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Another flag flap


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Why not give the provinces what they need instead of what they want? We could start with Constitutional amendments that put them on a much shorter rein. We could take natural resource revenues and control away from them and use them for the national interest.

We could take away power over civil rights and make Canadians equal wherever they are instead of subject to the whims of provincial potentates.

We could take away the power that provinces have over cities and begin the process of reversing the decline of those.

We could eliminate all those duplications in bureaucracy that we suffer from through the extent of provincial intrusion into what all logic dictates should be national affairs.

The possibilities are endless in the improvements we could make to the functioning and wellbeing of the nation.

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I think we should abolish the Federal government once and for all!

Don't be silly. We need to cut the powers to the provinces and build a stronger central government. I am getting tired of all these "Mom loved you the best" mentalities in the provincial governments. It is a waste of money having national programs run by the Provinces, They have no inclination to makes these services run smoothly. People complaining about lack or slowness of services just means they have voices for siphoning off more federal money. Notice how they always want no strings attached. A central government running these services would make services more equal throughut Canada and could mean we could go to any province for our health care. Provinces could more readily share services rather than each have their own resources. Even the premiers claimed that a central prescription service would be fairer and cheaper.

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Ontarians and Albertans contribute to equalization and some complain about it. Other provinces try to get a deal to help them get off equalization and some complain about it.

Hard to please much?

Until recently, BC was footing those bills; and we are very close to doing the same again. Saskatchewan is a "have" province or very close. I think BC has just recieved its first equalization payment. Why should we not carry on recieving these equalization payments forever if NFLD does? NFLD should be proud to be able to stand on its own feet instead of continuing to hold out its hand for more money from the rest of Canadians forever. It is time that NFLD learned to stand on its own feet.

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Williams reinstates Canadian flag

Williams has blinked. His strategy has obviously backfired.

Although I believe PM Martin & Finance Minister Minister Goodale misled people during the last election concerning offshore resource revenue, I think Premier Williams made a serious mistake to use these kind of tactics such as lowering the Canadian flag.

Having said that I believe that the federal government should live up to its word - it is not like they don't have the bucks!

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I think Premier Williams made a serious mistake to use these kind of tactics such as lowering the Canadian flag.

I agree.

The timing in raising the flag could have something to do with a provincial poll that came out last week, indicating a vast majority of people supported the premier's position on negotiations and the accord, the people were split down the middle on the issue of the flag.

He needed an indication of clear support for lowering the flag and wasn't getting inside the province, to say nothing about the lambasting he was getting from outside NL.

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I don't want to change the subject but while driving in Montreal today, a thought occurred to me.

Almost all large, private firms in Quebec fly both the Canadian and Quebec flags. (Large corporations also often fly they're own logo.) Quebec government offices, schools and hospitals fly only the Quebec flag.

I mean to say that the fleur-de-lys is commonly seen in Quebec.

Elsewhere in Canada, how often does one see the provincial flag flying? Are there differences between provinces? What happens in Aloberta? In Newfoundland?

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Speaking for my own area, the Maple Leaf adorns all federal buildings (HRDC, Post Office, RCMP detach.) The provincial buildings around here have no flags at all that I can recall, with the exception of the hospital, which has all the Maple Leaf, NL flag and the Union Jack. Municipal buildings generally have the NL flag, the Maple Leaf and the Union Jack, and in most cases the municipal flag. The businesses that display flags usually show the Maple Leaf and or the NL flag.

From what I can recall of St. John's (I used to live there a while ago and still make frequent visits) the Maple Leaf and NL flag are both represented well at all sorts of establishments, from local businesses to lager corporate offices and provincial buildings.

It may be worthwhile to note, the Union Jack is still widely respected and used in NL. My wife's grandfather for example, had no time for the Maple Leaf or the NL flag. The only flag he flew was the UJ. And as I indicated above, many businesses and establishments fly it.

I personally fly the Maple Leaf ,proudly I might add, and the Union Jack out of respect for my wife's grandfather, a WWII RN vet.

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