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  1. I agree. When people opine that "you can't say anything," they mean "I can't rant angrily on the internet without somebody disagreeing." Folks should take their own advice and suck it up.
  2. ??? I doubt if we've ever been as free to speak our minds as we are today. Some of us might feel there's too much political correctness, but let's keep some perspective; the anti--pc voices have become as hectoring and severe as that which they rail against--meaner, too.
  3. Kimmy called them assholes. It's as sound an opinion as any others I've read.
  4. I could have concocted a cherry-picked test to "prove" how alike in bigotry are stormfronters and conservatives--or stormfronters and hairdressers, tapirs, or poets. I think you must know this. I was being purposefully gentle on this score--not least because I consider the test dishonest, as such easy ideologically-motivated attacks usually are. Virtually my entire point. Surely you can imagine the ease with which I could find ugly bigotry--in any political category--for the sake of playing "gotcha!"
  5. Sure: 4th post http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/24441-bbc-world-service-gets-trolled-by-fake-sjw/
  6. Ok...one more time: there is another post in which "sjws" are compared to Stormfront posters via a silly little "test ." I was responding directly to this post; but with a crucial difference: unlike the poster to whom I was responding, I don' t think that such exercises tells us anything meaningful about conservatives (or "sjws"). If one thinks "sjws" to be akin to Stormfront idiots, then plainly conservatives fit the bill as well... as I demonstrated; but I don't consider conservatives to be like the SF idiots. ...and all this has been explicit all along...for those able to comprehend a (spoonfed) absurdum.
  7. no, but that approaches the point. It's an elementary absurdum, exposing the paucity of logic in the " test" at which it is directed. So you might ask yourself your own question, regarding "sjws."
  8. I wouldn 't have made much of the comparison --but the anti-"SJW" warriors do.
  9. I had thought the connection between your post and this one was clear. Some key differences: mine is word for word...no useful omissions or cherry- picks---conservative values, baby! Oh...and also, I'm merely answering a weak absurdum with a stronger one.
  10. (Just to clarify, there is meant to be a comma in the title after "Stormfront.") I enjoyed the rather crude, out -of-context, and ellipses-laden "who's who" bit, comparing Stormfront with the so-called "sjws"; but I note that the joke falls a little flat, seeing that our own mlw conservatives are indistinguishable from these folks...and without the promiscuous misuse of context and elliptical shenanigans. I should add that I don't actually feel that some shared ideology ideas--even when they're so precisely the same--genuinely undermines the conservatives' arguments, in and of themselves. However, those who cite the "is it Stormfront or is it 'sjws'--approvingly (ie. "I couldn't tell the difference!")--do consider the clear similarities to be telling, indeed. (I have cut out the racist remarks...but nothing is manipulated. Words are what they are, in context. Hence the links.) So let's play the 2.0 version...who said what about liberals/lefties, muslims, immigrants, feminists, transgenderism ....oh! and of course, "sjws"! I'll give you hint: all of these are from Stormfront; so don't let their... familiarity...confuse you: "I cannot wrap my mind around the insanity of these SJWs. They are purely emotionally driven and cannot for a moment even conceive of reason.". https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1102112/ "Radical anarchists and Marxistic SJWs. They are scum and would gladly see them all arrested." https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1083475-3/ "Yep. And we'll be hearing it from every leftard, SJWs, commie, and lowlife about how big bad whitey victimizes everyone. Ad nausium" https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1108191-7/ "Liberals always support anyone or anything they perceive to be the underdog. It's a mindless, uninformed, knee-jerk reaction they exhibit consistently" https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1107894/ "So i would tend to blame the liberals more than any other group,they even have their footsoldiers, antifa, afa,and sharp,(or whatever leftist jackboot group is in your country) to enforce what they think public opinion should be.. The funny thing is; if they got their socialist/leftist/commie paradise,we would be living like the north koreans or venezuelans,on food rations while our political elite live it big... That's socialism in a nutshell." https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1100778/ "The left provides women with pseudo equality. The left will tell women they are being treating unfairly and are not getting paid as much as men in the work place. The left does no research whatsoever as to why women get paid less. It is all emotional and once again pseudo science on their part." https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1108735/ "Think about it. From the time you enter school you're being programed to believe Liberal ideology. Its a fact most teachers are Liberals, especially as you move up in grades, and especially in College. Then you come home from school and sit in front of the TV and are programmed even more by the Liberal media." "Liberals are all about killing unborn babies by the thousands daily, but executing a condemned murderer on death row would be 'inhumane' to them. ........................................ Christianity, the pro-life movement, victims of crime support groups, traditional conservatism, any groups that promote public morals, law and order, sane economic practices, traditional roles in society, are opposed to the insanity liberalism has become." https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1103778/ "What does this all mean for regular people, such as the Times’ readers? Beneath all of the postmodern philosophical rhetoric, it’s not easy to tell, but much like the litany of recent academics hurrying to comment on “white privilege,” Caputo takes time to stick his finger in the eyes of the “Christian right” and, of all things, freedom — as if those two are the major arbiters behind all the woes America faces." https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1109100/ "Western civilization has been under such a long-term assault and "New World Order" deconstruction of meaning that they would attach "political" to Islam to make it dialectical and more "EU". Islam is religious and religiously fanatical and doesn't believe in dialectics but their own religious supremacy." . https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1109560/ "I'm afraid that Islam, as pathetic as it is, will win by default if things don't change. What does the West have to offer right now? feminism, communism, industrialism, mcmansions?" https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t999337-12/ "Connecting the dots of liberal (indoctrinated, politically correct, pseudo-Marxists that don't fully comprehend logic or comprehensive history) logic: -Guns should be heavily regulated or banned to prevent gun violence. Police or military are the only ones that really need guns. -White police officers and the racist judicial system are disproportionately targeting and killing black people. -All White people, regardless of ideology, are beneficiaries of "White Privilege". -Though it is true that blacks are disproportionately involved in crime, the source of the problem is in income levels and "institutionalized racism". -The solution for poverty is to have the government provide more opportunities and basic services to provide a "safety net" for disadvantaged individuals. Taxation can fund these services, especially once we get the rich to "pay their fair share"." https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1109673/ "To address males with female pronouns or females with male pronouns is to contribute to our culture’s confusion about sexuality and the nature of the human person, which is literally leaving casualties in its wake. No amount of surgical mutilation of body parts, effeminate behaviors, or artificial female appearances can make a man a woman." https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1098759/
  11. How do we know that there are "more women than men who don't want to sit by women"?
  12. It's pointless because you have no interest in discussions about crimes committed by us and our favoured allies. I said nothing about comparing it...that's the shtick you keep bringing up.
  13. So the "Climate change might be awesome" dudes are offering sober political analysis....whereas the "it might not be awesome" dudes are sputtering "unjustified nonsense." Just to clarify the parameters of the current "debate."
  14. My "Standards" are that no country should behave as an international rogue murderous state, Argus. You 100% agree with me, incidentally...when it comes to other states. A few European and European offshoot geopolitical entities get a free pass from you for...some reason, as yet unstated.
  15. Well, smallc, your charge of "false equivalency" is meaningless, because I have engaged in no such thing. you just got your delicate nationalism wounded because I pointed out, and can provide more evidence than you can read in a week, cases of direct, material, knowing, intentional support for massive crimes, which you had the weakness to question if they existed at all. (Thus proving my point for me, handily, about media omission and misinformation). Your charge of dishonesty is a personal attack--I suppose anything goes when dainty patriotic sentiment is offended. But it's pretty ballsy, considering your coy--and explicitly dishonest--have-it-both-ways "argument" you've posited to me earlier. Hell, you even strongly implied that the western democracies have committed no "crimes"...which is also dishonest, because it is flatly impossible that you truly believe this. At any rate, and just to clarify, when a person points out the fact (buttressed even by declassified State department documents, in at least one case we were discussing) that the Anglo allies (and by no means only them) have willfully, and often quite recently, committed to massive state terrorism, mass murder, (EAst Timor, Nicaragua, Guatemala); and the subversion of democracy in favour of dictatorships, against the expressed will of the people (Haiti)... ....to name but a tiny handful of a shameful record of which you insist that you are completely unaware...truthfully or otherwise... .....why, then that person is engaging in "false equivalency." Let me guess: it's our patriotic duty to focus laserlike on the crimes of others...and to pretend that our own don't even exist! Well, you can have at it. Me, I'm not that sort of religious fundamentalist, so I simply cannot bring myself to do it.
  16. Argus, I have never declared that "The West is evil," because I don't view the world through such a lens. In my view, it is as silly as "the West acts with benign intentions, though occasionally makes mistakes in its efforts to do good"....a facile and self-indulgent worldview which is an unfortunate side-effect of patriotism.
  17. What's unbecoming is your refusing to read posts before you respond to them. I was answering a post about how useful a UN intervention might be...based on looking at specific cases of UN intervention. As for "blame the West mentality"...again, you want a discussion about how "unbecoming" it is to criticize the behavior of my country and its allies. So, yes, it's obviously all about patriotism...and its attendant weaknesses. I note you don't answer the charges themselves....but choose rather to avoid them completely, and concentrate on my apparently baleful attitude.
  18. "Their standards are too low." Argus, you just accused me of "high standards"....when I condemned international aggression and murder. Too good.
  19. Well, the noble leaders of the US/Canada/France collation disagree with you, Argus; they much preferred to join the rich Haitian elite, including remnants of the old Duvalier dynasty, in overthrowing the popularly-elected President and replacing him with a dictatorship more amenable to a preferred political and investment climate. And Shady, your post is equally as non-responsive. If you have any insights to add, feel free. I suppose if I had merely mentioned "France," and left out the glorious and benevolent "US and Canada," you two would have been nodding along sagely. But your patriotic defensiveness interests me no more than any other intellectual and moral weaknesses.
  20. Nicely said, Anyone who considers anyone kissing to be "unattractive" has a very obvious choice they can make. Don't look. And if you catch it by accident: who give's a rat's ass?
  21. Eyeball, I wouldn't worry about bad reviews unless and until they get up to high numbers. Look at reviews for any product, and service, any person, anything at all....they're always mixed.
  22. Well, rue, since you have now declaimed that all of us "need proof" for every personal story or observation anyone makes...that of course applies to all your posts, all your unsubstantiated opinion. So congratulations...all discussions, from here on in, will have to be prefaced with such remarks. Including all your own posts...without a single exception, of course. You're going to be a busy fellow, qualifying everything you post with "substantiation" (which has not till now been exactly your style...has it?)
  23. Pct2017: So you prefer that a poster whom you consider emblematic of your concerns is real...because you'd rather be proven correct about your opinions than not? I should think you'd be happy to be proven wrong....as a principled stance. Also, I doubt that most people "dislike teachers" as much as you do.
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