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  1. I'm posting to this thread because it has become "my" thread in many ways. I have Autism. It's something I've disclosed on the forum before. "Okay, that's nice" you might think. What it does mean is that my brain does not work the same as your brain does. I am in a program called the Aspergers Job Readiness Program. One of the things we learn is that what we do and say can be interpreted in different ways. That a good employer will give us the benefit of the doubt. I have found a job with a good employer. I start Monday. Why am I posting here? A few weeks ago I was accused by the admin of these forums of trolling him personally. I insisted this was not the case. He refused to answer. I contacted some of the admin's assistants, and they PMed the admin. He still refuses to answer. One of the things we learn is that there are people out there who will always view you as 'defective'. That if you do something "wrong" and explain you are sorry, you did not know, you have autism and do not understand social queues, that these people will think you are either a liar, or, you are "stupid", IE, defective. It seems the admin feels I am defective. I've therefore decided to not return to this place. I can come here for free and be disliked by the admin, or, I can go to work with people who will give me money to be there who actually appreciate me for who I am. I've chosen the latter.
  2. It should be noted to those interested that the government of Australia is destroying itself from the inside out, and an election may happen sooner than originally planned.
  3. Just a reminder of the original post.
  4. Are arab citizens of Israel allowed to use the roads or not?
  5. The above post contains many of the reasons I rarely post outside my "international elections" thread anymore.
  6. There seems to be an attitude from certain members who are unwilling to follow the rules, that following the rules - or worse, being asked by someone else to follow the rules - is censorship and therefore a "bad thing". I'm curious what the rules themselves say about that? As frankly, from where I sit, anyone constantly pushing that position is saying "I refuse the follow the rules" and should be asked to leave.
  7. For clarification: are these "Jew only" roads for Jews alone, or, for Israeli citizens? Many citizens of Israel proper are Islamic or Christian even, others are self-declared Atheists.
  8. Israel has a new government. Likud and it's ally Yisrael Beiteinu will be joined by Lapid, Jewish Home, and Hatnuah. This coalition has 68 of the 120 seats. Lapid himself was given the Finance portfolio, while Livni is the Justice minister. Beiteinu will control portfolios such as Rural development and Immigration. Jewish Home will run departments such as Housing and Industry. If I read what is between the lines, this means the government will take a moderate fiscal stance, get the religious element out of governing, and run "social" departments in a very conservative manner. The first proposed legislation - one that all coalition partners agreed to - was raising the threshold from 2% to 4%. This would have resulted in Kadima, and the Arab parties not winning seats. The expected outcome of this is not to dis-include the Arab parties, but rather, force them to merge into a single unified party.
  9. Indeed he did Philippe Couillard has won the leadership of the Quebec Liberals.
  10. I did not want to point any fingers but given the lack of attention by the admins, looks like I will have to. This thread was started in response to this exchange. http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums//index.php?showtopic=22430&page=3 http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums//index.php?showtopic=22430&page=4 http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums//index.php?showtopic=22430&page=5 Poster 1: Read my post again Poster 2: No you read MY post again! citation: http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums//index.php?showtopic=22430&p=886631 Poster 2: Where did I say (Pusan) did not happen? Poster 1: (quoting that post) You are like a soviet history book! citation: http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums//index.php?showtopic=22430&p=886671 Not really sure how you could define the discussion, especially the latter half of it, as anything except childlike squabbling. The two of them monopolized the entire thread for half of pages 3 and 5 and all of page 4, without anyone else saying anything, and by the end of it, they talked past one another, not addressing the points raised, and making personal attacks against one another. I should add that neither poster seems to be in the "right" here, both are adding to the toxic atmosphere. Thus I ask again: is this against the rules?
  11. Diplomats have immunity. If India violates that they violate their relationship with not just Italy, but Every. Other. Country. In. The. World. I'm sure that diplomats from other countries are making that point rather clear to the government right about now.
  12. I want to bump this as I've seen it before. Examples: Bob: My car is the best car. Alice: No it is not, it is rusty. Bob: Oh yea? My car was the best selling car model ever! Alice: And the breaks don't work Bob: Look at these sales figures, also, my car lasts longer than any other. Alice: I'm looking and what I see is a bucket of bolts, it's falling apart. Bob: You must be blind, look at these facts and figures! Alice: I'm not the blind one, your door fell off last thursday! Bob: I was in an accident genius, this car model has the longest life expectancy. Alice: You were in an accident because your breaks don't work. Bob: I was hit by another car! etc etc etc Rather than talking to one another, they talk past one another.
  13. So they picked a pope and the lesson of the story is "Teddy was way off" which I admit. On the up side, if you had bet on the winner, you'd have won about $40 for every $1 you bet. --- Fun fact; there are 9 countries with between 20M and 40M catholics: Venezuela, Germany, Peru, Poland, Spain, DR Congo, Argentina, Nigeria, and Colombia. There are 2 between 40 and 60: Italy and France 2 between 60 and 80 USA and Philippines 1 between 80 and 100 Mexico and 1 over 120: Brazil --- 188 popes have been from what is today Italy 66 popes have not been from Italy, they were from: 20 from unknown locations 14 from France 6 from Germany 5 from Syria (Christian Syria) 5 from Greece 3 from Spain 3 from Tunisia (Carthage) 3 from Israel (Galilee) 2 from Portugal 1 from Croatia 1 from the Netherlands 1 from Poland 1 from England and 1 from Argentina Unless otherwise noted (in brackets), the pope shared the current ethnic ancestry of the land.
  14. Cause they knocked down the twin towers and will try to do it again if we let the terrorists come back.
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