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Conservatives lead by 15 as federal government disapproval jumps 4 points


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So this is as of September 14 2023, And with this latest poll from Abacus, the conservatives continue their slow but steady climb in the polls. 

Some key take aways -


41 to 26.  Like... damn.  And not just once - this has been climbing like this since about April.

  • Regionally, the Conservatives continue to hold a big lead in Western Canada, including BC. They lead by 6 in Ontario and by 11 in Atlantic Canada. In Quebec, the BQ has an 8-point lead over the Liberals.




    The Conservatives continue to lead across all age groups and among men and women. Interestingly, while the Conservatives lead by wide margins among those with a high school or college education, the Liberals and Conservatives are statistically tied with those with a university degree.


    But the steady vote intention figures mask deteriorating underlying opinions.

    For example, those dissapproving of the federal government’s performance is up 4 points (to 57%) since last week reaching the highest it’s been since 2015. Only 29% approve of the job performance of the Liberal government.




    Perhaps most worrisome for the Liberals is what appears to be some deterioriation in the party’s accessible voter pool (those who say they are open to voting Liberal). It has reached the lowest point since 2015 at 42%, a drop of 2 points since August. In contrast, 50% of Canadian adults say they are open to voting Conservative – the largest gap in accessible voter pool advantage for the Conservatives 2015.




    The Upshot

    According to Abacus Data Chair & CEO David Coletto: “These numbers continue to show deterioriation in underlying opinions about the government and the Prime Minister that we first started seeing last summer but only recently seem to have impacted people’s intended voting behaviour.

    The government needs to find a way to reset its agenda that allows people into evaluating the government differently, and offers a plan and vision that gives people hope that they have a handle on the key issues facing the country. In the absence of that, people’s deep anxiety about the state of the country and their personal lives will overshadow any incremental policies or actions it roles out.

    For the Conservatives, these numbers reinforce the strong position the party is in at the moment. More people have a positive view of Pierre Poilievre than either of the two major leaders. They are seen as best able to handle most of the top issues people are focused on and if the desire for change persists and they are seen as capable and acceptable alternatives, they will easily ride the wave into office whenever the next election comes.

    Yes, the election could be years away. But the trend is what matters and the Liberal situation is worsening at this point from week to week.”

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So. This was JUST before the liberals made all their announcements about the new rental GST tax break, the threat to make grocery chains pay more tax, We'll see how that goes.


The pressure for justin to step down is going to be growing like mad.  Unless these numbers do a serious reversal then i think he'll be taking his 'walk in the snow' around christmas. Which will honk me off to no end, but any later than that and there just won't be time for a convention and for the new leader to get ready.


This has to plateau at some point - i mean, PP can't just keep going up forever.


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