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  1. It is the same thing. People do not get vaccinated because , aside from side effects, the vaccines are not that efficient against the delta. This is why there are "booster shots". I haven't heard of boosters for TB or Pox vaccines. You just wait for a couple of months and hopefully by then the dust settles.
  2. I am afraid getting re-vaccinated every 6 months will have real health consequences for you. Keep your passport though, it looks like for you it is more important than your health.
  3. If they go in the wrong direction, it is because vaccinated people continue to carry and spread the virus. No need to vilify those not currently vaccinated.
  4. If they don't that means the lack of a vaccine passport imposes new restrictions on those who are not vaccinated. Either way, the PASSport gives the owner a PASS to places others will not get.
  5. Totally unreasonable! If you want to put chemicals into your bloodstream every 6 months, till your body stops fighting the virus, go ahead. Your choice. My body, my choice.
  6. My feeling is, the government may at one point mandate the private business to enforce the same requirements. If the private business owners are vaccinated themselves, they may not see anything wrong with asking their employees to get vaccinated. Some people will get screwed again.
  7. With the idea that you will learn the lesson and comply with the safety measures on your new job. Usually non-compliance in the case you mention, refers to not knowing or following the established safety procedures and practices or making mistakes, like not wearing PPE when you have to. These are conditions, the employee agreed to follow before being hired! Now the table has turned a different way; employment conditions have been changed from under the employee. The employee never accepted being vaccinated as a condition of employment. If terminated, an unvaccinated employee will not find a job with another employer or be rehired. Worse than being a killer who just served his 25 year sentence !!! This type of monstrosity I cannot approve!
  8. Not only liberties, it is also used to destroy the environment. All those pipelines, dams and mines - all are supposedly for the public good. You then wonder, how come, you do not feel any of that good coming to you. I guess, we the majority of the citizens, are not really part of the "public".
  9. The way watching a porn movie is actually different from having sex , that's how! If I ask you to put a mask on, you can then take it off when you leave the premises. If you are vaccinated , no way to undo that. "restrictions on work" is very different from not being able to work at all because of not being vaccinated. So different, you shouldn't even mention it , as it is no valid argument.
  10. Of course it has been going the opposite way; Harper is a prime example. What historical record? That of the endangered species, or the species that disappeared? The historical record of forests that were clear cut? The historical record of land that has been converted for urban use or roads, railways and highways? You see the "REALITY" every day. If the heat, hurricanes, droughts, floods, fires and disappearing wildlife is not real enough for you, I cannot help you. You are so out for lunch that any further discussion would be pointless.
  11. The fact YOU think that, doesn't mean you are correct.
  12. What standard? Again I am telling you, you have a disfunctional system that does not work. Fix it! For all that has been happening, it has been going the opposite way - getting more disfunctional and closer to what the banana republics have in place. It happens in giant steps under a conservative government and in smaller steps under a liberal government. Why would I be criticizing the system of another country? To evade accountability, avoid dealing with the actual problem and distract the public, sending them on a wild goose chase????
  13. Did you ever try to grasp what I was telling you in my two posts above??? Forget about perfect, better, good or whatever you call it. The point is : IT DOES NOT WORK ! It does not achieve the main objective it has - to protect the environment and all other species. From this point on, there is nothing to talk about.
  14. Being able to work or being able to travel, like anyone else is not "accommodation". It is a right! The way a business "accommodates" a guy with a turban, a black guy, a middle east woman with her face covered, a crippled person, a blind one who has a service dog with him, or face discrimination charges - THIS IS HOW they will be accommodating unvaccinated people. There is no other way around.
  15. Masks are annoying but I don't mind wearing one whenever I have to , to fulfill my obligation as a citizen. However getting vaccinated is not my obligation to a country or anyone. Forcing citizens to put chemicals into their blood stream under duress is not democracy. Your theory that unmasked and unvaccinated people spread the virus more than masked or vaccinated ones is questionable.
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