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  1. C'mon. Stop with this BS excuse, to not face the reality of the situation. Let's use the Red Cross numbers, whatever that is. The numbers are still crazy high. The carnage is still unacceptable. Are you going to condemn Israel or do what you're conditioned to do: Blame Khhhamas, like your Zionist masters want you to do? Right. There. On cue. You are to blame with whatever narrative you want to allow to be created in your head, because you are too weak minded to look at the situation with objectively, and to look at the situation from an honest and human perspective. This is not a war. This is a concentration camp, where the prisoners are revolting. It's guns vs airplanes, tanks, drones and helicopters. In response, Israel is leveling the concentration camp, and now have the audacity to suggest to transfer these people to the Congo, so the settler colonialist can expand the stolen land. All I can say is to observe your moral compass. Don't allow misinformation to condition you to become morally corrupt. Khhhamas... Khhhamas.. you repeat it enough times, it will penetrate into your head and it controls your narrative. It's called marketing. They've got you. You ever think what about the time before khamas? I can see how it's possible for regular humans in Germany to accept propaganda to give consent to the genocide of the Nazis. You're worst than them. You have information at your finger tips, but you're too weak-minded to challenge yourself and explore what's really happening. Instead, you want to throw yourself into the tribal group thinking.
  2. "Blah blah blah... khhhamass... I excuse war crimes if it's against A-rabs... Khhamass.. blah blah blah..." Zionists are psychopaths. Today I don't care to waste any more time than this, on people like you. I'll leave ripping your degenerate point of view to another day. You are morally corrupt, and generally an evil person. What I will point out is that, despite the heavy pressure by the Zionist propaganda machine and the pressure and control they have over the western governments, the world has awakened. The biggest change we are seeing after this latest war crimes by Israel, as opposed to the previous ones is that most young Jews, living outside of Israel, who are not conditioned daily by the deceit and lies of Zionism, are speaking out against Israel and are distancing themselves from Israel. Any person with a conscience and the ability to see the BS Hasbara propaganda, after seeing the horrifying visuals coming out of Gaza, can put 2 and 2 together. You? Go on. Whatever kind of racist Zionist you are, you are a dying breed.
  3. It's like the Nazis complaining about revolts in concentration camps. I only see 2 cowards: 1) Those who press buttons and drop bombs on civilians 2) Those who excuse them
  4. You are ridiculous. I'll show you why. Let's look at the numbers: The latest numbers are 30,000+ Gazans killed, with over 25,000 of them civilians. Of those, over 10,000 are children. All killed by Israel. Of course, on top of that, you have over 50,000 civilians who are maimed and over 75% of people displaced. All because Israel likes to carpet bomb civilians. On the other side, 1000+ people were killed in Israel. Most by Hamas, but some by the Israeli army. Oops. You're like Netanyahu and Dershowitz: You are devoid of morality. Everything you share is expected to be a lie.
  5. You have been duped to believe that this is about religion. Then you are asked to pick between two religions. When in reality, this is nothing more than colonialism. Did you know that the father of Zionism originally looked at Kenya and Uganda as a destination for a Jewish State? Reason? Because those were countries that were under the control of the British. Did you know that in 1899, a fund called The Jewish Colonial Trust was created to settle Palestine? You probably didn't. Ref Eh? Lol.
  6. Did you know that the ICC is already investigating Hamas for war crimes? If they are found to be guilty, then I have no problem accepting their conclusion. Will you accept ICJ's ruling in regards to Israel and the allegations of genocide? Surprise me with your answer.
  7. If Israel is found guilty of committing genocide by the ICJ, I wonder how the zionist defenders here will respond.
  8. You could be fighting for international law and not advocating for those who commit war crimes and genocide. Or not. You don't know the meaning of genocide, do you?
  9. "From the river to the sea. Palestine will be free." Is this a genocidal call for the eradication of Jews? I suppose it can, based on intention and definition. Many I have spoken to, here in Canada, who are calling for a ceasefire and the liberation of Palestinians who have lived under the brutal occupation have this view point: In 2021, the Palestinian-American writer Yousef Munayyer argued that those who saw genocidal ambition in the phrase, or indeed an unambiguous desire for the destruction of Israel, did so due to their own Islamophobia. It was instead, he argued, merely a way to express a desire for a state in which “Palestinians can live in their homeland as free and equal citizens, neither dominated by others nor dominating them”. Ref: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/oct/31/from-the-river-to-the-sea-where-does-the-slogan-come-from-and-what-does-it-mean-israel-palestine
  10. Have you ever looked at Likud's charter? You should. Let me know if you're okay with it, and whether you think they are genocidal. BUT! Don't let the 25,000+ civilians killed, and 3/4 of Gazans displaced to distract you from your opinion! The Likud party has vowed to never allow a Palestinian state. They have also vowed to establish a greater Israel: between the Sea and the Jordan there will only be Israeli sovereignty.
  11. Remember when there was a big debate on here and in the mainstream media about whether Israel had bombed Al-Ahli hospital or whether it was a misfired Hamas rocket? Interesting that many commentators haven’t revisited that debate since.
  12. Sure. I hear you. My biggest worry is that Israel will drag Biden and the other AIPAC funded U.S. politicians into a regional war. This has the potential of getting really ugly. However, the Israeli lobby doesn't have the same control over the American people's consent like they used to. The narrative is no longer monopolized. I just don't see Americans accepting another war.
  13. Whatever makes you feel better about supporting a racist, ethnocratic, morally corrupt apartheid state. You know that Biden and the other corrupt politicians are getting money for their support? What's your excuse?
  14. A racist, colonialist government cannot be left to make the right decision. Not in this day and age, where we've set boundaries on what's right and wrong. At least, here in North America, we've acknowledged our wrong doings and are not treating the indigenous population the way Israel has been and Apartheid South Africa did. The solution is what was done to Apartheid South Africa which has a lot of parallels with Apartheid Israel. The solution is boycott, divestment and sanctions, while pressuring our governments to follow through with demanding everyone to follow international law. For the first time I feel that it's the beginning of the end of Apartheid Israel, as more and more Jews outside of Israel are refusing to associate with Zionism and Israel. Also, the younger generation in the West have a better understanding of what's really happening there. All thanks to the availability of information outside of the mainstream media.
  15. That's BS. Everything points to the violation of international law. Are you in denial or just ignorant? Previous investigations on smaller attacks on Gaza, by various organizations, including the UN Goldstone Report, HRW, Amnesty, Btselem, and others have concluded that Israel has violated international law numerous times by killing indiscriminately, collective punishment, blocking vital shipments entering Gaza, including medicine, using Palestinians as human shield, targeting reporters, using white phosphorus on children, attacking schools and hospitals, and numerous other violations. You being okay with that puts you on the shitty human list with CdnFox and Nationalist.
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