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  1. I have read the CBC article on this decision and find that she (Justice Davies) has opened the books on lying, slander, false statements, and destroying all credibility to elections for the foreseeable future. Who in their right mind would think that it is okay to lie, and make any false statement you like in an election? and by anyone that reads or uses public media. Just my opinion.
  2. This decision from sec 19 of Bill 76 just opened the doors to allowing any and all lies to be told about who ever you like during an election. Total open speech with out needing to be true? This is nuts and will lead to total Trump style false statement lies and name calling turning our elections into a septic tank of ... Just my opinion.
  3. The people that sponsor the 400,000 new immigrants are votes nothing more nothing less. I would like to see a poll on how many municipalities are wanting a percentage of these 400,000? This out of the woods idea of adding 400,000 (vaccinated) immigrants is not a great idea, as we are belittled to beg for vaccine from the USA. There are lots of problems both big and small and I see few being answered.
  4. I find that with too many people we get little done unless you are an army, in that we have 443 members of the federal government House and Senate combined. I see little be accomplished in the past few years other than sandal hunting and being so partisan that no matter what is brought forward it goes nowhere. Just wondering if others feel the same way and any ideas for a solution?
  5. I am hearing horror stories about how RED states are working to suppress voter's rights with changes to mailing ballots, Absente ballots, voting times, and identification checks? Is there no federal rule that can be used to stop this sort of thing. Supreme Court? The Constitution? I know it is up to the states to determine voting rules but, is there nothing to stop obvious voter suppression? Just my concern for a healthy future!
  6. They will become two parties and support each other. (Republicans and Patriot Party) If the Democrat's think that a Republican party split is good for them, they are mistaken. It is one way to gain more votes. Be careful of what lies in the woods as a nonthreat, it is a dangerous situation. Just my opinion!
  7. Even if they the Ford government had 20 million doses they could not get it done in time. I wish we could take this issue out of the hands of politicians and give it to the health care system lock stock and barrel. I am truly tired of listening to Doug's stories day after day. I am even tired of our PM and his stories of how we are ramping up the vaccines. Just my opinion!
  8. Since the beginning money builds the party. Liberal and Conservatives have lead the charge and will do so for a long time until there is another Jack Layton to bring life to the NDP and then have minority governments for years to come. That being said, the lobbyist that cover Parliament Hill H of C and the Senate are going to have the upper hand in true political power and leaving the voter to live with whos political message is the most believable to base their decision going forward. So I think money makes the party not promises. Just my opinion!
  9. Not to sound metaphorical but the CAF really has to learn to pick their battles, a miss speak or out of line comment is really no reason to dismiss a senior officer. I have spoken to several friends that have been in the CAF and if your skin is that thin? you should seriously be looking elsewhere for a career. And keeping this sort of thing out of the press would be a very good idea if your looking to recruit new members. Just my opinion!
  10. As to your title question? We vote for our government so the answer is YES we are a democracy. But since we vote every 4 or so years we have to put up with what we get for that vote. It sucks sometimes but it is our system. As for the promises made by our leader(s) we again have to decide at the end of the term if we want more of the same, or change the messenger and their party. No government has made good on all their promises.
  11. My thought about the Liberal caucus not voting in favor, or abstained, on the "geocide title" motion is due to the fact that once you use that term it will put the beaks on all other trade, or diplomatic discussions. I and everyone else knows its wrong, but that term is really dangerous. Not a gutless move, just carefully planed one. I feel it would also put the two Michaels at even greater risk. Just my opinion!
  12. I fine it most annoying that politicians make these wild promises that are for greater than their 4 year term. "2 billion trees in ten years" from the liberals as an example knowing full well that once they leave office that will be erased and have some other wild dream idea in its place. I would like to hear only what can be done in the 4 year term and prove that they have the answers before I hear about 10 and 15 year dreams. Doug Ford canceled billions in green energy deals in Ontario and had to saddle the tax payer with the cancelation bills. I want Canadians to ask for the 4 year reachable goals before we go dreaming away at long term. Just a thought!
  13. Let those that have committed no errors cast the first stone. If running a government with out errors, (and everyone has had errors) were so easy we would all be rich and in perfect health. If only those that criticize had practiced what they preach in the past than they would still be on power!
  14. I think people are just more inline with what the Liberal Government is about, not really caring about the errors and such since we all make mistakes in life, most feel it is a waste of time dwelling on them for weeks at a time. When the younger generation wants social issues, climate change, equal rights, and indigenous peoples issues to be addressed they vote Liberal. These same people are less interested in cutting taxes and services and are not focused on the western Canadian energy sector. Let those that are without fault cast the first stone!
  15. Unless you just want a fishing boat with a shot gun on the front? We have to be the country to join the Ausies, British, to come up with the state of the art fighting ship. Used battle boats are hard to come by, if they are still afloat. We made the mistake with the sub's so the future is going to be a very contentious place. I am for the new ships.
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