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  1. 41 minutes ago, Zeitgeist said:

    With all of the accusations of systemic racism, including the idea of unconscious bias, some companies are implementing affirmative action hiring policies that will aim to hire more minorities.  The CBC, for example, claims it will make sure at least 50% of its workforce are minorities.  Do you agree with affirmative action policies?

    50% of the CBC 'work' force is deadwood. Taxpayer funded, bought and paid for, pandering to the equally deadwood Liberal government.  50% minorities is another socialist tool . . . how about competition for the job with others who are as qualified?  Who cares if you're a so-called minority . . . if you can do the work better than others - - - the job's yours.  This country is so pussified it's sickening.

  2. 4 hours ago, Rue said:

    Manitoba is full of mosquitoes. They are nasty, evil, and carriers of disease. We need to invade and exterminate them or put them in schools and teach them not to be butterflies.

    Manitoba has an eastern seaport at Churchill . . . . ship western grain to European markets.  The port is open months longer with 'global warming' . . . For western separation to work, Manitoba has to be included.  Mosquitoes are preferable to the 'blow flies' that buzz around the sh!tpile Federal Govt.  Remember, Quebec & Ontario need the west more than we need them.

  3. On 5/20/2020 at 8:14 AM, JohnnyCanuck said:


    The end of Canada as a constitutional monarchy is ok by me IF the replacement is a Republic in which all Canadians are equal citizens, with equal political representation. 


    Let the discussion be about Canada being re-defined as a fair and equal Republic. If this re-definition does not occur then Elizabeth Windsor can remain in place. This is too important a chance to finally sweep the politically privileged out. We cannot waste this chance to just get a simple-simon renaming of the GG to President, after which a certain uninformed mass will prance around shouting 'we're a free people' , while in the background the elite puppetmasters, who benefit from things the way they are now, silently snigger.


    Thoughts anyone?

    This country will never be united as long as Quebec is involved.  Quebec is only at the picnic to eat other provinces sandwiches.  They didn't sign the 1982 Constitution, and don't want to be a part of Canada.  Manitoba west would make a great stand-alone country.  

  4. 17 minutes ago, cougar said:

    Yes,  they gave you a permit to pack while invading pristine bear habitat.  You should have never been allowed to get there in the first place! 

    I do not invade bear habitat.  I am largely on trails and rivers where bears and humans know a bit about one another and coexist.  

    I am not looking to put myself between a bear and his kill, between a mother and her cubs, I do not approach them to ask them how they are doing and see if I can do their pedicure.   I do not camp on their land and leave half of my steak by the tent.

    Again, it is people with little understanding and respect for wildlife that choose to carry guns and use them at first opportunity.

    Your above post with all its assumptions shows how utterly uninformed you are.  Hoping that your Walt Disney-ish ideas don't get you and your dog into a situation you know nothing about.

  5. 27 minutes ago, cougar said:

    Where have you heard of hikers carrying a loaded .44 to protect themselves from bears?  Which BC Parks website would you reference?    In some places they advise people walk in groups of 6 or more.  Bear spray and bear bangers is what works in this neck of the woods.   Side arms and semi-automatics are for "normal folks" living in the city like you!

    Had a 'permit to pack' while prospecting up the BC coastal inlets. Mine: Ruger Super Blackhawk.  Tell me about travelling in thick coastal vegetation alone . . . Mississauga man. You're out of your league here.  Stick to the BC Parks you referenced.  Pick some mushrooms for clarity of thought.


  6. 13 hours ago, cougar said:

    Nothing can be further from the truth than that.  I am not a city dweller.   I am closer to a cougar than you think.  I do have to provide food for myself by "going to work" and "shopping"  except for fish, mushrooms and berries that I harvest.  Most of my time, however I spend away from people, along rivers or near the mountain peaks in the summer.

    City dwellers typically do not care about wildlife, or the environment as they do not see the human invasion and damage unless someone shows it to them.


    You have the city dweller mentality . . . . hard to hide.  You didn't say where you immigrated from . . . . guessing Toronto?

  7. 2 hours ago, Rue said:

    I would contend the life of animals is as valuable as a  human's life because by learning to respecting the sanctity of their lives we learn to do the same with human life. I also contend the life of an animal given up to test medicine to save humans of feed a  human is by that sense as valuable as the human life or lives it enables to continue living.

    I am defending Cougar's respect for wildlife. I do not necessarily share his views on all hunters or gun control but yes on the sanctity of life.



    Have hunted all my life.  The taking of that game animal's life is not a joyous occasion, in reality, it's quite sad. It's always made me sad at the moment, but quietly thankful for the opportunity to provide food for my family. 

    Cougar's views are somewhat unrealistic and seem to be from a common thought pattern of the inner city dweller unconnected to nature.

  8. 14 hours ago, cougar said:

    You're missing the point by a mile.  The discussion was about banning side arms , since these are not hunting tools.  Then someone said side arms were the popular line of defense against bears.  Then someone again disagreed and we started calling ourselves morons, at which point there was no point for further discussion.   

    If you want to bring it all back to square one and start the same circus again, better just go back the pages and re-read them.

    Not missing the point at all . . . . I replied to one of your misinformed quotes.  By the way, where did you immigrate from ? 

  9. On 5/17/2020 at 8:33 PM, cougar said:

    Anyone believing that a person is entitled to a gun and killing wildlife, for fun, sport or just because an animal reacted to an invasion of its territory is a hypocrite. In your case, a moron too!

    You forgot to mention the primary reason for harvesting wildlife . . . . food!   Did the first European settlers carry a supply of Kraft dinner, were they vegans?  They killed wildlife just like the Indians did.  Both white/natives still hunt.  

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  10. 14 hours ago, Zeitgeist said:

    What does farmer, rancher, hunter have to do with anything I said?   What, you need a semi-automatic multi-round to take down a deer?   Real men don’t have to rely on tech meant for mass murder.  Sorry pal, it’s irresponsible for the state to allow civilians to pack such dangerous weapons.  Do you need C4 to catch fish?  Grow up.  

    Perhaps you should educate yourself on the present gun laws and realize that they are comprehensive and rarely enforced.  More doesn't mean better.  Your comment above concerning harvesting a deer showcases your Pavlovian response to anything concerning firearms.  Just a suggestion . . . . learn about this subject, realize that your being 'played', and realize that you've been drooling when a politician talks of more unnecessary gun laws.   Enjoy your day.

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