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  1. Why don't you use your other account?  

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      Well, you're certainly not thin.

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      6'2 205 my friend. Seen pics of you. You certainly have not aged well

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  2. Ruth Ellen Brosseau, the woman who ran as a paper candidate in 2011 and could not speak French at the time will be the only NDP member reelected. This just proves the English are superior to the french
  3. The NDP is surging at the exact time needed to do so. We can possibly see a repeat of 2011 where the party takes 100 seats.
  4. With less than one week to go, it's almost certain that Canada will be led by a minority Government. There will almost certainly be an election called by early 2021
  5. Michael has always had a problem with people who have opinions he does not subscribe to. He cannot handle it.
  6. Canada should limit immigration to non-Muslim countries only. Islam is incompatible with Western Democracies
  7. Winnipeg has always been a Left leaning socialist city. The same cannot be said about rural Manitoba.
  8. So the woman-beating, drunk driving mysoganist is defeated by an ex-Curling champ that is out of touch with the people.
  9. Today is the Manitoba election. Polls indicate that the Conservatives have a 13 point lead over the NDP, while the Liberals and Greens are far behind. Since all parties have no direction, and are led by unremarkable people, expect another four more years of underperforming and mediocrity.
  10. I realize that. You brag about how many you have on ignore all the time on the other forum.
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