns many share of gas and oil as do most of the MP's.. Later down the road, he can go back to Alberta and run for Premier , and say, see what I did for the province!
  14. Harper is the PM. he wanted the job and he said he was going to clean up Ottawa but he's spread more dirt with scams and schemes than even Mulroney! I doubt , he'll go down in history as a good PM, he'll just go down. He has to responsibility for all the things at are going on within the government, he appointed these people. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/canada-politics/stephen-harper-held-accountable-senate-scandals-055519081.html
  15. Question, do you think that when voters in a certain area , like where the gas plant were, asked the Premier or PM, to stop the building or whatever, that THEY will recoup the expenses of that action and NOT the whole province/ country?? I'm sure in future, politicians will think twice before trying to please us voters.
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