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  1. If it is run by the government, good luck. Of course if the PS were "clued in", fraud would not be an issue. But of course, when it is not your money, it is easy to pi$$ away.
  2. I recently got back from Europe a while ago. Imagine that, a case of 20 x 500ml bottles of great beer for €9.49 or about $15. What am I paying here? $57, nearly 4 times as much. You'd think with all that tax money, we would not be in debt. LOL
  3. There are 11 (3 in Quebec and 8 in Ontario) but incredibly 10 of them are Liberal. Now why would that be? Public Servants afraid of having their positions cut? Demographic Snapshot of Canada’s Public Service, 2022 Number of employees 335,957 active employees (282,980 in 2010) Represents 0.86% of the Canadian population (0.84% in 2010) But not all in the "Canadian population" are working so that 0.86% is actually much higher in the "working force". Plus talk about an increase of 18.7% increase. Your tax dollars hard at work. LOL
  4. I highly doubt that. Just out of curiosity, where did you work. If someone else can do it on less MPs per population and do it as good or better than we can, why can't we? I'm all ears. LOL
  5. I worked on enough bases to know you are on a pic-nik. Amazingly I was there to solve problems that DND didn't seem to have time for, yet they had their own personal vehicles on a lift and worked on them. Maybe not Greenwood where I was on a job, but at another base I was at. When you are part of the system, you are part of the problem. But it just wasn't DND, it was other departments as well. Nobody including good old JT is accountable in the government and the PS. Exactly why I left as I had enough of the BS. Not bitter at all as I am living extremely well. Try working in the private sector and you'll find out what work is all about.
  6. For starters, Trudeau is an goof with no background in anything. He is a puppet. And your average voting Canadian is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Philippines receives increased support from Canada through its $5.3-billion global climate finance commitment. Yes thank you for pi$$ing my tax dollars away. Did you ask anyone? We'll just have another Canadian waiting for one-plus years for hip surgery.
  7. There is no need for private clinics. Simply stop pi$$ing money away on useless and ineffective government offices. The military, NATO, CBC, Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commission to name a very few and stop handing out billions to other countries... Maybe take a poll. Infrastructure and the medical care system for starters and then also become a country that leads in a production of products.
  8. I guess you have not driven it when I drove it over two decades ago. There is 1 km of pavement on each side of Churchill Fall and of course Labrador City. I heard it is all paved now for the poseurs.
  9. Not as remote as driving through parts of Asia, but I have done the complete Trans Labrador highway when it was all gravel on my motorcycle. That also included the road from Blanc Sablon to Red Bay to Cartwright with the overnighter ferry to Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Gas stations and towns were 285 kms apart with plain old solitude between them.
  10. I used to drink local beers but ever since going to Europe many years ago, I started drinking imported beer and always in glass bottles. None of this aluminum can BS. The best parts is, when doing the math, the 500 ml bottles of European beer are no more expensive for what I call real beer. I love the term "craft beer" that North America invented. In Europe, they just call it "beer". 😝
  11. The answer is simple, governments aren't tough enough. Taking a driver's lience away is pointless, as if you need one to operate a vehicle. Sort of like needing a restricted permit to use a handgun...ask any criminal. LOL After x number of charges, confiscate the vehicle permanently and let the province sell it and distribute the monies to those affected by DUI. Real simple! I remember being told while in Italy, if you are at the second level of alcohol %, the vehicle is confiscated. Got a car loan, that is your problem, your car is gone. Of course the same thing applies to cell phone use, a pandemic these days since the human race is so lonely and suffers from FOMO. By the way there are far more fatalites from DUI and distracted driving than firearm fatalities. Of course DH Justin Trudeau can't seem to figure that out.
  12. Another waste of tax payer money in nanny-state Canada. In Europe, you'll even find a wall sized cooler at a gas station full of beer. Oddly enough, they have less DUI issues.
  13. And this YouTube video by this GM engineer is a hoot... Clueless Engineer
  14. Exactly. The pro EV group never worked in a lab and are nothing but artsie-fartsies.
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