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  1. A video came out on the weekend and was immediately pulled from YouTube and Social Media. It's the story of the organization they tell you isn't an organization. The one Jerome Nadler tells you is a myth and Joe Biden says is just an idea. 

    Antifa: Rise of the Black Flags.

    Can't stop the Signal though. It keeps getting pulled then somebody, somewhere puts it back up. Most recently here:

    If they pull that one you should be able to see it at BitChute - the last refuge of video free speech.


    1. Argus


      His point was it doesn't have a leadership or hierarchy or other central organization. It's  a bunch of asshole losers and anarchists who will likely lose what sympathy they now have if Trump is gone.

    2. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      They explain it in the video. It's a number of smaller organizations, grouping through social media, behind a series of banners and symbols, wearing black bloc uniform, forming the tip of the Marxist revolutionary spear.

    3. Argus


      All of these groups have thrived under Trump. Hopefully if he gets the boot they'll wither and die.

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