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  1. Drip, drip, drip. Yes. It's true. It's happening. I just wonder what is the difference between the future and now? The gap between the ultra wealthy and the rest has always been there. The ultra wealthy had always had control. They predict and sometimes coerce world narratives, and then take financial advantage of them. For example: Wars; You have the military industrial complex, the rebuilders who clean up the military's mess, the contractors, the brokers, etc., who get a piece of that expensive pie. They are controlled by the ultra wealthy. This system has been in place for a long time. Are driveless electric cars your limit? I am curious how you think your life will be different from now. You don't think you'll be able to go to the national parks, to get a taste of the outdoors? Outside of the provincial and federal lands, all land is private. It doesn't matter who owns it, you aren't able to use it now either. I was on MLS a couple of nights ago and, there is a lot of private land available for sale.
  2. Lots of truth by Russel Brand. AJ fxcked himself with Sandy Hook and truly hurts his credibility with his promotion of Trump. There is nothing wrong with calling out Biden/Clinton and their corruption and selfishness, and calling out Trump for the slimeball car salesman he is. Putting aside that I may not agree with everything he stands for, the only genuine mainstream politician in the U.S. is Bernie Sanders.
  3. Alex Jones has made a lot of money by ranting to the bottom of the barrel of society.
  4. Population is actually plateauing. Faster than expected. Even India's population has plateaued. The only continent, whose population continues to increase is Africa. But overall, the world will hit a plateau between 2050-2070. After which, it will start to decline. We can improve the way we live, and stop being parasites. Although at a slow pace, we are heading towards that. There are still some industries who are trying to milk the status quo, which is expected. Of course, they use propaganda for the everyday folks to continue to push the same. They use the fear of the unknown to bring fear into them and for them to resist change, on behalf of them. We have the technology to improve our system, how we live and how we treat our environment. The idea of the following, I find to be great. Too bad it's being done by Saudi:
  5. A new Stanford University study says the cost of switching the whole planet to a fossil fuel free 100% renewables energy system would be $62 trillion, but as this would generate annual cost savings of $11 trillion, it would pay for itself in six years. https://thehill.com/opinion/energy-environment/3539703-no-miracle-tech-needed-how-to-switch-to-renewables-now-and-lower-costs-doing-it/
  6. Sure it does. You damage my environment, you hurt me and my community.
  7. Part of what I do is in the private immigration in dustry, and I couldn't agree with you more. Despite all of the news flash about taking in Afghan refugees (who we left hanging) and Ukrainians (that the government wants prairie votes from), they make up a small sliver of our immigrants coming in. Majority receiving permanent residence are highly educated and higher middle class from other countries. Hence using brain drain in my last post. The temporary workers coming in to do labour work in farms, processing plants and in the hospitality industry, do not have a realistic path to permanent residency. They usually come in on temporary work permits, make some money for their families back home and then they are sent back.
  8. The sucking out of oil + the energy used to create the products = more pollution and damage to the planet and ecosystem. I recommend that you try being more open to technology, progress and solutions, rather than being fueled by identity politics. It may bring more calm into your life and less of this aggressiveness.
  9. This is why immigration is going up. We're brain draining some countries, and bringing in labour from others. Population decrease and aging is not unique to just Canada. Japan has been experiencing this for decades, and other western countries as well. The only continent that will be experiencing an increase in population is Africa. Even India's population has plateaued. Our path and solution are robots, automation, AI and blockchain technology. That will fix things for a while, until AI realizes that we're useless... With automation and technology, we're going to need less human power. "M-F, 9-5" will fade away. We'll get back to getting bored, and in turn, becoming more creative. Humans are adaptable. We'll kick and whine our way to resolving issues. Sometimes we realize, in hindsight, we should have done it earlier, but my optimism says that we're going to be okay.
  10. I disagree. Creating the plastic bags are harming me and my environment, not just the disposal.
  11. Nothing is going to happen instantly. It's a transition. We're already seeing a transition. No one is asking to snap your finger and flip everything. Of course that's not possible. Solar/Wind/Hydro are already provinding a lot of energy. They're also providing jobs. Material created by oil is already being replaced by low foot print sources. It's already happening. Why is it so hard to believe that we can finally reach a point where we can totally replace fossil fuels?
  12. This could very well happen. Our financial system has never been sustainable. The issues and holes within it have received bandages and its life has been extended, but it looks more and more like it's going to implode. This is more of a concern to me than climate change. Climate change will continue to happen. It's a transition. We will adapt to it, and looking at it positively, technology may may lessen the burden of it. But the financial system and infrastructure is a big concern that I don't see a solution to. Maybe self-sustainibility, localization of economy is the answer for food and products. The centralized money system, where money is printed without any oversight is not the answer. Blockchain could be the answer to that. I don't know. But that will take more than a decade to be able to be adopted.
  13. Frothing Berserker cries out for Donald Trump during the events of January 6th.
  14. Anyone use biodegradable trash bags? Cost has gone way down, due to competition.
  15. I would disagree with this. Because others' use of plastic bags is directly harming me and my environment.
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