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    1. Goddess


      Maybe I was at an impressionable age when I first learned about the holocaust, it's always been something I could never wrap my head around - how such a thing could happen, how could people do that to other people.  As I got older, I read alot about how it happened, the propaganda campaign by government, the bringing in of the medical community to "verify" the governmental propaganda, the slow creep of brainwashing that got the majority of the population to actually believe the Jews needed to be exterminated.  I've always wondered what I would have done, given the propaganda and the high price that would have gone along with bucking the narrative.  The above article, while a bit depressing, made me realize I very likely would NOT have gone along with it.  Every time Dialamah calls me and others here an "anti-vaxxer", I think, "She's one of the ones who would have been out on the street yelling Get out of here, Jews!  We don't want you here, Jews!" as her neighbours and friends were led away by the Gestappo.

      As the article says, we may not know how close we came to this in Canada, but we were well on our way. 

      And we're not out of the woods yet.

    2. TreeBeard


      Comparing the treatment of unvaccinated during a pandemic to Jews in the Holocaust is antisemitic.  

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