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  1. On 12/21/2019 at 2:07 PM, taxme said:

    According to the real story and true facts, it was the money changers in the bible that had Pontius Pilate nail Jesus to a cross. Something that Christians should never forgive and should never forget what that evil ilk did to their Lord and saviour. Christians today should know as to who their enemies really are. I am pretty sure that you know who the money changers were, right? They appeared to be the "white supremacists" of the day. 


    Is the Holy Bible the source of your 'real story and true facts' .  . ?   The 'true fact' is that neither you or I know what's true after countless revisions and translations, missing /deleted 'books' and thousands of interpretations.  The 'owners manual' for Christianity may not be the 'real story' . . . . enjoy this December 22nd, the first day of the New Year . . . best wishes to all ! 

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  2. 7 hours ago, taxme said:

    This is Canada, not Israel, Pakistan or some Muslim or African country. The only true and real religion in Canada is the Christian religion. All other religions are just foreign ones and they need not be recognized in Canada at all. 

    Ahhhhhh . . . . . not so fast Grasshopper.  There are hundreds of 'earth based' religions/belief systems in North America.  Pre-date the European fantasy religions by thousands of years.  The native religions honored mother earth and father sky.  Concepts that were as foreign to the creeping Europeans and their 'holy men' as their fantasy religion was to the original NA inhabitants. Many of us don't believe your "true and real" religion. . . . . lighten-up my friend, the solstice is older than you and I, and is recognized around the northern hemisphere especially as the real celebration.  Enjoy . . . 

  3. 44 minutes ago, bcsapper said:

    What part of " Not to be taken seriously. " is giving you trouble?

    Solstice soon . . . . . try to cheer-up!   Go shopping, buy those thin blue socks for your brother-in-law.  Buy some of this, buy some of that . . . . . . be happy!  :D 

  4. 14 minutes ago, Iceni warrior said:

    I get it, you don't have a long enough summer to get a full 5 day test match played.

    Has nothing to do with summer or full days.  Cricket is feminine . . . no big deal if you like that kind of thing.  Box lacrosse is for gladiators. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Iceni warrior said:

    ..or maybe they just want to wish you a happy solstice.

    Shady, the solstice will come and go . . . . be happy, sad, or indifferent. Who cares what or how you spend that day.  

    Perhaps you could spend the solstice wandering around in the bush looking for a 'perfect' little tree to kill.  Decorate it with a bunch of meaningless baubles and wait for the shower of 'gifts' from others that 'buy-in' to the Christian hijacked fake 'holiday' . . . . just a suggestion.

  6. 3 hours ago, Shady said:

    Yes, as I’ve said, this stuff gets mentioned, posted, etc every year.  Usually sooner though.  Progressives think it’s smart n edgy.  Maybe the first time,  but not the millionth time.  It’s just sad now. 

    To what are you referring . . . X-mas or solstice?

  7. 1 hour ago, Zeitgeist said:

     A problem for Canada is that social and environmental policy is curtailing resource development.  We need constant replenishment of business and personal tax revenue in government coffers to sustain all our 'progressive' services and policies.  

    Astute observation as usual . . . . 

  8. Military members . . . . .what do you think of an unarmed Canadian public?  It seems we are headed in that direction a degree at a time.  Is the backlash militia groups as seen in the US? Are the US militia groups comprised of mostly right-wing, libertarian, Republican, Conservative type folks?  Are these types the ones that made their countries great?

    Too many questions . . .  

  9. 1 hour ago, Dougie93 said:

    The police are nothing more than public sector unionized thugs for the government which also bankrupt the public purse, anybody calling to hire more of these goons is patently naive.

    Kind of like the military?  On the taxpayers dime but showing allegiance to some foreign queen, president, country, or what ever flavour of the day is . . . . show some deference.

  10. 12 minutes ago, Moonlight Graham said:

    Trudeau is a naive moron.  He's lived in a golden shack his whole life, gone to the best schools in the best neighbourhoods, he has no idea what's happening on the streets.

    He wants to build a utopia out of a house of cards.  His BS might make for a feel-good hollywood movie but this crap don't work in reality.

    Hey!  This just isn't about handguns in the urban/inner city, it's about every law-abiding gun owner that owns a firearm that the two twits deem as 'assault, military, or scary looking(to them) regardless of action style, mag capacity, colour, or visual style.  I live in western Canada where long guns are used regularly, and where they are considered no more important than that wheel wrench to change your tire.  Guides, outfitters, farmers/ranchers, hunters, target shooters are all in the sights of the Federal Liberals.  This is a hunting culture where I live. We eat wild game and grow our vegetables  . . . . and may 'look after things' if push comes to shove.  Every gun owner should be concerned . . . 

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