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If the Gov't was able to shop around, with union labour being just one of the bidders, they would not always (indeed, rarely) be competitive.

You'd get the same fight as if you tried to ban them outright.

My answer to the Gun Registry debacle was along the same lines. Turn over the admin to private registries, like vehicle registration. Have the user pay a private company, and have the company submit the info to the gov't/police. Much, much more cost-effective.

I don't think running it is as much of a problem as building it was. Politicians are good at talking, bad at building.

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It's funny when two parties with several differences would do such a thing to stop one party.
Conservative voters do the same thing in ridings where an NDP candidate has a chance of winning in many urban ridings. We don't here about it in the media because the Conservatives have give up any hope of winning seats in the cities so they don't try to compaign against it.

When are Canadians going to realize that we do not live in a democracy? We live in an elected dictatorship, where we get to choose which dictators will RULE us for the next 4 or 5 years. Once elected they become accountable to only a multinational corporate agenda. Our elected MP's, MLA, and municipal politicians take their marching orders from that corporate agenda. All that matters is for the corporate sector to pay little or nothing into the pot to fund the social safety-net, while close to 100% of that pot comes from working Canadians.

An NDP government would be no different other than the fact that we would be paying a much higher level of taxes to pay for a whole slew of new social programs. Ask the people of Ontario how they faired under the NDP led by Bob Rae. Last I heard this same Bob Rae is running to lead the Liberal Party of Canada. Personally I find little difference between the Liberals and the NDP, in fact there is little difference between any of the parties, because none represent the people, and they all represent whatever it is the corporate sector tells them to represent.

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where we get to choose which dictators will RULE us for the next 4 or 5 years.
I believe most Canadians are fully aware of this and prefer things to be this way.

I doubt that most Canadians want the full responsibility of deciding everything for themselves. They prefer a little bit of "auto-pilot" that is delegated to a government or a state.

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