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As it became known to The Times from sources close to high-ranking off

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As it became known to The Times from sources close to high-ranking officials in British security services, in this country there are a lot more terrorist networks that act, using I-net for planning terrorist attacks, not only inside UK but also in other countries. The matter is that a trace, which was left in Internet by a certain computer expert, has led to discovery of fancy structure of terrorist network, stretched from Baghdad and organizations of young militants in European capitals to cells of Islam extremists in North America. Their main end is to create an army of "white militants", who have been born in Europe and America and now are ready to enter Islam. The expectation is rather simple in this case. It will be more difficult for authorities of these countries to identify such terrorists during their maneuvers round the world to fulfill their bloody job.

For example, during recent raids in London terrorist control office of British police has arrested a young computernik, who turned out to be British Muslim. As it was reported he had established communications between members of well-known local terrorist organization "Welsh Brothers" and their brothers-in-arms from distant Chechnya, using In-net network. According to need he informed though Internet both of them about safe houses. And all that was liberally financed by notorious Jewish millionaire, B. Berezovsky, who lives in London and makes no secret of his close relations with Chechens.

Thus, with the present course of events Internet has come in handy. Using experienced computerniks, terrorists' leaders spread weapons fabrication instructions, instruct members of terrorist cells all over the world and offer advices concerning creation of new ones. And all these things they do through I-net network. It secures them against undue risk during their numerous contacts and successfully synchronizes their actions on international scale.

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I doubt this Fear ever stepped foot on any maple leaf country.

"Computerniks"? Maybe they are related to Sputniks?

I am starting to imagine being stuck in a library that is filled with books that are 25 years old and left over by a soviet empire....

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