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  1. Just for fun...

    This was being passed around at CPAC Texas.


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    2. bcsapper


      The amusement just happens. I can't avoid it.

      The audit has no credibility.  Really.  It has none at all.  I've yet to hear a sane person say it has any credibility.  Trump says it does, and Trump supporters say it does, but nobody sane says it does.

      It doesn't matter what those running the audit say after the audit is over.  Trump is not going to be President again.  You do realise that, right? 

      Not unless a majority of people elect him in 2024, anyway.

    3. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      You're gaslighting, man. You have no evidence of what you claim and yet you believe by simply claiming it with what you believe is authority you can convince others or perhaps yourself that others lack credibility. 

      All it really shows is leftist desperation.

      Kind of reminds me of the way they attacked the evidence of all the on-camera hijinks that went on at the Fulton County polls in Georgia. That one won't go away either. New evidence keeps popping up.

      You don't seem able to leave this issue alone. I'd ask you what you were so afraid of that's creating your anti-audit hysteria but it just keeps getting more and more obvious what that is. You're worried Trump might be right again. Don't blame you.

    4. Argus


      I understand that when Trump has diarrhea, and he has a lump of excrement trickling down his fat ass because he can't reach it, he says "Darn, another Tucker Carlson!" Then he calls in Kevin McCarthy to lick it clean.

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