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  1. I am trying to find out if there is a down side to this strategy.
  2. I am in favor. What about the rest of you? Is there really any down side to it?
  3. I agree with the OP. If the Conservatives are so strong in my riding, I will vote for anyone that removes Harper. Thanks for the video. We should all share it with our friends. I confess, I voted for Harper when he first got in, but since then I felt like I was used and deceived as a voter.
  4. You may find the explanation you are looking for here when you keep in mind that Mike Huxtable is a personal friend of PM Harper and worked for Terry Nelson. Pay attention to where Chip Tatum says he met Nelson (Chip is a former CIA pilot). This also explains how and why so many Canadians got hooked on cocaine and heroin in the last 20 years: http://www.stewwebb.com/Gene_Tatum_FBI_Terry_Nelson_and_Montana_Drugs_1996.htm
  5. "As with the other fairy tale, if this topic has any credibility at all, it should be in the Canada/US Relations category." I beg to differ with you on both counts. Fairy Tales are not supported by court records and sworn statements from over a dozen witnesses. The fact that you even said that indicates you did not even read the links below nor the 2001 Toronto Star full page article by Jennifer Wells about American Financial Group http://www.investorvoice.ca/PI/229.html Dead bodies cannot be fairy tales sir. $43 million dollars is not imaginary play money. So either read and educate yourself about this sophisticated scheme, or stick with subjects that require only a personal opinion. http://whyunclesamhatesbruce.wordpress.com http://2006bruce.blogspot.com http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/open-letter-amnesty-international-aclu-help-american-whistle-blower-reunite-canadian-family http://bruceslawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/confessions-american-pedophile https://persecutingwhistleblowerswithamericancourts.wordpress.com/2015/06/17/bruces-book-manuscripts-seized-at-gunpoint-by-federal-agents-without-warrants-several-witnesses-present/ http://www.opednews.com/populum/diarypage.php/Former-Federal-Agent-Bruce-by-Wilson-Gideon-American-Detainees_Torture-Memos_Torture-Photos_Torture-Prosecutions-150826-221.html?f=Former-Federal-Agent-Bruce-by-Wilson-Gideon-American-Detainees_Torture-Memos_Torture-Photos_Torture-Prosecutions-150826-221.html As to being in a different category, I think that since there is an election coming and one of the candidates is involved in this criminal and unethical matter, every voter should "Know Their Candidates". PM Harper is the least transparent candidate in the field so I think this is probably a good example of just how much we don't know about him. For those of you that wonder why the U.S. government smuggles drugs in the first place, read this explanation supplied by former CIA operative Chip Tatum: http://www.stewwebb.com/Gene_Tatum_A_CIA_FUNDING_OPERATION_19961228.htm
  6. Sorry fellas but I cannot ignore the mystery of Harper's silence on this issue. At least one of his spokesmen should come forward and explain why the PM did nothing to help get the "missing" $43 million back even if he did it without mentioning that the real thief was the U.S. Justice Department. The below links tell the story from A-Z but I know people are lazy and will not bother to read them. So let me summarize in a few sentences... The U.S. government operated a "cut out" company in Aventura, Florid called American Financial Group that laundered drug moneys on Wall Street with proceeds going to various candidates. They used Levesque and Nesbitt Burns in Canada to liquidate washed moneys. The monies they were washing was from vast amounts of cocaine corrupt FBI agent Terry Nelson, Steve Finta and Pierre Jeanette smuggled into Canadian aboriginal lands for almost 20 years. 2 insiders, Erling Ingvaldsen and Bruce Gorcyca came to Canada and made Harper aware of the H U G E operation. Regular investors from Canada, Germany, Latin America etc. also were used at AFG to help conceal their covert government mission. 139 of these Canadian investors invested $43 million like the Toronto victims Louis Sapi, Brian McWilliams, David Lewis, etc. In 2001 The Toronto Star announce they lost their $43 Million. http://www.investorvoice.ca/PI/229.html In 1996 this whole operation was reported to the FBI by an AFG employee (Bruce Gorcyca aka Tony DiMarco) who resigned after learning that $1.25 of of a $16 million drug deal was headed to the hands of Jeb Bush who was starting his governorial campaign with those funds. The following year in 1997 honest Mounties caught Nelson with 4,000 pounds of cocaine in Regina, Saskatchewan. He was arrested and booked but then Ottawa let him slide out of Canada and Harper made sure the court files were sealed and remained sealed after he was first elected. But in 2006 he received this letter http://2006bruce.blogspot.com What to do? His choice was to help Canadian citizens recover their money, or help Bush cover up a major scandal. Gee, which option did he choose? Both of the insiders were thrown out of Canada using fake crimes to hide the real ones even though a refugee claim was filed by one of them (and ignored for 8 years) How do we know about the drug smuggling? Eye witness reports from former CIA operative Chip Tatum, Former IRS Agent Bruce Gorcyca, Insiders Erling Ingvaldsen and their pilots as well as local citizens of Saskatchewan and an veteran FBI supervisor named Ted Gunderson who was conveniently poisoned in 2014. Read here: http://www.memresearch.org/grabbe/montdrug.htm These links below tell the story in greater detail below. Also be aware that the president of American Financial Group is a former U.S. Justice executive of over 20 years assigned to Panama where his wife Teresita Tapia was the personal secretary and banker/translator for General Manuel Noriega. http://whyunclesamhatesbruce.blogspot.com http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/open-letter-amnesty-international-aclu-help-american-whistle-blower-reunite-canadian-family The point is Harper was made fully aware of all of this and did not do a thing. Now then only heroin addict would not want to know W H Y? If we recall what Snowden told us about NSA collecting information on every major world leader, do you seriously think the do not know all of Harper's secrets? http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/24/nsa-surveillance-world-leaders-calls What leader with even a pea-sized conscience will knowingly allow $1B of drugs to be imported into Canada and just look the other way, or allow his own supporters and citizens to be swindled for $43 million? I submit the Bush family used NSA intel to keep the PM deaf, dumb, and blind and firmly under their thumb. The only other explanation is that Harper was one of those receiving drug money campaign donations. A Parliamentary commission could get to the bottom of this with a proper investigation. Old crimes of corruption are no less despicable than new ones in my opinion. So the final question is whether PM Steven Harper has pledged his allegiance to the Canadian people or to the Bush family and Terry Nelson? (Those who read the interviews of Chip Tatum on line will note that he met Terry Nelson at the Bush family home in Florida.) One final note... AFG Prez Ed Chism who supposedly stole $87 million from investors spent a long 8 months behind bars before he was released and ordered to live outside of North America so he could never be subpoenaed as a witness in any criminal case or law suit. Convenient eh? The CFO of AFG is a former CIA analyst named David Siegel who never spent more than 24 hours behind bars. What's the odds of both informants ending up with the same lawyer (William Gilmour) who "misplaces" documents for both or them? He then makes it legally impossible for either man to return to Canada. Hmmm.... coincidence? Mark Twain once said "It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled." This AFG/ Harper cover- up matter proves Twain was a man of great wisdom and vision.
  7. I still cannot paste links here for some reason gang but if you all just Google "Canada government corruption of officials statute of limitations" you will have quite a few surprises. It looks a sif the system protects itself from prosecution,
  8. Well Michael, you have peaked my interest and I have been finding some interesting stuff. For example Canada has passed some super strict laws that hammer people heavily for overseas bribes of foreign officials without statute of limitations but for domestic bribes everything becomes lenient and ambiguous. For some reason I cannot paste the links here. So just Google "Canada corruption statute of limitations for government officials".
  9. I am quite keen on your idea. No entity should be immune from prosecution in my opinion - especially if they obstruct justice for other third parties. Let them obstruct their own justice but not mine thank you!
  10. His parole was revoked for dating too many women, and the last time I looked dating multiple people is not a crime. There is some reason they want him out of circulation with restricted communications. And if the sushi bar confession took place then what would you make of that, especially since Taber admitted she lied. I agree that she did not fall. But I think the sushi bar thing is not something someone makes up 20 years after the murder took place eh?
  11. I'm not talking about Harper, Mulroney, Martin or any one politician. I am talking about any and all politicians who uses their position to conceal felony crimes by having files sealed or investigations derailed, or refusing to fund an inquiry. Because they have authorities to control and manipulate investigative agencies and regulatory bodies and bureaus, they effectively can get away with a lot of graft and corruption. This is especially true when they can hand-pick the heads of these agencies who then run interference for them if their are "irregularites". So, since they have this unique ability to delay and derail investigations, should we not have a special law that eliminates he statute of limitations for their crimes, or at least do not start the clock until they leave office? A good example is the Schreiber scandal. Mulroney could not be criminally prosecuted because the statute of limitations expired. But we did not learn of the accusations for years because he made damn sure everything was so well hidden. I thnk such a law might make these pols realize that their impunity is only temporary and they might actually be held legally responsible for their criminal adventures - eventually. Politicians that are lawyers and know how to manuever the legal system and shop judges are even more likely to get away with super crimes. What do you guys think?
  12. I am a bit curious we do not see more women in leadership roles in Canada. Beverly McLachlin, Olivia Chow, Eve Adams, Carolyn Parrish and others are young, bright, and known to be resourceful, creative, and objective. Is there a reason there seems to be a gender barrier to the Canadian throne?
  13. Nobody needs to bash Harper, he screws up on his own. Can you identify some of his achievements for us here, other than helping China exploit trade policies and increase lumber sales? And yes, he did open the door to Syrian refugees. But he should have much more to show for 10 years in office. What can you list or categorize as a "real achievement" that helped every Canadian?
  14. Great reply. You are right. Value to Canadians is most important and I will think twice before I start a thread again. Thanks for the insight.
  15. This is a REAL question but a mod suggested it was a farce and deleted my original post. THIS IS NOT A FRIVOLOUS POST!!!!. Harper has been in office for over decade and I really cannot find any achievement that benefited ALL Canadians - only wealthy businessmen. What will be his legacy - Secrecy? He should come to this thread and personally remind all of us how he helped us live better lives and how. Do YOU feel we have a better life than we did 10 years ago? How has Harper improved education, immigration, and our economy? We still have one of the highest tax rates in the world. Do you feel more or less confident about our economy and future today with Harper at the helm? In my own personal opinion, PM Harper spent most of his time concealing trade deals until they were already done and gave no time nor space for public debate or review by the House of Commons. In a way he is just a much smarter version of George W. Bush and far more secretive as well. He has put our troops in a precarious situation that basically invites terrorists to come seek revenge in Toronto or Vancouver. To be fair, he did the right thing to embrace refugees from Syria, but one right move does not make for a legacy IMHO. So those of you who think Steven Harper has done more good than harm for Canada, please step up here and provide a list of 10 achievements that benefited every Canadian and not a niche group of bankers or businessmen. Anyone who does not think this is a damn serious question and topic is simply a biased conservative. Hopefully Admin is more objective. This is a subject quite worthy of a real debate. Am I wrong to expect one real achievement for every year in office?
  16. Here's the missing link to this story http://2006bruce.blogspot.com and then just google "Open Letter To Prime Minister Harper, Let's expose this corruption together, Bruce Gorcyca". The W5 crew should be all over this - just my opinion. Harper is lucky that no investigative news team can dig into this before October 19th.
  17. This is interesting to be sure. Where is Christy Blatchford and Kevin Donovan when you need them?
  18. This is a no-win situation for Harper. If he requests that a high court justice unseals the files, half of team Harper could be implicated for graft. If he ignores this thread and lets the files remain sealed, then we will just assume he has something to hide. Just my opinion mind you.
  19. Secrecy is what Steven does best. This should all be forwarded to the W5 people. Here is a scan of an unedited exhibit is a Court file at Osgoode Hall so I have say there is more than just some merit to what is being claimed here, especially if you read all 4 pages to this letter. It is also an exhibit in the Supreme court files and also in this law society complaint http://bruceslawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com.
  20. Lets get real here... It is quite easy for every country to embrace refugees from Syria because of the brutality. But where is the same compassion for refugees for Palestinians, Latinos, or even American whistle blowers trying to escape persecution? Any leader can do what is popular, but the great leaders do what is right. And using Obama as a standard of measure is a mistake to begin with. Norway, Sweden and Denmark are the countries I most admire for embracing ALL legitimate refugees. America is lucky if they eve make the top 10.
  21. I am shocked. This story should be front page of every American newspaper. And the next time the yanks start preaching to the world about human and civil rights abuses, we should rub their nose in this shit. I read the sample chapter and can see that is one interesting book they snatched away. Will they be burning them next?
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