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Found 2 results

  1. A quote from another thread: I agree pretty much, but I don't want a government that's perfect. I demand a government and political representatives that are at least somewhat honest, that will put their country above their own career aspirations, above their own re-election, above getting what they politically want at all costs. I demand a government that respects our democracy, and our constitution. I want MP's and a PM that would rather do the right thing and be willing to lose their jobs rather than keep their job if it means needing to do the dishonest/undemocratic thing. Is this really too much to ask? To do otherwise, as many of our politicians do, is almost akin to treason in my eyes. How is Stephen Harper not a traitor to our country and our democracy when he ie: muzzles government scientists just so he can get his own environmental policies enacted without scientific criticism, or muzzles members of his cabinet and party whenever it suits his agenda? Who does this assh**e think he is? If you too support Harper's more draconian policies because they happen to advance your own political agenda then aren't you too a traitor to our democracy? Call me idealistic, but there's politicians in this country that will put their country before themselves, and we need more of them, and we need a PM like this. The Harper gov is not like this, and is why I'll never mark their name on a ballot so long as they are, even if you put a gun to my head. Because I'm a patriot. Canadian soldiers are willing to die to protect our country, but shouldn't every Canadian be willing to do this, even if not a solider? I'd much rather spoil my ballot than to give my consent to a party or politician that's fundamentally corrupt, even if it's the least worst of the crappy options. This isn't an anti-conservative (small "c"), anti-rightwing rant. I felt the same way with the scumbag McGuinty Liberals in Ontario. I voted for the CPC in 2006 in order to rid our government of the Chretien/Martin-era Liberals, hoping the CPC would end the Liberal corruption. I honestly feel bad for the conservative-minded voters who only have one major party to choose from, but there are other conservative parties out there to support. The BS in our government has to end! We get the governments and the politicians we deserve, because we give them our consent to govern by marking their names on a ballot. If we demand a certain level of behaviour from our politicians or else we refuse to vote for them, they WILL comply. To the people who will vote for the CPC anyways this election, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE please at least email your MP, the CPC party, and/or the PM and tell them that despite your support you demand changes in their behaviour.
  2. Harper and Trudeau are similar in a great many ways. Trudeau supporting bill C-51 just one example of that. The Liberal leader has also said he has no interest in joining a coalition with the NDP. Both Liberals and Conservatives have voiced concern about the "socialist" NDP forming government. I predict that an NDP win in the next election will lead to the Tories and Grits seriously considering a coalition to keep Canada from having a "socialist" government. If not a coalition, they would certainly force an election in a minority situation. Does anyone else think this is a possibility? Personally, I think either outcome would be disastrous and lead to a subsequent NDP majority, but I'm not as sure about that as I am the possibility of a Liberal/Conservative coalition. What do you guys think?
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