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  1. There is ample proof that the Russian hacked DNC emails and turned them over the wikileaks. Trump spoke publicly about his approval of it and also bragged about his "spiritual kinship with Putin". Lots of rubles went into accounts of Trump associates. After all that, if you think that because Mueller didn't find enough evidence to bring charges means that Trump is squeaky clean, I have some property I'd like to show you.
  2. I'm from the real world. Trudeau did push for Trans Mountain but was challenged by the courts who said the environmental impact study was not sufficient. Righties seem to not read very well sometimes it seems.
  3. Apparently you are confused. It's Scheer who supports Goldy.
  4. There could still be things we don't know about the whole issue yet.
  5. Scheer and co will do their best to keep it in the news as long as they can, but it will fade over the summer. Just watch.
  6. According to Barr, Mueller did not find enough evidence to prosecute for collusion. He didn't say it didn't happen and it is well known there was Russian attempts to interfere. There are further investigations ongoing and then there is the obstruction issue. In any case I will wait for the Mueller report to come out rather than Barr's little 4 pager his boss calls "total exoneration", which of course even Barr says is bs.
  7. Whatever they may have spent seems to have been a waste.
  8. Congress can vote to impeach, senate votes to convict. Takes 2/3rd's of the senate to convict. Wouldn't happen with this senate, which is of course why Pelosi said not worth it.
  9. You also obviously don't understand the impeachment process.
  10. You didn't think you were gonna get away with that flimsy attempt to mix apples and oranges did ya? http://immigrationimpact.com/2019/01/30/asylum-seekers-show-up-for-court/
  11. He should look into what rallies are actually about before he goes to them to speak . Or perhaps he already had, which is even worse.
  12. Wrong again. Actual data shows that over 70% show up.
  13. Hard not to believe what you see live on TV.
  14. Trump would probably like a few of those to go with his 6 pack of cokes at lunch.
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