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  1. 3 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

    1. I do not seek to dictate to the people what is best for them. I simply invite them to come home to Westminster Parliamentary Supremacy and the rule of law. Constitutional monarchy by the Glorious Revolution of 1688 so that they can decide for themselves, like our grandfathers and great grandfathers before us turn back from the path of leftist cultural revolution.

    2. before the illegitimate Post National State utterly crushes them beneath its ignominious jackboots

    1. Right, but if they elect leftists, sounds like you would defend them.  Mighty sporting of you.
    2. You're not a populist either it seems.

    Ok, well I will stand up to say your foundations on this topic are exceedingly well considered.

  2. 29 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

    Globalism is the attempt by a corrupt & incompetent managerial elite to enrich themselves at our expense

    by overthrowing the very Westphalian nation states which you are invoking

    The elites also robbed from local Gentry when they created nations. 

    When you say our expense, you're referring to a "we"... So you're talking about the people here. And now there's a Venn diagram intersection between The sovereign and the leader of a People's Republic 

    What's best for the people and how do you decide that ? How you decide if it's working? 


    The new populists are definitely anti-corporate... Which makes me think they're more trending towards the latter type of leadership.  

  3. 15 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

    quite sure the nerds were overthrown by the freaks some time ago

     now the Communists & Islamists are battling to see which will fill this power vacuum with a tyranny

    You do realize that nations themselves are globalized tribes ?  Until the central powers had maps and armies to force regions to follow their command and use their language you had local governments.  Nations, as we know them, developed out of early Enlightenment I believe.

    Do we all feel patriotic about Provinces ?  Regions ?  Cities ?  

    I know we all hate Toronto, but as a Torontonian I allow that to happen for national unity... er...

    17 hours ago, Iceni warrior said:

    I dunno, I liked the leather miniskirt and fishnets look in my youth.


    Who in blazes are these daunting angels of pulchritude ?!?!?!?!

  4. 6 hours ago, Venandi said:


    1. Here's an example of activists trying to force Catholic school boards to adopt a position contrary to their religious beliefs on that very subject.

    2. I think the public optics here are just horrid and any potential win comes at a such a high cost that it renders the fight itself wildly counterproductive.

    3. This is what creates backlash, fuels division, creates polarization, leads to winner take all elections, and causes previously tolerant and good natured people to make hard right turns in the search for a return to common sense. 

    4. A lot of gains have been made here so why not just take yes as an answer and avoid the looming backlash altogether?

    5. All you had to do to lock in those gains was not be crazy...  and you couldn't do it. I call it bad tactics when the worst thing for your cause is a win.





    1. Why 'force' ? Can't you also say that people who are against flying It are trying to force the board to not fly the flag ? 

    Selective use of the word force for one group versus another is a pretty transparent attempt to demonize one side. 

    2. Why?

    3. Why ?  Because you used the word forced?  The Catholic Board makes a decision, and I would say they're changing their attitude towards LGBTQ+ to be consistent with the ideology.

    A friend of mine, a gay teacher, died and the priest at the funeral celebrated the devotion of his husband. His husband. Are you going to try and say that somebody forced that? I don't think that's what happened.

    4. For my part I would say the backlash is artificial, and created as part of a new wave of divisive politics.  I find the movement dishonest, and cynical.

     Sometimes backlashes get backlashes. 

    5. Why me? I'm not part of this movement? I'm just part of the public. 

    When I stop hearing these groups talking about agenda 30 and WEF threats, then I will be glad that politics is back to normal.



  5. 2 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

    thisng is, there was no impetus to be a Punk in Toronto the Good

    life was so idyllic in Toronto in the 1970's & 1980's

    as Peter Ustinov said, it was like "New York run by the Swiss"

    so we were not angry, we were very happy living in Toronto

    there was no reason to tear down the Canadian establishment then,

    we had it way too good to even consider that

    They had to design the movement in Paris so they can sell it to the British.

  6. 18 minutes ago, ExFlyer said:

    1. No, the pride flag means one thing and one thing only. 

    2 Yes, pride is a month and that is my displeasure. Why a month. No other celebration  (other than  religious ) is a month.

    3. I completely disagree. Most people are not OK with it.

    4. Thing is that it is not politically correct to say so... you will be demeaned and called out if you don't so, they say nothing ad let the m be.

    5. There was lots of "gay" talk 10 years ago. It is just that now every sexual or whatever group has jumped on the bandwagon. Your acronym grows constantly LOL  ... The fact your group ... 


    1.  And yet you and I differ.  So does that mean I am just wrong ?  Are you are the arbiter of meaning ?  Because if so I have a lot to ask you.  
    2. I'm pretty sure that will subside, so don't worry too much.
    3. Do you want me to post a poll showing support for LGBTQ+ ?  Same sex marriage ?  Or are we talking about your interpretation of what it means, and people not being in favour of THAT ?  Because that's pretty flimsy IMO. 
    It's like saying people who wear the poppy are in favour of genocide, based on interpretation of a symbol etc.
    4. Well, some people will demean you and call you out for anything... it's not a basis for any policy discussion to say abuse happens in the public forum.  You have to deal with abuse, erroneous claims and so on with controversial topics.  You are complaining about human nature, bascially.
    5. Such as ?  Trans ?  Asexuals ?  Two Spirits ?  Not my acronyms and not my group. I'm just explaining my views on how such things fit into the public sphere thanks.

  7. 10 minutes ago, ExFlyer said:

    1. There is no semantics about my comment.

    2. Not displaying the flag opens up the criticism from that community.

    3. BTW, "semantics" is the use of language, not comparison of symbols.

    4. I am not sure what your retort is supposed to mean? I am talking about raising a flag, painting a crosswalk and bench.

    5. I splice nothing. I am stating a fact. The fact is that the pride flag flies for the month and no other flag flies for that period.

    6. I believe that their "inclusion" or not is imagined. No one cares and a display for an entire month obviously does not change perception. I think the flag is a symbol of sexual choice and recognize it..but I do not need to see it celebrated for an entire month every year. We do not do it for any other reason for an entire month. A week ...well OK but really, a month  every year seems like pushing it down peoples throats.

    7. This comes up every year and the rhetoric and arguments are the same year after year after year. Imagine, a year with no display... who would miss it beside the lgqb2sq+++ folks wanting to prance and play???


    1. 3. Semiotics not semantics.
    2. Simply because it means different things to different groups.
    4. Not a retort but a counter point.  Both a rainbow and a poppy are symbols used in the public sphere.
    5. Pride is a month, hence the reason for it flying all month.   It doesn't mean more or less than other flags based on the time lapse but again arguing meanings is subjective.
    6. "I do not need it" "I believe" "is imagined" "down peoples throats [sic]" ... yes - it's perception and so the bigger number wins, generally.  More are ok with it than not in many areas.
    7.  I sure didn't hear about it 10 years ago. 

    Edited to add: for point 7 it's been documented/remarked on that support for LGBTQ+ has gone down of late ...

  8. 18 minutes ago, Perspektiv said:

    That's looking at things in a one dimensional manner. 

    She's a complete ball player.

    It's a meaningful statement to say someone dominates vs a 'complete player' ....

    Bob Gainey was a complete hockey player.  Gretzky dominated.

    But far be it for me to expect you to modify an excessive statement...

  9. 1 hour ago, ExFlyer said:

    1. Interestingly, "the flag" has become a means of intimidation for the lgbqt4s+++ crowd.

    2. Don't paint the crosswalks or the bench or raise the flag and you will get nothing but bad reaction and comment from that community.

    3. It is the only "other" flag that is hoisted at city halls and schools and elsewhere for an entire month other than the Canadian or Provincial or official flags.

    4. Don't fly the flag or paint or commemorate and the organization that does not will be fully chastised.

    1.  Again it's semiotics.  We only fear an east Indian symbol because a German socialist group liked it in the 20th century.
    2. Because they interpret the meaning differently from you.  You know that people also want to ban the poppy right ?
    3. You're splicing an instance to make it seem more significant than it is.  Take out "entire month" and you have lots of examples of flags being flown.
    4. Because they believe it to be a symbol of inclusion.  And not accepting that general interpretation of the symbol is a kind of proof that they're right I think.  Would you like to select a different symbol of LGBTQ+ inclusion ?  If so, which one ?  And also ... why ?  Why start over ?  

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  10. 1 hour ago, Iceni warrior said:


    On the other hand.


    This is all good talk but let's not forget that the incursion and eventually melding of Libertarian Rock (Led Zeppelin) and Marxist Rock (Gang of Four) happened thanks to Malcolm MacLaren, Sex Pistols Manager and organizer of the Libertarian Marxist (!) group as follows:


    The "new wave" as it was called succeeded by the mid-80s thanks to a band aptly called "The Police" who navigated the third world along with the first and was managed by a family of CIA agents.  

    Most of this will be lost to board members who think being 'left' means using they as a singular pronoun...

  11. 3 hours ago, Dougie93 said:

    I was never a Metalhead

    though I did find Lemmy to be an amusing character, I wouldn't have Motorhead in my regiular rotation

    I heard an interview with Chrissy Hynde, who was a kind of unsung genius in the eventual bridging of the worlds of Patti Smith, UK Revolution Rock and the genesis of New Wave (Seymour Stein)...

    My interest in the so-called "new rock" of the era was low, and was cultural/political ... but I found it interesting that she said Lemmy was trying to help her succeed.  Was he a gentleman ?  A feminist trying to boost lady-rock ?

    According to her "he wanted to f*** her"

    And there you have it - layers of politics, civilization, Sargon, Alexander the Great, Caesar, Charlamagne, Guttenberg, Napoleon, Jefferson, Adam Smith.... 

    You could do it with art.  You could do it with science.

    Lay out all the influences, the influencers, and those who stand on their shoulders.

    At the foundation, it's someone who wants to put their **** in another person's **** and will drive tanks across the steppe to do it.  

  12. 8 hours ago, CdnFox said:

    The LGBTQ Flag?  Are they flying a portion of the flag only or something?  

    You're trying to split a hair that can't be split.  Unless they put some sort of disclaimer stapled to the flag as to what they do or don't agree with or support then it's support for all the issues as a whole. 

    I disagree entirely.  "Issues" are not universally supported, even by LGBTQ+ people themselves such as Perspektiv.  

    The flag can't mean everything so it means only the basic message: these people exist and we are with them.  We don't necessarily support a law saying you go to jail for calling someone a f*g... even they wouldn't support that.

    But we're arguing semiotics and more useless a thing to argue, there almost isn't...

  13. 1 hour ago, Moonlight Graham said:

    1.  Some schools put up Pride flags during the month and give outright support like teachers/admin speeches in celebrating "Pride month".  This is different than teaching the existence of Pride month as a fact within a classroom. 

    2. They don't have an obligation to celebrate everyone's beliefs, choices, feelings etc in order to make everyone feel validated.   

    3.  I don't know what's the opposite of "Pride", or the conservative version of Pride.  I've done my best.  Feel free to think of better examples.

    4. Pride is the celebration of LGBT people and is quite obviously giving a thumbs-up to those lifestyles that are essential to all LGBT people. 

    5. ie. You can be tolerant of trans people without actively celebrating their lifestyle choices.  There's obviously political implications here, and opinions on issues.

    6.  As for Halloween, yes its a good example.  I don't know the answer to your question, it's a tough one. 

    7.  Disagree.  We're talking about it right now, therefore there's some controversy around it.  If Alberta public schools started preaching anti-trans stuff it would also be controversial, though most in AB would probably agree with it.


    1. Ok, sure.  It's hard to parse... Is putting the Rainbow flag up taking a position of support of LGBTQ issues though?  The wording sounds stronger than what they're doing.  Celebrating?  Yes I agree they're celebrating.  What?  I would say inclusion above all.   There are a lot of straight people at Pride.  It's not a gay only event.

    2. No, but they can.  

    3. I suggested Halloween.

    4. Thumbs up as in enjoy and be happy.  Not as in you have to do this or think it's a good idea.

    5. The politics comes out in what will stand, how it plays in Peoria etc.  Same sex marriage was shot down in the 1990s by the Liberal party.  And in the 2000s by Obama.  Once support ticked past 50% in the polls, they all came out and bravely joined the rainbow parades.

    6. Exactly.  Just by conceding that it's a tough one, you qualify to listen to both sides.   I found the Trinity University case to be the toughest one, and didn't agree with the ruling.

    7. It wasn't controversial ten years ago, why now?  Is the measurement for controversy that some are talking about online?  I hope not.

  14. 18 minutes ago, Moonlight Graham said:

    1.  Right, schools can teach about pre-marital sex, masturbation, abortion etc since these are facts that exist, just like they can teach about LGBT issues or the existence of Pride celebrations.  However, it's totally inappropriate for public schools to take positions of support or non-support over these issues.

    2. Should conservative provincial governments be able to push curriculum that celebrates pro-life or "sex before marriage is bad" positions, even raising a pro-life flag or celebrating "pro-life month"? 

    3. This shouldn't be a thing, and you'd probably have an issue with it as a parent as would others.

    4.  Gov funding is different than celebrating the event itself, like putting up Pride flags on city buildings, city hall etc.  Would you be ok with pro-life flags at Queen's Park, or a flag representing being against youth medical gender transitions, or teaching those values in public schools?

    5.  I never said anything about funding.  I'm talking about the state itself taking part in/celebrating such events.

    1. They sure don't teach "support" explicitly but implicitly... if the schools are talking about it it's part of life and therefore a reasonable opinion right ?  They teach morality and civics, so inclusion is part of it.
    2. No.
    3. Right.
    4. Is "pro life" the opposite of Pride ?  I don't think your analogy applies.  "Pro life" or "pro abortion" are positions on an issue.  Governments don't celebrate anything in that area.  Pride is a celebration, ostensibly of inclusion.  The analogy doesn't quite fit in my books.  Are there other public festivals that receive money that some find objectionable ?

    Lately I've been going back to Hallowe'en which is a nice one because hardscrabble Christians don't like it, nor do some Muslims or people who value 'equity' as I understand.  What principles are used to determine if/how a celebration comes into a school, a classroom, the public square and whether or not it gets funded?

    It's the arena of politics and - chances are - if they are actually celebrating something then it's not that controversial.  

    5. I don't know how 'the state' takes part in a celebration.  It seems like an abstract idea that we're trying to nail down.  Maybe compare again to Hallowe'en or Oktoberfest ... I don't know.

    I do appreciate that we are entirely talking about this on a meta level.  Convince me !

  15. 1 minute ago, blackbird said:

    Doesn't sound like you were taught the Bible.  What religion or denomination was that?

    How can anyone who doesn't believe the Bible and is an opponent of God and the Bible decide what is moral or immoral?

    I'm Roman Catholic.

    You are framing things in a way that I consider exclusionary and anti-Christian.  

    You should go back and study the golden rule, then go outdoors and live it.

    I'm not judging you, but everything you do seems to be about diminishing people who aren't the same as you..

    Really nothing more to say here, we have vast differences of what it means to be moral and Christian 


  16. 3 minutes ago, blackbird said:

    Non-sectarian morality is a myth.  There is no such thing.  You either accept God's word, the Bible and God's morality or you reject it in which case you are an enemy of God.  Humans don't get to decide what is right and wrong.  

    All non believers are immoral. 🤔

    That's a fringe belief, and I was taught the opposite in religion class 

  17. 2 hours ago, blackbird said:

    1. It was the state acting on the wishes of the general population that removed the Bible and reference to Christianity from public schools.  They did this to make way for the pagan ideologies of Socialism, progressivism, liberalism which includes sexual orientation and gender identity in the school system.
    2.  There needs to be a revival and return to the Bible and Jesus Christ in the land.  I don't see any sign of things improving.  Things are getting worse in the world in general.

    1. I think it comes from this "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." in the modern context.

    2. You can make the case for it but that ship sailed when the legal frameworks in the west were established.  Instead, focus on non-sectarian morality that applies to all.  



    3. If that's how we are governed, then the government is nothing more than a puppet of the masses.  I thought leaders were supposed to set an example and show moral leadership and courage in the face of a depraved society.  Are they leaders or followers? 

    3. They lead but the people choose to follow or not.

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