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  1. I used and old double edge safety razor, design circa 1950's. Along with that, some nice Feather blades and a badger hair brush with nice creams from England. The way it should be done. Blades last about a week and 200 blades run about $80.
  2. The Opposition has more important things to complain about.
  3. Thank you Scribblet. Too much BS in the news and political rhetoric and not enough analysis on the trade deal. PM Harper needs to be more open about what he is doing though. When you work behind closed doors and appear with something and say "Ta-Da" and throw it down on the table, people will think you are hiding something. The best way to do any of this is to be open up front and confront your opponents in the open.
  4. Fracking was never done in NS, it was offshore NG. There was a $500 million hole in 2008 and now there is still a $250 million dollar hole. Stellar work by the NDP. Hamm enjoyed high NG prices for some of his term(s). Here is a chart http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/markets/indexes/chart/?q=NG-FT BTW, do you live in NS? They are cutting budgets to balance the books. But it's hard to swallow when they give millions to companies to "keep them alive" in NS. We shouldn't be doing that when you are running a deficit. We went though this with DEVCO and SYSCO and it got us nowhere. Those plants are now empty fields.
  5. Link to an article. Nova Scotia this third from the bottom in single person average income, $20,000, while paying the highest taxes in Canada. That just about says it. Look, a citation!: http://www.statcan.gc.ca/tables-tableaux/sum-som/l01/cst01/famil108d-eng.htm
  6. John Hamm balanced the book in his first term, and created a law that stated you had to balance the books every year. Any surplus money went to pay down the debt. He was also the premier that used the $800 million crown share payout to pay down the provincial debt. That's how you run a province. While the fiscal mess was started with Rondey MacDonald, his predecessor, it was also within a minority government with the NDP as opposition. So there was no carte blanche for the government.
  7. Taxation in Canada: NS the highest http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/05/25/nova-scotians-the-most-taxed-in-canada-provincial-report/ I take back the inflation comment, it was the lowest in the region. My error. It was still higher than the average of Canada at 2.7% vs. Canada 2.5%. http://thechronicleherald.ca/business/64159-ns-inflation-rate-increase-adds-nsps-woes
  8. As a Nova Scotian, I can give you a POV from within the beast. He promised a number of things that he broke shortly after he was elected. Raising the HST is one of them. He removed the cap on call sizes and cut the education budget, while giving money to poorly run industries to haplessly save jobs that are slowly dying. He levied at 30-40% renewable energy requirement for NS Power by 2020, which sounds like a good idea in theory, except someone has to pay for it and it's very aggressive (The PC's has 10-20% I think). We are STILL running a deficit, even though they keep promising to eliminate it (it's only $200 some-odd million, so if he WANTED to, he could eliminate it). He just comes off as a crony politician, spreading money around to buy him seats. We are the most expensive province to live in, and we have the highest inflation in the country. The shipbuilding contract will be a major boost, but I think he is leaning on it too much in terms of economic benefit. He isn't making any really tough decisions, kind of just cruising along when we should go back to the John Hamm days of creating a blueprint for Nova Scotia for the future. That's my point of view, anyways. EDIT: Looks like the deficit is getting bigger, as of today. (http://thechronicleherald.ca/novascotia/139689-ns-deficit-expected-to-grow-to-249-million)
  9. The three comments are already comparing her to Harper. Always looking for a way to complain. Do people forget that past PM's prorogued parliament too? I guess short memories go both ways.
  10. So the same way Blackberry went from a Mini USB to Micro USB a few years back? I bought aftermarket adapters and I'm sure they'll be a work-around with Apple.
  11. Please start using capital letters at the start of a sentence so you don't look like a 12 year old, unless you are.
  12. A question for you all. When the Liberals made bigger cuts in 1996, how did that affect Canadian departments? Surely it must have been worse?
  13. Hiring your own people will NEVER stop. I'm sorry. Politicians shouldn't even talk about it if they are not going to change it. Partisanship and politics go hand in hand.
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