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  1. 41 minutes ago, DrYouth said:

    Is Quebec actually not contributing anything?

    It's definitely not our star player right now.

    Seems to me it was a pretty strong player in getting the country started.

    A bit of an entitled whiner... this might be true.

    But I like Quebec. Montreal is an amazing city... probably one of the best urban centres in this country.

    Quebec City has a lot to be proud of. Quebec French culture is a lot of fun...

    Personally I think it makes Canada more interesting. Economically they have some shit to work out.

    No doubt. They need a kick in the pants and a bit less catering to.... but it should work out in the end.

    So you like Quebec . . . good for you.  Too bad that a very large and growing segment of the population/provinces are seeing Quebec for what it is.  Quebec is a parasite.  

  2. On 11/25/2019 at 8:32 AM, DrYouth said:

    Canadian provinces are stronger together than they are apart as any effective team or organism is when it integrates differentiated parts well. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts. When one province is going through transition, the other provinces lend it a hand. When another province is strong it supports its fellow provinces, knowing that some day it can expect the same in return. This is true of any functioning team. Of course teams can be riven by jealousy, or by free riders... I think for the most part Canada has weathered it's serious storms. We are more resilient for it. This latest Wexit storm seems pretty weak by comparison.

    Nice utopian dream . . . . too bad it's not reality.  The reality is that Quebec isn't interested in contributing anything to hold this country together. Always got their hand out for other folks money, and bitching about it.  Want them to separate, want them to leave.  Want them to stfu.  Canada's cancer . . . Quebec.

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  3. 26 minutes ago, jacee said:

    I think that the yearning for return to a time when the country was "great" is really just a yearning for return to childhood, when we were told it was "great" and we didn't know or care about the complexities and monstrous injustices of the world. 

    It wasn't ever as "great" as our childhood naivety allowed us to believe. 

    That might be your reality . . . . . it's not mine.   Canada, a country divided along racial, economic, and regional lines.  Canada is the Humpty Dumpty busted at the base of the wall. 

  4. 20 minutes ago, Altai said:

    Waste of money ? So what do you understand from the word "money" ? We can think "money" as a labor given to do something or a labor spent to do something. All the jobs should be divided into smaller sectors and even all the sectors should be divided into much more smaller sectors. If you want to make a chocolate cake, someones should be specialize in purchasing cocoa, someones should be specialize in mixing the materials, someones in cooking it and a mastermind should organize all their works. It will have NO effect on economics closing these centers, even if you reject to employ someones and do all the cake yourself, still you have to pay them in a way if you want to sell them cakes.

    "So what do you understand from the word 'money' ? " . . . . . . . good socialist rhetoric in your above post.  

    How about 'taxpayers dollars' to pay all the un-necessary 'deadwood' in the traitors new cabinet ?    Ministry of Middle Income . . . . wtf

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  5. 22 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

    I am a dual citizen, my father raised me with the American Religion, I've always felt just as American as Canadian.

    In the past, those two things were not in conflict.

    It is simply the case that Canada and Canadians forced me to choose between  them. 

    So I choose America First.

    I none the less remain loyal to my oath to the British Crown in North America, I resist HM enemies and defend HM peace as a resident of British North America.

    I have no fealty to Confederation and never did, nor was I ever bound to such, as Confederation is not a country, it's simply an agreement within the now defunct British Empire.

    What's your point ?

  6. 1 hour ago, Argus said:

    The Tories didn't lose because of climate change and LGBT.  They lost because they had a weak leader who was seen to be weak, and a crappy policy platform book that offered nothing of substance.

    Scheer isn't viewed as a leader . . . . weak presentation of indefinable policies, combined with poor body language . . . .  He didn't look capable of delivering your evening paper.

    Predicting he's gone after a Leadership Convention . . . . 

  7. The real head scratcher is why would a beautiful young American woman, Megan Markle . . . . give up her country and career to go and live in a shithole country of fog, fish 'n chips, bad teeth, pale complexions, and unfounded arrogance?   She could be cruising to a California beach in her Benz convertible, sunshine, hair blowing in the wind, milkshake in hand . . . . Just doesn't make sense.  Megan made a mistake, just like Diana did.  Hypnotic attraction to lizards?  Some folks here are also under the reptile spell . . . . sad.

  8. 2 hours ago, -TSS- said:

    If the UK ever decided to become a republic, and therefore obviously needing to change the name of the country, could Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a number of other countries where the British Monarch is the head of state of those countries too keep the British Monarch even if the institution ceased to exist? Would all those countries be forced to become republics as their head of state would exist no longer? 

    Begs the questions:  Why would any thinking population want to house/support an in-bred family of aliens?  What would the benefit be to the diverse resident home population?  Leave them in England. The English deserve them, adore them, get pissed on by them . . . . . while the rest of the world guffaws.  There's probably only a handful of residents in Canada who think that the British monarch is something special . . . . 

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