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  1. After reading all the comments I think that Harper should unseal the files to prove he has no part of whatever is inside since most of that stuff is at least 10 years old. Maybe some of his cabinet members were involved and if that is true they can replaced. But if Harper values his reputation, he should eliminate any doubt and unseal the records before the elections.
  2. This is a perfect example of over-regulation and lack of common sense and compassion the refugee process has today. Regulating people's travel should be done on a very limited basis and only when their is some real (not fabricated or presumed probable cause). If not, we will turn into another police state like America.
  3. Upon second thought, I think pols should be punished even more harshly than others since they are abusing a position of trust. Maybe ad 20% to the normal fines and prison terms!
  4. I can name 5 but for all the time he has had in office it should probably be 25 yes? I would have like him to outlaw all forms of torture and cooperation with anyone who uses torture, secret prisons, secret courts, and does not follow rule of law. I would also would have expected him to base all trade agreements with the US on an EQUAL quid pro quo basis and based on jobs saved or created, not just revenues that pass through the hands of too few people.
  5. Harper is a human being. He will never be perfect. He made his share of screw ups for sure. The only one I cannot forgive him for however is how he endorsed the torture issue. I can forgive the other mistakes but not the mistakes that cause human suffering.
  6. Actually this had nothing to do with Obama. The actual fraud took place when the Bush regime was in power. A bit complicated to explain but basically a CIA money laundering company known as American Financial Group (a front company) was laundering money on Wall Street for some elite clients who had to be mixed in with regular investors to create a pooled fund that made real investments on Wall Street in Reg S and Rule 144 Loan deals. 80% of the money was drug proceeds and 20% were from Canadian, Europeans and Latino investors. Someone in the top circles forgot to tell the SEC that AFG was "privileged" and this is what happened: https://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/comp18192.htm The Toronto Star reported the tip of the iceberg but never revealed that the key investors were Noriega and one of the Bush family members. http://www.investorvoice.ca/PI/229.html Long story short, the FBI wanted to bust the company in 1996-97 after this guy Bruce Gorcyca reported the whole thing. But the American Justice Department was told to keep the laundromat open so they took the case away from the FBI and allowed the washing to continue (through Nesbit Burns and Levesque) for 4 more years! During those 4 years the Canadian and Germans and Latinos supposedly lost $87 million. But not so. Read here http://2006bruce.blogspot.ca This last part is when Harper was made aware of the whole mess in 2006 where he had a chance to recover $43 million for the Canadians. This is the best I can explain. If you need more info, try here http://forums.canadiancontent.net/canadian-politics/137743-pm-harper-guilty-43-million-3.htmlor here: https://americanfinancialgroupfraud.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/the-real-american-financial-group-fraud-was-perpetrated-by-uncle-sam-dennis-harper/ The most shocking thing you will find is who all the big shot clients and pols were laundering their money with AFG.
  7. Okay so what? I read the below article and look at the date! It is 2005!!!!! This is ancient history today. Harper made a mistake - get over it. Should we go back and look for every mistake the Liberals made in the last 10 years as well? Maybe the parents of these kids were terrorists or maybe the kids had some contagious disease. We don't know all the facts. And when you read this article it does not say whether Harper even approved the program to begin with. Lastly, they could have found countries much closer to Iraq to do the surgeries like Jordan or Saudi Arabia or Turkey. Why Canada? Anyway, if you wanted to make a beef about this you should have done it back in 2006, not now three weeks before the election,
  8. Sorry I just saw your post or I would have replied sooner. I just found this stuff two weeks ago and then it took me a full week to see if all the pieces fit. Once I was sure that they did, I posted here. It would have been great to find this stuff a year ago but some of the links only go back to June of 2015 while some others go back to 2013. Shit, it took me 43 years to find out that Roosevelt knew the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor four hours before the attack and allowed it to happen. So by comparison, this discovery was rather timely! Better late than never.
  9. To me it doesn't matter where the information comes from so long as it is verifiable and checks out friend. "Old News"? I think not, I can't find anything on this forum older than 1 month about Harper's links to rumors of another cover up. In recent days a lot of details have been coming out plus actual scans of court files and photos of the terrorism being used to intimidate witnesses. I will keep digging and posting until the full story is told and the investors are repaid for their losses and Bruce is reunited with his Canadian family. The wrong people are being punished here for the crimes of pols. http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/open-letter-amnesty-international-aclu-help-american-whistle-blower-reunite-canadian-family
  10. The point here dear friend Voltaire are many: * That our beloved leader Steven Harper cares more about hiding Bush family crimes than protecting Canadian citizenbs * That Harper's trademark secrecy hid this major scandal for 9 years - so what else don't we know about - yet * That Harper thinks nothing of obstructing justice by creating fake crimes to hide his own real ones. * That 140 Canadian lives were financially destroyed by Harper's refusal to investigate - perhaps to remain out of jail himself? * That Harper used Immigration Canada as a political weapon and censorship tool * That Harper & Rob Nicholson need to be held fully and legally accountable for these crimes and human/civil rights violations * That a PM who dose sneaky sh*t like this definitely does not deserve another day in Ottawa. * That refugee claims need to be "untouchable" by Ottawa and handled at the Provincial level * That Harper allowed massive amounts of cocaine to continue be imported to Canada by corrupt U.S. officials * That Harper's silence on this matter indicates he probably benefited from all this corruption * That Nesbitt Burns and Levesque needs an independent audiit * That Parliament needs to convene a special investigations and allow witnesses Erling Injgvaldsen and Bruce Gorcyca the chance to testify under oath and produce the recordings and evidence they collected over the years. * The criminal court files of corrupt FBI Agent Terry Nelson need to unsealed and published in every major newspaper * That the two honest mounties who arrested corrupt FBI agent Terry Nelson in Regina need to be subpoenaed to testify under oath. * Ottawa Citizen reporter Paul McKay likewise needs to be subpoenaed to testify under oath about what he was told by what "Canadian Intteligence Sources. * The refugee claim of Bruce Gorcyca should be heard in a public hearing and his spousal sponsorship processed. * That Rob Nicholson should be subpoenaed to testify under oath about why he allowed an illegal extradition to take place.
  11. Absolutely they should be prosecuted like anyone else. They are not above the law and I think they should start right here with this crime that has separated a Canadian family for six years, sheated over 100 Canadians out of $43 million and allowed over $1B of drugs to hit the streets of Canada http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/open-letter-amnesty-international-aclu-help-american-whistle-blower-reunite-canadian-family Prosecuting Harper and Rob Nicholson would send the right signal to the whole bunch of them that time does not erase their accountability. Anyone who doubts the story of the above link only needs to follow all the links and you will see major felonies taking place on Canadian soil by corrupt government officials with Harper and his predecessors deliberately turning a blind eye and probably being paid off for the their deliberate ignorance despite two insider witnesses writing him letters like this one http://2006bruce.blogspot.com
  12. Which newspaper was this? I would stop reading the rag immediately if it could not be unbiased on the editorial content, especially with reader comments. But getting back on point... Would Canadians support or rebel against Harper if he pulled such a stunt to stop an author from exposing felony crimes of his and past regimes?
  13. My point is that we simply cannot align ourselves with any country UNCONDITIONALLY like Harper has done. Only during election campaigns does he even try to assert a little rhetoric about Canada's indpendence. And do you really think we need to fear and invasion from Russia? Get real. Even if Russia got aggressive with Canada, no NATO country would not support us whether we have troops in Afghanistan or not. We should never let Canadian troops occupy another country unless it is part of UN peacekeeping mission IMO. In only 50 years America went from being the most admired and respected country to beomimg the most loathed, dreaded, and feared. And we are perceived around the globe with a wink and a nod as America's obedient "little brother".
  14. Hardly a conspiracy if it historical fact. Clearly you did not read the links in the 7 minutes it took you to respond to my post. If you don't bother to read, you should not bother to comment.
  15. Canada has always been a loyal ally to the U.S. But is there a limit to this loyalty as Chretien once demonstrated? Will too much loyalty to America kill and terrorize more Canadians for no justiafiable reasons? At first I was of the attitude "Kill all those damn terrorists" until I read this article and realize that if some foreign troops invaded and occupied Canada because our leader refused to turn over Canada's oil fields for pennies on the dollar, we'd also be pissed off. And if we came home from work one day and found our home smoldering in flames and our spouse and kids charred black like coal from some stray missile, we would also be outraged and called "patriots" to seek revenge on the barbaric bastards responsible for the war crime. So today my opinion is a little more objective. Read this and see if your truly disagree or if you are just trying to be politically correct or a false patriot http://www.globalresearch.ca/prime-minister-stephen-harper-and-canadian-war-crimes-in-afghanistan/24473 This is why IMO Harper has helped to increase terrorism in the world today. Real terrorism must be stopped, but drones impose terrorism from 30,000 feet and Harper implicitly condones this by unconditionally supporting American policies in Afghanistan and Iraq. http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2014/nov/24/-sp-us-drone-strikes-kill-1147 The UN and 57 countries have agreed that drones = terrorism and the war in Afghanistan is illegal. So should Canada really be fighting America's illegal war? Before you answer just think about how fairly America has treated Canada on past lumber and trade deals. Do they really deserve such unconditional loyalty or do we have the right to say "No Thank You" once in a while?
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